Dak Prescott doing his “absolute best” to win Cowboys a Super Bowl


Dak Prescott continues to exude confidence in the Cowboys’ prospects for 2018, but he isn’t about to make a Super Bowl proclamation.

During his annual youth football camp, the quarterback was asked whether he was going to take the Cowboys to a Super Bowl.

I’m trying. I’m doing my absolute best,” Prescott said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Tony Romo and Danny White weren’t able to win a Super Bowl. Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman were. It’s their Super Bowl victories that helped put Staubach and Aikman into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Ultimately, Super Bowl titles is how history will judge Prescott, too.

While he won’t make a Super Bowl prediction, Prescott likes his team.

“I like where we are headed,” Prescott said. “I like the way we finished OTAs and minicamp. I like our attitude as a team, our hunger, the youthfulness, the energy. You can see guys excited to get back. And what’s good, the last day of an OTA or minicamp, guys weren’t sprinting out the door. That was exciting to see. And knowing that guys want to get back together in this off time to not only just hang out but to work and get better at ball. That is exactly what we need in a young team.”

The Cowboys lost Jason Witten and Dez Bryant in the offseason, raising questions about their prospects for this season. But Prescott likes the weapons he has despite not having a true No. 1 receiver.

“It’s hard to [surprise] people with the Dallas Cowboys; our standards are high,” Prescott said. “But when you hear talk we don’t have this player, we don’t have that player. We don’t have a lot of well-known guys. But that only makes the guys we have hungrier.”

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  1. Dakota Prescott should worry about making the team and holding down his starting spot. There is a reason he wasn’t picked until the 4th round. He’s a below average QB with a weak arm, poor pocket presence, inaccurate, and either can’t or won’t throw the ball down field. I’ve never seen a QB hyped up as much with so little talent and ability.

  2. Who knows? I agree that some QB’s have top talent and
    it’s obvious from the start. Others, including Tom Brady
    have talent and then get better. What many fans don’t
    understand is that players at the NFL level can progress.,
    So to say Dak is done is premature. He played very well his
    first year and many forget made some big time throws.
    Last year it appeared that teams had figured a way to
    limit him. Teams also figured a way to limit his top
    option Dez Bryant…Dez also figured a way to be less
    effective…lousy practice habits…being late for practice..
    and generally not for focusing on habits that make a player
    and his team better. This had an obvious negative effect on
    Dak along with losing Zeke, along with offensive line problems.
    Dak is a worker. He will give it his all. Look at what the Eagles
    did with a Qb who has not shown he is a consistent QB. Foles
    got hot at the right time and had a great defense to cover him
    If Foles can win a Suoer Bowl so can Dak. It takes a little luck
    and timing.,

  3. Unless the Danish ham has mastered how to defeat a blitz with his arm, he’ll fail. Unless this clown can play like a QB instead of a running back wearing a QB halloween costume, he’ll fail.

    Evidence is he’ll fail. He never improves.

  4. Come on maverick2560, are you really going to say that if Foles can win a Super Bowl so can Dak? Dak hasn’t even won a playoff game in his career. Foles hasn’t just won a playoff game, he was also the Super Bowl MVP! Behind the best O-line in the league, Dakota showcased his weak and inaccurate arm leading to Dez and Witten having 2 of the worst seasons of their careers. Maybe Dakota can get better, maybe not, but as of now the pro bowl and media hype he gets is very hard to explain.

  5. The Cowboys should have drafted Lamar Jackson. He might be a project as far as passing ability, but so is Dakota Prescott. But at least Jackson has a higher ceiling at the most important position in the league

  6. 6 Qb’s were chose before Brady & he sat on the bench 1-2yrs before starting

    Historical facts prove Prescott is beyond all the greats in his first 2yrs, including his so-called slump, when he took a step back for all the above commentors reasons he pointed out
    Dak was thrown in as a 4th rounder without any starter reps nor a year or two to develope behind the starter as the others enjoyed

    Google NFL QB first two seasons stats
    Then realize you can dispel Prescott
    Only if you degrade every Qb rated below him as well

