Baker Mayfield quickly shuts down criticism from radio host

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Colin Cowherd of FOX Sports Radio and FS1 has an issue or two with Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. To his credit, Mayfield appeared in studio with Cowherd on Thursday, calmly and coolly sticking it to Cowherd for a God-awful take regarding Mayfield’s behavior following a touchdown against Ohio State in Columbus. has the video. Cowherd carps about Mayfield running away from his teammates after a touchdown pass.

“Our band is over there, our student section’s right there,” Mayfield said. “You pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people that traveled well to that game first of all, and then you didn’t show the rest of the clip of me going to our sideline? . . . You’re acting like I just ran away from everybody.”

Mayfield then called it what it is.

“I feel like you’re going for the fact that I’m not a team guy, I’m selfish? Is that what you’re shooting at right here or what?” Mayfield said.

Instead of admitting it (because clearly that’s what it is), Cowherd tried to make a meaningless post-play gesture somehow meaningful to football, even if it isn’t.

“I think sometimes your judgment’s just a tad off, and I think the NFL’s a judgment league,” Cowherd explained. “Because the game is so fast. . . . The window gets really, really tight and really, really small. You’ve got to make decisions really, really fast. . . . I don’t love that decision, I don’t love it.”

Mayfield quickly shot down that approach, too.

“The celebration?” he said. “Do you see what people do in the league now, celebration wise?”

Cowherd then tried to laugh it off by saying his not a fan of Antonio Brown‘s “hip thrusting” before changing the subject and asking Mayfield if he has his NFL celebration ready.

“I have nothing, I have nothing,” Mayfield said. “Apparently, I think I just need to run away.”

The fact that Mayfield ran directly at Cowherd — and won easily — proves a lot about the kid’s ability to handle his business in the locker room, on the practice field, in the stadium, at the podium, and anywhere else.

54 responses to “Baker Mayfield quickly shuts down criticism from radio host

  1. Colin will have totally different take two days from now. He changes his stupid takes to fit whatever pot he is trying to stir on any given day.

    His show took major hit when the gorgeous Kristine Leahy left.

  2. I love Colin, (listen to him every day). And I love Baker. Good interview and great answers by BM.

  3. Colin Cowherd is a total idiot, he only makes observation from a distance and never takes into account the whole picture. Many example of this over the past few years, for the best, see his opinion on Nick Fole and the Philadelphia Eagles after Carson Wentz took an injury. He was 100% sure the Eagles and their fans would implode b/c of the injury. We all know the rest.

  4. Mayfield has moxy! Things are going to be looking up in Cleveland.

    Cowherd is a clown who puckers up to LaVar Ball’s rear. That’s all you need to know about him.

  5. Cowherd is the most obnoxious person in all of sports.

    He must be a graduate student from the school of Bob Costas egomania.

  6. I love that he didn’t flinch, and that he didn’t get emotional in the face of criticism. That’s a great quality in someone you want to lead your team. He could’ve easily said it all happened so fast, I was overcome with emotion, but I’m getting better at being aware every day. Instead, he stood for what he believed to be true.

  7. Honestly, I always thought he spelled his name “Coward” and just pronounced it differently, because…. you know.

  8. freefromwhatyouare says:
    June 21, 2018 at 2:51 pm
    Colin will have totally different take two days from now. He changes his stupid takes to fit whatever pot he is trying to stir on any given day.

    His show took major hit when the gorgeous Kristine Leahy left.

    Joy Taylor is light years better than Kristine.

  9. Colin Cowherd is literally the worst. Worse than Skip Bayless, in my opinion, but I won’t argue too hard against those who disagree. Leahy, no Leahy…who cares, he was always bad, even on ESPN.

    Props to Baker.

  10. is there anything more sportsbro than referring to CC as Cowturd. As if he hasn’t heard that his whole life growing up and you coming in with your “sick burn” to insult him.

  11. Kudos to Mayfield for being the bigger man. He should have pulled a jim everett on cowdung

  12. Cowherd is the worst kind of person who has no problem justifying his opinions, however baseless, and behavior, however gross. I quit watching his show after yet another show where he wanted to talk about how his divorce was such a great decision and the best thing for hiim. That is not an assertion you make unilaterally on your national show to millions of people without the other person there to have their say. Also, its sport talk, not your therapy couch of personal justification! But go ahead, Colin, everything you think and do is good, right and correct.

  13. Not a Mayfield or Brown’s fan, and I dislike Cowherd even more. This is great. Cowherd thinks he knows all. Loved to see him shut his piehole.

