Johnny Manziel remains firmly planted on the bench in the CFL

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Johnny Manziel’s Canadian Football League coach may think Manziel is good enough to play in the NFL, but Manziel remains a bench warmer in the CFL.

Manziel’s team, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, had its second game on Friday night, and for the second time Manziel did not get on the field.

Given the way the starting quarterback is playing, Manziel may not get on the field in the CFL any time soon. Tiger-Cats starting quarterback Jeremiah Masoli completed 19-of-29 passes for 332 yards, with three touchdowns and one interception, in a 38-21 win over the Edmonton Eskimos. Tiger-Cats coach June Jones made clear after the game that he’s 100 percent behind Masoli as the starter.

“I’ve been saying it and nobody seems to believe me,” Jones said. “He has been pretty spectacular for as long as I have been here, 12 games. Jeremiah got out of some trouble and made plays which you need to do in this league. We are lucky to have him.”

So while Jones, a former NFL coach, may think Manziel is good enough to play in the NFL, he doesn’t think Manziel is good enough to unseat Masoli. Which means Manziel isn’t going to play as long as Masoli is healthy.

36 responses to “Johnny Manziel remains firmly planted on the bench in the CFL

  1. Canadian football is significantly different from the NFL in many critical aspects, particularly for a qb. I liken it to a journalist in America suddenly writing for a French newspaper, speaking French while only knowing English grammar. It takes a while to get “educated” on how to do things.

  2. Before Johnny gets vocal & impatient if I were the Ti-Cats I would trade him. He is a valuable trade commodity and a revenue generator for any struggling teams.

  3. CFL and Johnny Manziel? Who really cares about either or both? Only Canadians and losers.

  4. Johnny Manziel remains firmly planted on the bench in the CFL…

    Which is right were he should be.

  5. Manziel’s future NFL career is quite simple really…..fool me once shame on me, fool me twice strike three.

  6. Hey, he is getting paid to chill and be on a Pro Football team.

    I am not gonna be a hater. I wish I could do it for a year or two.

  7. I would think Montreal will be inquiring about Manziel. I am sure Mike Sherman has his eyes on Johnny football. The slide the Alouettes are in, if nothing else he will sell tickets. And I am sure Johnny football will quite enjoy St. Catharines street.

  8. Honestly this may be the best thing for him. If he can manage to go a year or two on a team without causing any issues or distractions then it might show he’s changed enough for someone to give him another chance.

  9. I understand the CFL and Jeremiah Masoli is the leading passer through two weeks thus far. Until that changes, Johnny’s staying on the bench, sans injury.

  10. If Jones and Manziel get this right, they BOTH could be back in the NFL in 2020. No way to do it before then, so why rush it and screw it up.
    Manziel does seem to have a better attitude – getting married can do that to a guy. And he knows this is absolutely his last chance. I expect him to give it everything he’s got. Is that good enough for the NFL, or even the CFL? Stay tuned.

  11. Skip clueless said this guy should be drafted #1 and that Dallas would forever regret not drafting this clown. How does that toolbag still have a job?

  12. Why should he play, he’s a 2nd or 3rd or 4th string QB. Once again, I must say this (said this about others that dont play and complain, im getting carpal tunnel repeating this) anyway, if you sit on your ass and make millions,be happy dude. I would be…

  13. Jeremiah Masoli is playing at an elite level and can now join the Bo Levi Mitchell-Mike Reilly-Trevor Harris-Ricky Ray level of top QB’s. Johnny Football will not be taking a meaningful snap this season at this point.

  14. 32,000 in attendance at Edmonton Commonwealth to see the TiCats – so yes people do come to see more than just football. All people are intrigued by story lines – and Manziel provides that story

  15. So according to June Jones, Manziel is good enough to be in the NFL but he’s not good enough to be the starter over Masoli, who isn’t good enough to be in the NFL. Maybe they should give June Jones a drug test.

  16. He has literally had a few months to learn a massively different game. He doesn’t even really know the rules that well yet, and the experienced guy they have right now might be the best in their league this season. Give it a rest.

  17. Swaggerville, are you suggesting the only reason 32000 fans showed up was just to see Johnny sit on the bench?

    Edmonton’s 2017 avg attendance was 32,500, so, Johnny really has nothing to do with it

  18. He is on the bench for one simple reason. Everyone should know it. He doesn’t know the playbook, he’s not that bright, it takes a special kind of commitment to understand the verbiage, and he doesn’t have it.

  19. Keep in mind Masoli was pretty good in college and started 3 years for a major program. If you follow football you already know that. And he got a look in the NFL. He’s just short and probably not an NFL QB, but that doesn’t mean he’s some nobody keeping Johnny on the bench. He’s been a pro for 7 years.

  20. Dude has to wake up everyday and ask himdelf “what the frick did I do to myself”. Dude blew it. Embarrassed himself and his team. He will never play in the NFL again.

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