Report: NFL tells Laurent Duvernay-Tardif he can’t have “M.D.” on his jersey

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The No Fun League strikes again.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, the Chiefs offensive lineman who has accomplished the impressive feat of graduating from medical school after years of taking classes in the offseason, has reportedly been told that he will not be allowed to put “Duvernay-Tardif, M.D.” on the back of his jersey.

Montreal-based sports reporter Andy Mailly-Pressoir reported that Duvernay-Tardif (who grew up in Montreal) was rejected in his attempt to get M.D. on his jersey.

“I want to put Duvernay-Tardif M.D. on my jersey,” he said in February. “I’ve already started a conversation with the league office and they say that anything is possible.”

But apparently the league has decided against it. And that’s a shame. The NFL should celebrate players like Duvernay-Tardif, who exemplify the hard work and dedication that is central to the sport of football. The NFL allows players to put “Jr.” and “Sr.” and “III” on jerseys, and allowing the one player who has earned an “M.D.” to put it on his jersey as well would be a minor accommodation for a player who has achieved a great accomplishment.

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  1. It would be a minor accommodation, but it could also open a new can of worms. If a person gets his accountancy, does he get C.P.A added as well. An engineer adds PE. Anyone earning a doctorate gets PhD. There are dozens of professional designations in financial management, which would become a walking billboard.

  2. LOOK AT ME! Suffixes, tattoos etc. Affectation and narcissism, the sigil of the self absorbed millennial and participation trophy generations. As compared to NFL players doctors are ubiquitous. When he leaves football will he want O.L on his nametag after M.D.?

    BTW, congrats on the MD. My niece just got hers this past weekend.

  3. I agree with the league on this. Whilst it is a novel idea and would have been a nice gesture, at what point would it stop. Which professional qualifications that allow for a person to put letters after their name would be included and wouldn’t? As these qualifications encompass multiple fields, who gets to decide which qualifications meet the league’s standards and those that don’t?

    I congratulate Duvernay-Tardif on his fine achievement, and hope that this inspires other players and members off the general public to never give up on their dreams or ambitions.

    However, I feel the league is correct on this decision.

  4. Don’t forget former Illinois runningback Mikel Leshoure and his “SR.”

    You would think that the NFL would love this idea. It’d put a positive light on some players. It’d sure as hell be better than reading “X player arrested.”

  5. “The NFL allows players to put “Jr.” and “Sr.” and “III” on Jerseys”

    Because those designations are part of their legal name. MD is not. I feel like this is something a grown man shouldn’t need to have explained, but here we are.

  6. I understand unlike Jr, Sr, etc which are part of a name MD is part of a profession, then again maybe the NFL looks at it as putting MD on a Jersey would be helping a player promote himself in a profession other than football and get free advertising.

  7. Jr Sr and III are not the same as a degree. Be careful of the precident you set. Where do you draw the line on which degree is worthy of having on your jersey and which isn’t?

  8. Honestly, while it is super awesome that he got his degree, it’s unrelated to the jersey. The uniform back is for your name and number. They allow Jr. and Sr. because it’s part of your name. It’s not a place to put your life accomplishments.

  9. In the 70’s they allowed Rams end to put Jack Youngblood on his jersey with the Jack on top, Youngblood on the bottom.

  10. The NFL is right not to allow him to put it on his jersey. In fact, the uniforms on every player should be just what their name says — “uniform”. Meaning all uniforms should look the same.
    The point is the focus is on the team, not any individual player. It’s great what Duvarnay-Tardif did, but let him hang his medical degrees and awards on the walls of his office after he gets through playing because he’s playing football now and that should be the only focus for him.

  11. The hits just on keep on coming for this, large and small.

    Good on you Laurent

  12. It’s a miracle the NFL lets players put their names on their jerseys, let alone a suffix that would indicate an achievement or a life outside football. The League only wants players to be individuals to the extent it adds dollars to the till. Otherwise, to the League they’re just interchangeable cuts of meat, to be used and discarded.