    All you naysayers against Dak dare yourselves to just GOOGLE
    Honor facts & relinquish this witch hunt aimed at Dak Prescott

    And great point about Nick Foles,
    Philly kicked him to the curb as once their starter
    He bounced around the league (NOT A GOOD LOOK)

    Only to end up as their insurance, only to not only win, but in dramatic fassion

    He even caught a SB pass, after Brady botched his perfect catch/drop
    Winning not it the SB, but
    Super Bowl MVP


  7. I don’t think so Maverick dude… gettin hot for 3 games and for a whole season is just slightly different. Dak may get better but Jerry and Garrett wont. They have a few holes they hope fill well with rookies, FA’s but that’s always hit or miss. I think they go 8-8 or 9-7 and miss the playoffs again in a monster powerhouse NFC conference. It could get a lot worse if that passing game doesn’t materialize out of nowhere. They need help at WR, TE and DL to have a respectable season.

  8. Cam Newton sucks as a quarterback cause he’s an arrogant, me first dude who is more interested in himself than team success. He acts more like a punk than a man thus far. As a RB… pretty good player but that ain’t where he’s lining up

  9. camsbiggestfan says:
    June 24, 2018 at 11:30 pm
    Dakota Prescott can’t hold Cam Newton’s jock
    Cam can’t even jump on a fumble. Soft.

  10. Dak Prescott is the most overhyped , overrated player to ever put the star on. If his play mimicked his mouth he’d be all world. Team is going nowhere till he’s out of there. Worst pocket presence around

  11. maverick2560 says:
    June 24, 2018 at 11:40 pm
    Who knows? I agree that some QB’s have top talent and
    it’s obvious from the start. Others, including Tom Brady
    have talent and then get better. What many fans don’t
    understand is that players at the NFL level can progress….


    Man what’s up with your formatting? Your post reads like terrible poetry

    As for Dak, well, we’ll see. He seems to be smart enough to not make any predictions, so maybe he can learn and grow and get better. Personally, I don’t think he will do it before the team moves on from him. He’ll get scapegoated for a poor roster ultimately. I think he could have a strong 2nd act with the right team and coaches though.

  12. Dak scrimmaged a little with the kids and his fitst floater to the sideline was picked off by an 8 year old in a seahwks’s jersey and taken to the house !

  13. Das said he’s doing everything he can to help the Cowboys win a Super Bowl. I must have missed it, When did he announce his retirement. LMAO

  14. Defenses figured Dak out and this season is going to be worse! Terrence Williams is the main receiver now Witten is retired.It`s going to be a long season for those loud mouthed Cowboys fans!

  15. Seeing is Believing. So what that Dak Prescott got Supper Lucky on his Rookie Year and played very excellent. Last year since there was no pressure Dak Prescott won the title of CHOKE THE CHICKEN for the simple reason that he could not hit the side of the barn. Everything that was said was just EXCUSES as to why the players failed to catch the throes from Prescott. There are new RECEIVERS and very few VETERAN PLAYERS that Prescott will throw too. What’s going to be the EXCUSE this season if when he throws and the pass is not caught or is intercepted? This year there seriously needs to be a Battle and Competition for the position of Quarterback during the Pre-Season. Four weeks to seek the best Quarterback. If Dak Prescott (CHOKE THE CHICKEN) out beats Cooper Rush and Mike White that is great. I’m a DOUBTER and I need to see PROOF before I can say anything POSITIVE of Dak Prescott. I have been a SERIOUS DIE HARD DALLAS COWBOY FAN SINCE THE TOM LANDRY AREA. I have seen THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY. Let’s hope for the BEST this SEASON that’s all one can do.

  16. Lol. You can not even get to the playoffs let alone the super bowl. You have no arm, no wr’s, no tight end, and cannot read a defense. Lol. You will be lucky to be 8-8 again.

  17. With all due respect, reading some of these comments, I’m wondering if some of you truly do have serious learning disabilities. And I mean with all due respect.

  18. Daks hopeful musings will not make up for a pathetic, inept front office or the lack of a passing game and his mediocre talent. Wishful thinking at best.

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