Only 17 draft picks are unsigned


The draft started two months ago tomorrow. And all but 17 of the draft picks have signed their rookie deals.

Per a source with knowledge of and access to the full list of rookie contracts, the collection of remaining unsigned players includes 12 first-round picks, three second-round picks, one third-round pick, and one fifth-round pick.

Leading the way is Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. While post-2011 rookie contracts contain few terms about which to haggle, two important factors provide the basis for back-and-forth: (1) whether the guaranteed money will be subject to offset language, preventing double-dipping; and (2) the cash flow of the signing bonus.

Given that Mayfield at one point considered going without an agent, his agents may feel compelled to justify his decision by driving a hard bargain on either or both points. Two years ago, Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa held out through training camp and the preseason over these issues.

With the Browns supposedly not inclined to use Mayfield this year, there’s less urgency on their part to get him signed. But they’d surely still like to avoid the distraction of a holdout, which gives Mayfield some leverage.

Beyond the top 10, where seven players remain unsigned, it should be easier to work out these contracts. There’s a cluster of unsigned players at the bottom of round one, with an impasse (if there is one) focusing on the handling of payments and guarantees in the fourth year of the contract.

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  1. It seems really stupid for teams who draft near the top to try and squeeze their picks. If you draft a guy in the top 10 and he’s a bust, you probably don’t cut him until after his 3rd year. A new team typically doesn’t pay the guy much, maybe near the vets minimum. So what is the team saving, 600K? The downside is they alienate their picks, most of whom turn out to be at least average players. Did the Chargers benefit vs Bosa?
    And if you are the GM and your top 5 pick is such a bust that he’s cut after 2-3 years then chances are your job may be on the line, especially with respect to QBs.

    The gain for the team is minimal (600K) and is unlikely to occur.
    Only for later picks would this come into play.

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