    Has this ever come up in the NBA or NHL?

  13. The NFL continues to make ridiculously bad decisions. I wonder what genius turned down Duvernay-Tardif’s request? What would it possibly hurt to put M.D. on the back of a jersey, especially when the player in question has been smart and capable enough to actually earn that impressive distinction? It’s not as though the league is suddenly going to be inundated with players who also want to put “M.D.” on their jerseys, right? Besides, you’d think that an organization would want to promote the fact that one of its players was able to earn a doctor’s degree. But noooooo…. NFL, between this decision and working to eliminate kickoffs, you’re looking like silly, foolish, unaware dolts. Please stop it.

  14. I agree that they should let him but just a hunch that they’re thinking that it will open the door for any ordained players to put Rev. or Pastor on their jersey, which is a whole other can of worms.

  15. I have to agree with Roger…
    Why would you want to promote someone doing something outstanding academically, when you can alternatively just soak in the negative PR from all the players getting arrested/all the allegations of illegal things occurring.. not to mention the atrocious PR created by the dodginess that you do yourself?!

    Congrats LDT!

  16. This is the right decision. The absurdity of allowing “Sr.”, “Jr.”, and “III” on name placards has gotten out of hand and needs to be stopped. Unless Sr. and Jr. are on the same team it serves no purpose but to draw attention. This would be no different.

  17. Maybe if an when he every practices medicine the hospital he works at will let him walk around in a Chiefs Jersey ,Chuck Bednerak who flew 25 bombing missions over Europe should have been aloud to commentate that accomplishment also ,,the NFL is stone cold 1000 percent in the right here,period stop!

  18. Let me get this straight, a player has a kid, gives him the same name, and the NFL allows him to put Sr on his jersey. Oh well, Duvernay-Tardif M.D has the rest of his life to have M.D. on his door, building, or scrubs. While I don’t think Titus Young has Sr on his jump suit, just a number.

    That Duvernay-Tardif sure is a trouble maker, Goodell should suspend him for just asking to break the uniform rules.

  19. What is wrong with you Smith? Are you 12 years old? Nobody gives a crap if players, or you aren’t having fun. Have fun on your own time. Stop whining about how guys that get paid millions of dollars to run catch and throw, aren’t allowed to have more fun on the job.

  20. I’m sure that the league has an absolutely reasonable explanation, that’s not short-sighted or illogical. After all, they have a history making rational rulings.

  21. I don’t see a problem with professional designations or military ranks on jerseys. If somehow it gets abused they could always change the rule.

  22. Egh. He needs to finish a residency before he can practice anyway, unless it’s different in Canada. Medical school is one thing, a lot more practical knowledge to be gained still. I guess I can’t muster any outrage over this one.

  23. Total douche move to put a degree on your jersey. Not really surprising an MD would want to do it because there are so many douche MDs.

    It would be a nightmare to start a degree-listing trend on jerseys.

  24. Congratulations on you accomplishment, wish more players would continue with there education while they play. However, your designation as an M.D. belongs on your office letter head, your business cards and you prescription pad, not you jersey!

  25. Might have been a little jealousy from those in the front office who rode the rich white kid bus to their country club positions. They wouldn’t want a person of genuine brilliance upstaging them.

  26. I disagree that the NFL should allow this. Jr., Sr., and III are part of one’s name given at birth, not something earned. If you allow one person to add an earned title, then others will try to add different ones. It’s best to make this rule completely restrictive.

  27. kcchefs58 says:
    June 24, 2018 at 8:35 am
    I disagree that the NFL should allow this. Jr., Sr., and III are part of one’s name given at birth, not something earned.
    I have yet to see someone born a ‘Sr.’, but maybe I’m just sheltered.

    While I don’t think the MD needs to be on a jersey, it definately should be if all those other stupid suffixes are allowed.

