Dez Bryant: The last problem I have is finding a team

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Dez Bryant is looking for “a creative graphic designer and a creative sketch artist.” The receiver also seeks an NFL job, though he doesn’t seem concerned about his continued unemployment.

Bryant posted a job listing on Instagram, though he didn’t say why. A user responded by asking the former Cowboys star if he shouldn’t instead spend his time looking for a new team.

Bryant wrote: “The last problem I have is finding a team. I’m in a world you will never understand.”

The three-time Pro Bowler turned down the Ravens’ multi-year offer and has had no other teams express interest publicly. A report earlier this month said Bryant has received phone calls but was waiting for the “for the perfect fit, a winning organization and a team willing to do a one-year, prove-it deal.”

Former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has speculated that Green Bay could be a fit for Bryant, though Aaron Rodgers essentially shot down that idea. Earlier this week, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott threw out New Orleans as a possible landing spot for Bryant.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report said he continues to hear San Francisco could have interest in Bryant, but adding “that’s far from certain.”

The Cowboys released Bryant 68 days ago, and it appears he will remain unemployed for at least a while longer. Bryant, though, doesn’t think that’s a problem.

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  1. If he’s honestly looking to prove it he wouldn’t be terrible as a Viking.. he doesn’t have the speed anymore or even the routes necessarily but he’s still good in the red zone and can high point the ball and the Vikings need to get much better in that department if they hope to push things further.

  2. Former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has speculated that Green Bay could be a fit for Bryant, though Aaron Rodgers essentially shot that idea
    We all know who is running the show in Green Bay.

  3. Wel, he does have a college degree from a prestigious university right. I’m sure he is weighing his student-athlete options this fine university afforded him.

  4. “I’m in a world you will never understand.”


    A world in which you have to figure out how to navigate life with an IQ of 40?

  5. I wish you well Dez
    May fortune smile join you to silence your critics

    And as for constructive criticism, grow from it
    It’s simply part of life

  6. 99 problems but finding a team ain’t one……of course it isnt…..He is just playing hard to get…or maybe he just is not as good as he thinks.

  7. collectordude says:

    In other words. No one wants to pay me what I believe I’m worth.

    He’s looking for a one year prove it deal. Those are usually pretty cheap.

  8. He’s a free agent and has every right to be selective at this point in his career. At the same time, if he truly wants to play on a prove it deal he should be doing a bit more to shed the perception of a diva persona.

  9. Pop Gun Prescott got Bryant cut, forced witten into retirement, got butler cut, ruined Beaseley’s cred all in a short span of 16 games

  10. Bryant wrote: “The last problem I have is finding a team. I’m in a world you will never understand.”


  11. 99 problems but a job ain’t one. When somebody gets hurt in preseason then Dez will be signed. I said it days after cowboys waived him. And it’s still what I believe. He has fallen to that tier. Seems NFL teams agree.

  12. When Dez came to the league he did in fact come from
    a world none of us could understand. Dez’s upbringing
    and family struture was an extremely difficult environment.
    Dez is to be credited for reaching his early performance
    levels. He overcame life hurdles that many cannot.
    After Dez’s first contract success, the Cowboys made a
    long term commitment to Dez. He got the big contract.
    Unfortunately Dez did not understand that the commitment
    the Cowboys made was a two way street. Dez forgot that when
    you are the teams top receiver, you don’t show up late or miss
    practices. You work hard in the off season. You attend captains
    practice ( you should be leading them) once the season starts
    you work hard in practice and show up on time.
    Bottom line Dez didn’t care ..he was full of excuses. Watch the
    Amazon prime time show see Dez promising the receivers
    coach to work hard that week. The receivers coach is giving Dez the
    business because Dez was absent and or not giving his best.
    Dez was not committed to the Cowboys ..he was committed to
    doing as he pleased. He didn’t work in the off season and thought he
    could catch up in camp. However once camp ended he was back
    at the same level of effort. Which was way below what was needed.

  13. I can see Bryant being broke 5 years from now, a la Terrell Owens and Ocho Cinco. These guys simply don’t understand they have a limited shelf life and have nothing else of value to offer society once football ends. Yet they just burn through money. So Dez thinks he is worth $10M+ and won’t sign for less because he lives beyond his means even though he has made tens of millions of dollars.

    This is why I respect Marshawn Lynch, he saved virtually all of his net salary and only lived off of his endorsement money. His net worth is north of $30 million and good for him.

  14. Bryant wrote: “The last problem I have is finding a team. I’m in a world you will never understand.”

    So true Dez. In my world no one was surprised you were too dumb to have a contract that required the cowboys to decide on your salary prior to the draft. in my world no one was surprised when jerry told you to pack your stuff. in my world employees making 12 million a year show up on time.

  15. Dez,Dez,Dez, pretty soon you will be sitting on the steps to where the Cowboys play, begging for donations just to live because when you signed the big contract, I think it was around $75mil. You were already broke. You even filed for bankruptcy before that big contract? If I were you, you should have ulcers by now. Keep up the good fake face because some team might want you? I don’t think so, truly. It’s not just me saying this it’s all the GMs in the NFL too…Its a sad day or week or year
    IN Dezs life except the Canadian league take all the players that don’t play in the NFL, that’s a good idea.

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