Terry McAulay retires, Shawn Smith promoted to referee

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Terry McAulay has refereed his final NFL game.

NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron announced on Thursday that McAulay has retired. McAulay joined the NFL as a side judge in 1998 and became a referee for the 2001 season.

McAulay was the referee in three Super Bowls — XXXIX, XLIII and XLVIII — and 11 other postseason games.

Riveron also announced that Shawn Smith will take McAulay’s place on the league’s roster of officials. Smith has spent the last three years as an umpire. He spent two of those year’s on Jeff Triplette’s crew and worked on Ed Hochuli’s crew in 2017.

Both Triplette and Hochuli retired after the 2017 season with Shawn Hochuli and Alex Kemp joining Smith in making the move up to referee in 2018.

9 responses to “Terry McAulay retires, Shawn Smith promoted to referee

  1. Now if Jerome Boogers would retire – we might have a chance to get competence back – with Jeffie Sue Triplette and that clown prince of over explaining to justify his incompetence Hockuli both gone, the era of NFL referees calling what they actually see is here – gone are the days of intentionally skewing games to punish certain teams is over. And all three I named are guilty of such blatant bias and fabricating penalties.

  2. Steratore is on the cheating payroll. Expose him and get his arrogant self out of there, too.

    These aging middle aged men with their extra tight ref shirts and faux bicep crap is incredibly annoying.

  3. tylawspick6, why are your posts always so bitter? Life isn’t meant be lived in such a jaded way each and every day.

  4. I’m guessing Tylaw is still mad at the bully who stole his milk money at school a long time ago.

  5. He is smart with all these rules the officials will be on the hot seat each week and wait till they throw a plyer out for a head hit.

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