    Especially ‘Sr.’. All that tells us is you’re a self absorbed player who named your kid after yourself and wants the whole world to know it.

    Give LDTMD his due…

  28. NFL get back to football everything about the nfl is a controversy these days. It would be great to tune in to a game and ALL of the conversation would be about the game.

  29. If they allowed Ochocinco (which was not a given name) then they should allow this. It would actually be something positive for the league.

  30. This is about as stupid as it gets. Yea.. whatever you do [NFL executive honks] don’t celebrate a young man’s great accomplishment. He shouldn’t even have to ask. The NFL should WANT to put that name on his jersey to help celebrate his great achievement. If I recall correctly NOBODY in the entire history of the NFL has become an M.D. while still actively on a roster. Maybe someday you won’t allow Esq. on the back of a players jersey and he’ll sue you stupid idiots. Probably 1/2 the players in the NFL never even finished their college education. Anybody got stats on that?

  31. Well, there is always the “Customized” jersey route, that hoards of fans purchase yearly. Then he can wear it around the house, and provided he doesn’t get mustard stains on it, he can hang it on his wall.
    No less, congrats to him, on this achievement.
    I can see why he chooses to stay in the league, after this achievement. He’s gotta pay for that college somehow.

  32. way to stay humble. i’m sure he’s going to have great bedside manner. the only thing worse than a millennial is a millennial with an MD. i’d rather drive to mexico for healthcare than see this clown.

  33. catquick says:
    June 24, 2018 at 6:59 am

    In the 70’s they allowed Rams end to put Jack Youngblood on his jersey with the Jack on top, Youngblood on the bottom.
    That’s because he wasn’t the only Youngblood on the roster. Jim Youngblood, a linebacker and no relation, was with the Rams at the same time as Jack Youngblood, and he had Jim on top of his name. That was back when the NFL still had a modicum of common sense.

  34. When Vick got out of the clink he should have got his prisoner number on his jersey.

  35. Usually doctors have an office full of their amazing feats hanging on their wall.

  36. @dubzito

    Lol, I miss the Sr. part. That’s what I get for commenting on PFT immediately after waking up. 🙂

    I agree with your sentiments about giving your child your name. It seems narcissistic.

  37. The problem is that the “M.D.” would be a reminder to all other players (especially those with basket weaving degrees, cultural studies degrees, or no degrees) that they have no future in the real world whereas this guy will have a 6-figure income for the rest of his life.
    All it’d take is ONE player to be “offended” and the “M.D.” would be removed posthaste.
    Instead, he should change his last name to Doctor so that everyone knows that he is a real doctor.

  38. Ambivalent on the issue itself, maybe it shouldnt be on the back on his jersey but being that smart and that athletic should be rewarded in some way if he wants a show off. He certainly deserves that right. Maybe a patch on the front? Not sure.

  39. IMHO nothing should be on there except the last name. But allowing players to put SR on their jersey is probably the stupidest, most ridiculous thing of all.

  40. The NFL might stand for No Fun League when it prevents things like this, but the man was smart to get his MD because NFL also stands for Not For Long.

    I just don’t understand how it hurts the NFL to add MD to his jersey. The NFL has so many image problems (having to suspend people for drugs, rape, and other things). Why not celebrate the good? I just don’t get it.

  41. A player who has stayed in school while playing in the NFL and has earned a medical degree is something the NFL should be shouting from the rooftops. This is shortsighted and stupid.

  42. Probably the right decision but I’m betting that if the league thought they could somehow benefit from a PR standpoint, they’d have approved it in a heartbeat. They’re kinda like that.

  43. thewizardsrevenge says:
    June 24, 2018 at 6:29 am

    Then it’s time to get rid of the Jr and Sr nonsense.

    SR is especially stupid. Nobody is going to be in the league with their kid at the same time.

