David Carr thinks Ben Roethlisberger is being propped up by Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown

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Former No. 1 overall draft pick David Carr believes that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlsberger is currently being carried by star skill position players like running back Le'Veon Bell and wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Carr offered his ranking of the top ten quarterback in the NFL heading into the 2018 season and did not include Roethlisberger on his list. He had Roethlisberger, Houston’s Deshaun Watson and Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz just outside the top ten.

“Yes, he’s a future Hall of Famer and there’s no doubt he can still help the Steelers,” Carr wrote of his rationale for the exclusion of Roethlisberger. “But he has the most talented skill players in the league on his unit, and that pair — Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell — makes him look great 14 seasons in. I don’t think Big Ben could win a ton of games without them at this stage in his career.”

Roethlisberger is 36 years old and is preparing for his 15th year with the Steelers. He surpassed 4,000 yards passing for the fifth time in his career last season, throwing for 4,251 yards with 28 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He also completed 64.2 percent of his passes, which is consistent with his career averages.

There is no question that Roethlisberger benefits from the presence of Bell and Brown on Pittsburgh’s roster. Trying to quantify how much of an impact they have on Roethlisberger continuing to be able to produce at such a high level is far more difficult.

Carr’s top ten list featured Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Derek Carr, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton and Jimmy Garoppolo. The inclusion of Garoppolo at this stage could be somewhat questionable given his limited sample size of games played, but it’s Carr’s opinion to give.

David Carr was selected by the Houston Texans with the first pick of the 2002 NFL Draft.

90 responses to “David Carr thinks Ben Roethlisberger is being propped up by Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown

  1. Brady brees rodgers big ben. These are THE top four. None of the rest can even make a case that they should be ahead of any of them at this point. Thank you historically bad offensive line for this marvel in neurological disorders. Cte for sure.

  2. atriots fan but even if he has shown signs of decline big Ben is still big Ben
    Just like Brady’s still Brady without gronk, now roethlisbergee might have somewhat inflated stats, could argue he’s not top ten at the moment, but still a good qb that isn’t that inflated by his team.

  3. I dont agree with it but I can see why people would rank Stafford high, but Wentz and Ben not the top 10 but Carr? Garoppolo? Jimmy G hasnt played a full season, Carr was awful last season. Matt Ryan even regressed. Wentz wouldve won the MVP last year if healthy and Ben may be in decline but hes nowhere near middle of the pack, he should be top 10. Regardless if Brown or Bell are healthy.

  4. Terrible list. His bro was trash this past year. Garoppolo and Watson have proven nothing.

  5. I – personally – don’t even care for Big Ben. But anyone who thinks he’s not one of the elite QB’s in the NFL is an….well hate to call people idiots.

  6. I guess Carr never reviewed AB’s stats in games Ben didn’t play. I’d say take a look but that would require him to actually do some research.

  7. Irrelevant football rankings (Carr? Wilson? Garoppolo?), golf, and baseball. It’s no coincidence that this is my most productive time of year at work.

  8. Of course he ranked little brother over a hall of famer (As I recall, Bell & Brown didn’t prop up Landry Jones so well) and a potential MVP (Wentz).

  9. Of course he has his brother on that list, who by the way might be the most overrated QB in the history of the league. No horse in this race but to say Ben is not top 10 and then put your brother on that list…come on man !!!

  10. David Carr could have been a really good QB but the Texans failed him by not getting him an O line ever. But he is wrong about big ben and his brother and jimmy g.

  11. Yeah…I don’t think so. Big Ben has broken many hearts with his incredible play extending completions and accuracy.
    I think he’s one of the most all time under rated quarterbacks ever to play.
    Bills fan.

  12. Well…. Either the Steeler brass is the most consistently astute judge of WR talent ever, or Ben is making those picks look good. It ain’t just AB and Leveon.

  13. Wow, I hope the Raiders play the Steelers real early in the season! And Carr ranks himself at Number 4? Wow again!

  14. It’s not golf or tennis. In football, most if not all players need great talent around them to reach their greatness. The only question is, on which end of the play is the greatness? The handoff or run (which requires great blocking)? The pass or catch? We’re AB or LB on the team when Pittsburgh won their last 2 SB’s?

    IMO, BR is not as good overall as TB or PM but he has 2 rings and has won with different players and coaches. I don’t know the man and he may have done some bad things but in the narrow spectrum of football, he’s a pretty darned good QB. TB aside, who has been more successful in the last 20 years?

    I’ll say one thing, he’s nowhere near as good a diva as LB or AB. I’d be frustrated by their focus on their own selves instead of the team. Not just the twitter stuff. Seems every year we get to hear about one of these two and some type of internal drama.

