Despite public statement, Odell Beckham still reportedly considering a holdout

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Publicly, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. closed the door on a training camp holdout last weekend, saying he would be there. Privately, Beckham is reportedly still considering it.

Multiple sources in Beckham’s camp told Ralph Vacchiano of SNY that a holdout is still on the table, and multiple sources in the Giants organization told Vacchiano that they’re not sure if he’ll be at training camp or not.

Beckham and the Giants appear to be far apart in contract talks. The Giants want to see Beckham prove that he can be the Beckham of old after missing most of last season with an ankle injury. Beckham believes he deserves to be the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL (Beckham has actually said he deserves to be the highest-paid player in the NFL, although there’s no way he’s going to get more than the top quarterbacks) and if anything his injury last year seems to have strengthened his view that he needs to get paid.

Realistically, the Giants would seem to have more leverage: They have him under contract for $8.459 million this year, and they could franchise him in 2019 and 2020. And given that they’re coming off a 3-13 season and in a rebuilding mode with a new coach and new general manager, they don’t need to feel like they have to satisfy Beckham right now. (Aaron Donald, who went one spot after Beckham in the 2014 NFL draft, may have a better chance of convincing his team to give him a new deal because the Rams are Super Bowl contenders this year and want all their best players on the field.)

The Giants can fine Beckham $40,000 a day for each day he skips training camp.

30 responses to “Despite public statement, Odell Beckham still reportedly considering a holdout

  1. He’s definitely better than Antonio Brown…Brown needs a great QB like Big Ben to be successful…Beckham, like Larry Fitzgerald, doesn’t…

  2. They’d have to be nuts to give this immature child in a man’s body a huge contract.

  3. A big reason that he isn’t extended already is because of ‘the Beckham of old.’ In addition to coming back from injury is his never ending embarrassing behavior on and off the field. Let him hold out. Then watch him cringe when the new face of the franchise, Say Gone Barkley, becomes a highlight reel. GM Dave Gettleman said it best in his introductory PC regarding players unhappy with their contract: “So be it.”

  4. You had to know he couldn’t hold the normal act together for very long.

  5. what leverage does this clown have again? his little one-handed stick ’em coated glove catch was years ago. other than that he can’t stay healthy and continues to make a fool of himself and by extension mr. mara.

  6. I don’t know why I follow this crap anymore. These guys holding out and “being disrespected” is just too much. Again, get a real job and see how much “respect” you get.

  7. Beware the team that gives this head case a large contract. His behavior will then escalate.

  8. These players need to understand that they do not call the shots, the owners do.
    You will get what the Owner wants to give you boy, and nothing more.
    Feel free to go broke if you want, personally i would love to see that

  9. Real football fans, at least the ones outside the NYC area are tired of this. Fill us in when he signs a contract or gets traded. He’s just another diva who doesn’t want to work out in camp or play in the preseason. Enough already.

  10. If a player wants to call the shots, he should come up with a few billion dollars and buy a team. That’s why owners run the league. They invest billions in their team. When a player can do that, he can be the boss.

  11. Not a Giants fan at all (in fact, i find the entire situation hilarious), but if I was, this would really be the last straw for me. If you were still thinking about holding out, there was no reason to make a public comment at all, let alone saying that you would not hold out.

    I’ve always felt that, as nuts as OBJ is, I would take him on my team in a heartbeat. But a main force behind that is that you were getting top level WR play, at bargain prices. Once this guys pay is on a scale of his performance, I honestly don’t think I’d want the guy.

  12. he reminds me of T.O. but only has about 15 percent of the actual football talent TO had. mentally, theyre carbon copies

  13. If he is worth what he asks for, teams will usually pay him or trade him to a team that will. In either case, a holdout is not necessary. If he is not worth the money, then a holdout is not going to work.

  14. Duh, OBJ is as greedy as anyone, even more so because he is enabled by the media and De Smith’s NFLPA.
    If I were the NYG, I’d trade him because he is not worth all the drama.
    If they wait too long, his trade value will decrease b/c every team will know that OBJ wants out and that the Giants don’t want to pay him.

  15. The risk of being damaged goods is too high for the Giants to give him a huge contract.
    Didn’t players like Victor Cruz have injuries they never recovered from?

  16. This fan of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles believes OBJ to be a phenomenal talent.
    However, he is too polarizing and selfish to be part of a championship team.
    That is all.

  17. After his infamous video dude needs to lay low and play his ass off. Especially after coming off of an ankle injury (his playing in that preseason game vs the Browns is McAdoo’s fault). Dez was a stud as recently as 2014 and is now a dud. Teams see that. The Giants are going to wait and see if he can still play at a high level. He would also do well to grow up as it will greatly increase his earning potential.

  18. Player may be considering doing something other than what he said he would. We have no evidence other than someone’s opinion to suggest that what we’re saying is true. Going with it anyway because we have a quota to meet. Idiots will run with it…

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