  44. catquick says:
    June 24, 2018 at 6:59 am
    In the 70’s they allowed Rams end to put Jack Youngblood on his jersey with the Jack on top, Youngblood on the bottom

    There was another Youngblood on the team at the time…Jim Youngblood.

  45. I don’t think it’s really that bad of an idea. So many grow up saying they want to be a professional player. So many go through HS thinking that’s all they need. Not an education. Colleges cater to players and hardly ever hold them fully accountable. They are injured or can play for so many years only and have nothing then. There are stats on how many are broke too…prob bc they aren’t educated enough to know how to handle money properly too (and of course not thinking it can end in a second on the field). Kids growing up would see they are more than a football player, setting an example, valuing education. If they have a skill to fall back on and it was part of who they are it makes them a better role model. Doesn’t have to be a Dr. any skill and education is valuable.

  46. The guys above got it right (ala Ochocinco). He should legally change his name to:
    Laurent Duvernay-Tardif-Doctor. Problem solved (except for fitting that on his back).

  47. And of course it’s a racial thing. White guy becomes a Doctor but other guys make up crap to put at the end of their names. You’re only supposed to use Sr if the Jr is also in the league or has already played in league. Ken Griffey Jr, etc.

  48. If anything, having a player with “M.D.” on his jersey is a huge positive for the NFL. And it’s a huge positive for the NCAA. And a huge positive for the player.

    Actually, wait…who is this a negative for, again?

  49. owlbania says:
    June 24, 2018 at 10:10 am
    catquick says:
    June 24, 2018 at 6:59 am
    In the 70’s they allowed Rams end to put Jack Youngblood on his jersey with the Jack on top, Youngblood on the bottom

    There was another Youngblood on the team at the time…Jim Youngblood.

    Huh. Maybe because of the potential for confusion, we should put numbers on the jerseys, and refer to players by the numbers?

  50. lgw91s says:
    June 24, 2018 at 5:49 am
    It would be a minor accommodation, but it could also open a new can of worms. If a person gets his accountancy, does he get C.P.A added as well. An engineer adds PE. Anyone earning a doctorate gets PhD. There are dozens of professional designations in financial management, which would become a walking billboard.
    These are football players we’re talking about. The MDs, PhDs, etc. are few and far between. So show them off – they’ve earned it.
    As for the rest – GED just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  51. The only thing that should be on the jersey is the last name. Jr, Sr, III – those all have to do with your FIRST (and middle) name, not your last name – Robert Griffin III’s last name would still be Griffin if his dad had named him Thomas instead.

    The first time the Giants added another Taylor to the roister, Lawrence had “L. TAYLOR” on his jersey as that was procedure. He didn’t like it. The next time the Giants had another Taylor, LT refused the “L.” on his jersey.

  52. There’s no reason to be upset or bothered by this. This isn’t the XFL. It’s not part of his name. If he really wanted to, he could go the Ochocinco route.

  53. purpleguy says:
    June 24, 2018 at 11:13 am
    It’s a Canadian med school – does that even count in the US?


    Health care in Canada is eons ahead of the US. And it’s free too.

  54. SR is NOT a part of a legal name.

    Example: Odell Beckham, Jr.’s father is named Odell Beckham. So under NFL “logic” Sr. should not be on a jersey. Personally I think the NFL should let him put his degree on his jersey. But I admittedly have a bias:

    LadyMacEsq, J.D.

  55. Maybe he can request that all media persons refer to him as Dr Laurent Durvenay-Tardif from now on. Also the Chiefs locker room staff can have his full title and name above his locker or maybe he gets a room to himself.
    Congrats on completing his degree but his job is to protect his QB – like every other O-lineman in the NFL.

  56. lgw91s says:
    June 24, 2018 at 5:49 am
    It would be a minor accommodation, but it could also open a new can of worms. If a person gets his accountancy, does he get C.P.A added as well. An engineer adds PE. Anyone earning a doctorate gets PhD. There are dozens of professional designations in financial management, which would become a walking billboard.

