Report: Terry McAulay headed to NBC

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So why is Terry McAulay abruptly retiring from his gig as an NFL referee? According to Kevin Seifert of, McAulay will become the rules analyst for NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Asked by PFT — which falls under the NBC umbrella — for comment, NBC declined. (As I’ve said time and again, they only wake me up for the unimportant meetings.)

Seifert also reports that others auditioned for the gig, including referee Clete Blakeman. Which means, obviously, that Blakeman would have retired/resigned, if he’d gotten the job.

Blakeman joins Jeff Triplette as the latest former NFL officials turned rules analysts. It remains to be seen whether they’ll be more like Mike Pereira (who is excellent) or more like Mike Carey (who was not).

This year, the position becomes arguably more important than ever, given the changes to the catch rule and the kickoff formation. Likewise, the new rule prohibiting players from lowering their helmets to initiate contact may necessitate plenty of explanations.

6 responses to “Report: Terry McAulay headed to NBC

  1. Just an observation NFL , you do realize that these never ending rules and replays have completely removed flow amd momentum from the games right ? Can’t get through one stinkin series without a four minute delay for replay or challemges. The game is slowly being destroyed from within.

  2. One more way to make the game worse to watch. Nobody cares, Just let us see the ruling and play.
    I ‘m quite sure the ratings will be sliding again this year.

  3. Clete Blakeman…..the guy has single handedly screwed certain teams in big games. He can’t retire soon enough but I am sure the NFL will have another “good soldier” to send in and make sure the desired outcomes occur. Also, whose going to interpret the rules for Triplette?

  4. There is no worse old boy network in any sport than football officating . There are thousands of hard working qualified officials that toil for years in d3 football while hochuli’s and steratore’s kids skip right into d1 college football. McCauley who was a powerful d1 assignor for years embraced the nepotism . Maybe now that guys like him are gone things will get better. Rarely does a guy crack big time college football or the nfl without a major connection somewhere alongmthe line

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