How close did St. Louis come to getting an AAF team?

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The Alliance of American Football has announced the eight cities in which the league will commence play in fewer than eight months. St. Louis apparently had a chance to be one of those cities.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Dome at America’s Center (f/k/a the Edward Jones Dome) would have been the site of the AAF games played in St. Louis, but the venue has a scheduling conflict on weekends in February 2019. The discussions happened as recently as last weekend, with efforts to find an alternative location for early-season games in St. Louis unsuccessful.

So how close was it to happening? Close enough that, according to Thomas, former Rams receiver Isaac Bruce might have become the head coach of the team. The AAF and Bruce had conversations about the Bruce serving in that capacity.

Bruce would have been an intriguing and unconventional choice, given that the other AAF coaches have coached at the NFL or major-college level. Bruce has no significant coaching experience (he has coached receivers at his former high school in Florida).

The XFL and another possible football league also have contact St. Louis about putting a team there. The AAF could still add an expansion franchise to St. Louis in the future, if the operation thrives.

10 responses to “How close did St. Louis come to getting an AAF team?

  1. What couldn’t they move the methodist church’s AGM? Doesn’t god like football if Russell Wilson isn’t on the team? ..Anyway, I find it hard to believe, given the likely attendance figures, that the AAF for just 2019 really couldn’t find a venue somewhere in-state and spruce it up. It seems far more likely that doing so was just more work than picking one of the other final chosen cities.

  2. Would have been nice to see teams manage the “concrete ring of death” in STL

  3. St. Louis may not be a football town, but one glimpse of the BestFans twitter account shows they’re a pretty good XFL town.

  4. I feel for St Louis.

    Now they have been kicked in the nads twice.

    Kroenke is the reason they moved to LA, not fan support.

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