Mike Vrabel: I don’t know as a coach if I’ll ever be truly confident


Mike Vrabel has a presence about him, some would call it “swagger.” Appearances, though, can be deceiving.

The Titans head coach was asked about his confidence level and admitted “confident” is not a word he’s comfortable using.

“I don’t know as a coach if I’ll ever be truly confident,” Vrabel said, via Paul Kuharsky of paulkuharsky.com. “I have confidence in all our players on our roster right now, but I don’t know if that’s something you would always say as a head coach, that you’re just going to be confident that we’re going to roll out and win a game.”

It’s probably a good thing and likely something he learned from Bill Belichick: Never take anything for granted. Cover all your bases. Be prepared for everything.

The first-time head coach appears ready for the job ahead of him.