  14. Mayfield is the man. Kind of hoping him and Darnold get to square off Thursday night in week 3. Both are winners with good leadership qualities (albeit different styles). Have a feeling both guys are going to be in this league battling each other for a long time.

  15. This will be the high point of Baker Mayfield’s career, because once he actually hits the field it’ll be all downhill from there.

    Colossal bust, just like every other player the Browns draft.

  16. “This sort of thing is why nobody trusts the media. So many of them lie for profit.”

    It’s an opinion show … not news.

  17. so Baker won a case in the court of public opinion—as if that’s difficult in cleveland;

    it’s no secret he is the QB judged least capable of winning on the field—haven’t heard a single comparison to Wilson or Brees yet in any capacity save size—and unfortunately stranded on the team with the least ability, poorest coaching and most incompetent management in the league;

    just don’t see a happy beginning or ending here;

  18. This is why I can’t watch sports opinion shows. Guys who are obnoxious for ratings pretty much make up all of them.

    I’m proud of the kid and this shows a ton of maturity and leadership but part of me wishes he would have gone Derek Anderson Monday Night Football on them.

  19. I really do hope Baker runs after a TD just for Colin Coward.
    I don’t know that I like Baker but I sure as hell don’t like Colin.

  20. There are oversensitive, not too bright, petulant people in the NFL scene that love to take cheap shots. The one in this instance was Cowherd, the grownup in the room was Baker. Good for him for not allowing the get away with his bull, and doing it calmly and factually.

  21. You have to win in the NFL. That’s the absolute bottom line. If we’re talking about the Patriots, the narrative would be they were brilliant for adding depth in the 2nd and 3rd string skill position players. However because we’re talking about a winless Browns team, management has created a big problem by bringing in too much talent that will get them to the playoffs making it difficult to fire the coach and making it difficult to move on from players who played good. -Hey note to Browns staff: JUST WIN!!

  22. Colin Cowturd gives a big middle finger to middle America every chance he gets. He is a quintessential coastal elitist. If you view his comments from that angle you will know why he likes guys like Darnold and Rosen and trolls Baker Mayfield.

  23. I might have to become a Baker Mayfield fan now that I’ve watched the clip. The transcript is good, but the video is way better. There’s Cowherd, perched up at his desk, with his guest having to sit much lower down. This is a game that only very insecure types play.

    Mayfield stays relaxed, leaning back on the couch, and just takes Cowherd to school. Cowherd clearly thought this was going to be a big gotcha moment, but Mayfield didn’t get flustered or angry. Cowherd wanted to slip and slide away when Mayfield pointed out that his characterization was wrong and misleading, but Mayfield pinned him down and wouldn’t let him wriggle out of it. Then, at the end, Mayfield just slides in the knife, with a little smile. Perfect.

  24. @dreem-
    Least capable of winning on the field???? 2nd most wins of any qb in ncaa history and only to make 2 playoff appearances. All this guy does is win.

  25. Radio hosts like this guy are just plain SLIME! All they have is the moment of their ratings getting it from their guests talent.
    It is sad because I see more and more hosts doing this. It reminds me a lot of some of our younger generations treatment of others, All about me, I don’t care what I say and what it does or who I hurt.
    One thing for sure, If I ever get a weekly survey from Nielson Ratings for radio, (yes they do that) His show will never be entered in MY log.
    I hope Baker does well, and shoves the Microphone up that jerks…well….neither regions..

  26. “Apparently, I think I just need to run away.”… ‘Like what you are doing of these unfounded “bad teammate” accusations Colin’ would have been the cherry on top.

    Colin’s a joke & the spin of bad decisions was the same BS. Gotta think fast, you won’t be protected by (of all people) Orlando Brown Jr & his 5 minute 40 & 2 reps of 225???? OR it was a bad decision professionally to go to the fans to celebrate… much like the Lambeau Leap or even better running to celebrate with the Dawg Pound!!!!
    Wish he would have complete buried Colin, but then FS1 & Fox News would have spun it that he was a rude, ungracious, mean guest that showed up his host treating Colin that way.

  27. ladyjet,

    NCAA does NOT equal the NFL;

    Mayfield of all the high tier QBs in the last draft has the least physical tools to translate his game to the next level;

    so long as you have the same grossly incompetent head coach and perhaps the second most meddling owner after the Cowsills, there is virtually no chance for ANY quarterback to succeed;

  28. There’s something about guys named “Colin” isn’t there?

    Why anyone would bother going on Cowpie’s show is beyond me. He’s the prototypical sports mediot that is in such abundance these days.
    Good for Mayfield slamming the door in his face.

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