    First of all, I doubt that will become a problem. However, if the NFL all of a sudden had a rash of PHD’s, CPA’s, and the like I would say that would be a good problem to have compared to current issues with many players.

  57. Yeah but then all the other players who are doctors will want MD on their jerseys, too.

  58. I love reading the comments on articles like this, if only to laugh at the self-entitled, “look-at-me,” the world-is-unfair-unless-I’m-allowed-to-do-anything-I-please millennial whining.
    Names were put on the backs of jerseys so fans could identify the players on TV and in the stadium, period. Uniforms are not billboards, they are not diplomas to be hung on a wall, and no one is being unfairly treated because the NFL says they can’t make their work uniform all about them.
    The world has rules — millions of them — and you aren’t a victim just because you have to follow them, or don’t get your own way all the time.
    It’s time for a lot of people to grow up, realize the world doesn’t revolve around them, and stop crying over every little thing like spoiled children. The world isn’t always fair, and doesn’t always unfold in the mamner you’d like it to. Deal with it.

  59. The problem is that if they allow doctors and lawyers to put it on their uniforms we all know that is a major achievement that is a big deal but we cannot tell other professions that they are less important. What happens when other players achieve the status of cpa, volunteer weekend police officer, elder in the mormon church, doctorate in sociology, certified physical therapist, ordained minister of the church of bahamas online, rabbi, city councilman, master of ceremonies, yogi, etc? Once one professional designation is allowed they cant really block another professional or religious one, and I dont think they want to get into the politics of Elder Steve Young, Minister Reggie White, and Certified Alternative Medicine Practicioner Ricky Williams.

  60. Not sure that’s what anyone’s doing. It’s a conversation about it. He just simply requested it. I think it’s reasonable that he asked and to debate these issues without it being considered “whining”. There is more whining over other topics than this one. Debates are always good – only way things change for the better in life….through a meeting of different perspectives and mindsets. Otherwise what’s really even the point of having any option to comment on the internet at all. If one thought that’s good for a person to learn, community or the country or even the NFL in its little bubble comes out of it, then it’s one thing better than it was yesterday.

  61. I would be happy to see professional designations on the jerseys. M.D, J.D, C.P.A, Rev… etc.
    Seeing these designations on jerseys may prompt some young players to prepare for life after football before it comes to an end.
    Ol’ Roger doesn’t want a league full of players with functioning brains. He wants a bunch of guys who are barely able to string together a coherent thought.

  62. IMHO, the only designation that should be allowed after the last name on an NFL uniform should be HoF in the off chance that an actual NFL hall of fame player manages to return to the playing field. Eliminate the Jr, Sr and III designations as well. All they do is avoid confusion between immediate family members that share the same name which is not an issue in the active NFL.

  63. And here I thought the NFL and it’s fans were all for “free speech”??? I guess that’s only true when guys are kneeling or pouting….. What give here?

  64. Did somebody up there really compare an accountant to doctorate in medicine? That’s embarrassing.

  65. CTE are the only initials a medical doctor should worry about in the nfl.

  66. Prolibtalk
    The NFL should celebrate players like Duvernay-Tardif, who exemplify the hard work and dedication that is central to the sport of football.

    Interesting take. I agree. Celebrate the hard work that exemplifies the sport. Kind of like supporting troops? Supporting law enforcement? Yeah I’m down with that. Oh wait!

  67. Where will it stop????? The eternal excuse to avoid doing anything different.

    C’mon, how many professional qualified people are playing in the NFL? How many MDs? One.

    Give the man his due. It’s quite an achievement.

  68. Good move, because of course you’d have a slew of players and media crying racism as soon as they don’t allow SJW on the jersey (although I suspect Goodell is ok with SJW even though he is against MD).

