Kris Richard appears on fast track to becoming a head coach

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The Cowboys drafted Leighton Vander Esch in the first round. They signed Kony Ealy, Jihad Ward and Joe Thomas in free agency. They could see the return of Randy Gregory from a suspension.

But Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli expects new assistant coach Kris Richard to make the biggest impact this season. The Cowboys hired Richard, the Seahawks former defensive coordinator, as their passing game coordinator/defense and secondary coach.

“I love it. I love it,” Marinelli said. “He’s going to help not just the secondary but the whole defense. Great energy. Great teacher. Upbeat. Bright. Like I said before, I think for me personally that’s the best guy we got in all year.”

Marinelli was a head coach in the NFL and coached with Lovie Smith, Mike Tomlin and Herm Edwards, all of whom became head coaches. Marinelli said Richard has what it takes to become a head coach, potentially as soon as 2019.

“No question,” Marinelli said. “He’ll be like a Mike Tomlin, Lovie Smith, guys I’ve been around who became head coaches. He’s got the right stuff.”

Richard spent eight seasons in Seattle, the final three as the team’s defensive coordinator. He started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at USC under Pete Carroll after six years playing in the league.

Even though he’s only 38, Richard isn’t likely to have a long wait to find a head coaching job. He interviewed with the Colts for their head coaching job this offseason.

“Obviously, it’s the ultimate goal,” Richard said. “I don’t know any coach who wouldn’t aspire to become a head coach some day. It’s not important right now, and it’s not my focus right now. It’s something to where, yeah, will I continuously prepare? Yeah, I’ll be prepared. But that’s not the goal right now. It’s to help the Dallas Cowboys in whatever fashion that I can and be the best version of myself.”

12 responses to “Kris Richard appears on fast track to becoming a head coach

  1. Maybe they just inked Garretts replacement? Nah….he’s safe as long as JG lets Jerry to take all of the credit and none of the blame.

  2. The off-season Cowboys mantra. All is good, this guy was demoted, and gets a ringing endorsement from one of the few head coaches who completed a 0-16 season.

  3. Garrett needs to be looking over his shoulder. Another abysmal year and he’s toast… Jason is well liked by Jones, but that only goes so far.

  4. Stunk it up last year with the Hawks. Secondary coach is about his Peter Principle job

  5. Just glad Richard is not biting on anything distracting from his responsibilities
    Especially eyeing a head coaching job, here or anywhere

    Pete Carol lost his teams confidence & full support
    And insiders say he lost respect & confidence in his coaching staff as well
    Welcome aboard Coach Richard
    & Coach Sanjay Lal too you both will provoke transtip poach you as HC if you do well

    This is not to cast shade upon any of the other hires either

  6. IMO will be Cowboys Head Coach in 2019 no doubt, Garrett is on his last leg and the only way he stays is Championship game or Super Bowl if not then he’s gone and Richard will move up! Take it to the bank

  7. Honestly, this guy is legit. Great get by the Cowboys. Not his fault he lost Sherman, Chancellor, Avril, and Wagner had a hamstring problem. He’ll be coaching up that defense in Dallas.

  8. As bad as he was last year & being how Pete Carroll fired him pretty quickly after giving him the DC job I do not think Kris Richard is going to be a HC if someone hires him. Carroll rarely lets go of anyone & this guy had been with Carroll since USC, thats how unimpressed Pete was with his coordinating of the defense n calling the plays as DC. Just dont think he will be good.

  9. With all the discord from the players throughout the Seattle’s coaching staff
    Along with the loss of key secondary starters to injury, how did DC Richard have a “bad” year last year?
    Not the team, or the defense, or Pete Carroll but Richard?

    Every since HC pete Carrol lost his mind & gambled, (as us his custom is) , & lost in the SB vs the Patriots by throwing instead if at least giving Beast Mode his shot to out the icing in the cake inside the 5 yard line

    Pete Carroll lost his teams confidence & support
    Just like Matt Eburfus left for greener pastures along with other Dallas coaches, all due to loss if trust in J Garrett,
    Coach Richard no longer wanted to go down with the ship
    Marinelli approves him & has yet to say “Well, it’s gonna be difficult replacing Matt Eberflus etc”

    The secondary has embraced the upgrade he brings
    He IS an upgrade & Seattles loss is our gain

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