  69. Incredibly impressive accomplishment and the guy did it in his free time? Wow. Equally incredible (almost) is how dumb the league is for not letting him boast his accomplishment. News flash, you have an image problem and a player that could also be a doctor looks pretty good for you. This is just dumb & petty

  70. here’s a thought: let him wear it as a one-off! maybe let him wear it for a home game one time and that’ll be it! maybe tie it to a charity or something! let someone bid on his one time game worn jersey! case closed!

  71. Sr. is not part of a given name at birth and shouldn’t be allowed. If Jr., III, etc. is on the birth certificate, I understand that it is the legal name (but still think it’s dumb).

  72. Yet it’s not only just fine, but encouraged for a team to sell & get paid for ‘naming rights’ to their stadiums.

    New Era Field in Buffalo, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, M&T Bank in Baltimore, Heinz Field/Pittsburg, Gillete Stadium, MetLife Stadium, AT&T Stadium in Dallas, etc…

    I bet if LDT offered the NFL 50 grand, those whoar$ would accept it willingly.

  73. I might be wrong but I think you have to go thru legal proceedings to add Sr. to your name, you can’t just tack it on there because you want to.

    Any way you slice it, it’s all narcissism to me, get all that extraneous crap off the uniforms. Who cares if you have 2 antecedents with the same name? Nobody outside of your own family. IMO the only thing other than your last name that should be on the uniform is in cases of multiple players with the same last name, they should use as many letters in the player’s first name as is necessary to differentiate between them.

  74. Of course they can’t allow it. They’d all want their arrest dates on their jerseys next.

  75. The NFL did him a favor. That’s pretty tacky to put M.D. on your uniform. He probably walks up to girls in bars and says “Hey you know I’m a doctor?”

  76. This is the NFL’s thought process, let’s have a 20 year old rookie put Sr. on his jersey so everyone knows he has an illegitimate kid with some chick he met and knocked up or have an accomplished medical professional that is actually something to strive for instead.

    Nope let’s promote the deadbeat dads who give the league such a great name.

  77. There are 1696 players in the NFL and over 1 million doctors in the US. I’d guess it would be easier for an NFL player to become an MD than an MD to play in the NFL. Much smaller pond with much bigger fish.

    Maybe doctors should consider a JR, SR, or III on their name tags after the alphabet soup already on display. Maybe a few tats? Their med school sheepskin on their chest?

  78. Open that can of worms and expect a world of trouble.
    Before you know it the Tim Tebows will all want crosses after their names and the Trump supporters will all want swastikas.

  79. The jersey should have team name on the front and last name on the back. Jr & Sr are part of the name. MD is a profession, not a name. Let the PA announcer include doctor whenever he wants to. This one I agree with the NFL.

  80. raidernation210 says:
    June 24, 2018 at 7:11 am
    And yet…they STILL own the space between your ears. Let that sink IN.

  81. Jr. & Sr. are only part of the name if it is listed on the birth certificate. Most Sr’s and Jr’s are not listed on their birth certificate so in the court of law, they are not part of the official name.

  82. I dont think players should be able to put anything besides their name. No “Jr.”, “Sr.”, ” III” or anything else. It is stupid and the only reason players want that nonsense is to draw attention to themselves. The NFL has turned from a team sport to having individual players making a mockery of the game with their on and off field antics.

  83. Jr, Sr… King Henry VIII…

    Do the same thing they did with ‘Ochocinco’.. If he buys all his jerseys, let him wear what he wants.

  84. tball25 says:
    June 25, 2018 at 11:13 am
    NFL-owned by fascists licking the boots of Trump

    And employs mostly liberals who will waste their fortunes on grilles & tats. They will squander an opportunity of a lifetime but yeah, it’s all about Trump ’cause this never happened before. While OB was in office all players invested wisely.

  85. Woofah. There are a lot of opinions on this in the comments here. I don’t see the big deal, personally. I mean it’s not like the original XFL where you could put “teabagger” on the back. Doctor is a prefix, M.D is an appropriate suffix. I don’t see the issue here.

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