  15. Hmmm, nothing exactly wrong with having better talent supporting an aging QB.

    His top 10 is an odd mix if based on last year stats. The only three I disagree with are:

    Newton hasn’t said much since his Super Bowl season. Even without injuries, he’s streaky as a performer.

    Derek Carr is good but last season was off. I know injury has something to do with it but still. He was trending upward prior to that.

    Garoppolo sample size is too small but the upside is promising….

  16. It is a different way of looking at it. But the exact same thing could be said of a rookie QB starting his first game when he wins and puts up numbers. Some players are that franchise guy but in the end, someone is always going to look good because of someone else. Yardage stats don’t mean much even to a stellar QB if there is no one to catch the ball. So maybe the same can be said of AB. He looks good at this stage of his career because Ben is throwing to him. Not so good when Landry Jones is throwing. But that is the concept of team – where everyone brings out the best in everyone to win and pieces are put together at positions to make that happen irregardless to time. Ben may be at “that stage of his career” but the stats don’t lie and it takes all of them to make the numbers.

  17. So, I’m guessing Carr would also argue that Montana was an otherwise run-of-the-mill QB if it wasn’t for Rice. Makes sense.

    FWIW, Carr also ranks his brother #4 among all QBs currently in the NFL and included Jimmy Garoppolo (who may wind up being good, but hasn’t don’t anything yet) while omitting guys like Wentz and Roethlisberger. So, take it for what it’s worth.

  18. Clearly still suffering the after effects of all those sacks he took in Houston

  19. Derek Carr top of 10? You lost all credibility there “bro”….

    Ben is easily still a top-10 QB….

  20. It is a team sport. Equally true the other way around. I recall the Dolphins paid Mike Wallace $60 million based on Carr’s theory. How’d that work out for them. Emmanuel Sanders looked good catching Peyton’s balls, but looks ordinary with less talented QBs.

    Me. I think it is all Munchak and the line, but, what do I know.

  21. David Carr isn’t qualified to hold his jock strap, let alone make these kind of judgments

  22. Oh and, as a fan the Jacksonville playoff game was a dismal event. But watching Ben … Those down the field passes to the corner or back of the end zone … Reminded me just how good Ben’s deep ball us. He has incredible touch. Brees, Brady, no chance at 30 yards plus. Aaron ya if he is healthy.

  23. That would be the same for any QB with upper tier skill position players. Brady has Gronk and Edelman, other QBs have their targets.

    Its not exactly an earth shaking revelation to say that QBs with really good skill position players get an advantage form that as compared to QBs that don’t have them.

  24. And the purpose of saying that was… what to take a cheap shot? Not sure why Carr needed to say that. And btw, What has Carr done?

  25. In games started by Landry Jones as Steelers QB, I believe Antonio Brown has 0 touchdown passes. Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Randel El all signed big free agent contracts after years with Ben only to find out what life was like AB…after Ben.

    Carr got sacked I think 9 times his rookie year against the Steelers. He still hates them.

  26. Tom Brady – Understood
    Aaron Rodgers – I would say 1b
    Drew Brees – Without a doubt
    Derek Carr – Huh? 4th best in the NFL? Playing favorites here? No chance…
    Russell Wilson – Should be #4 I believe

    Matthew Stafford
    Philip Rivers – These 3 are about equivalent. And I don’t think any are top 6.
    Matt Ryan

    Cam Newton – No way is Cam top 10 right now. He should be 13ish.
    Jimmy Garoppolo – lol…all I gotta say about that. He is putting Watson, Wentz, and Roethlisberger outside the top 10 for a guy that started 5 games last year, he is insane. Putting his brother at 3 is proof that this list is just an opinion to bring up controversy.

  27. Of course the rest of the team has an impact on how well any player performs. That is the nature of TEAM sports. To single out Roethlisberger as benefitting from this and ignoring the same standard for the other quarterbacks is just plain silly on Carr’s part.

  28. David who? What has this guy ever won to be taking shots at Big Ben? Not a Steelers fan here (go Brady), but I’d put Ben on a list of my top 10 QBs any day….

  29. David Carr??? Seriously?? Who cares what his opinion is about his peers. What has Carr accomplished so far? He couldn’t shine Big Ben’s cleats, and likely will never put up the lifetime stats and accomplishments that Big Ben has. Anyone that puts Stafford, Newton, Garoppolo and Carr (lol) above Big Ben has questionable judgement.

  30. Worst list ever. It has everything. Mediocre quarterbacks, nepotism, and guys who haven’t done anything yet. I’m not a Ben fan and might not have him very high, either, but the scandal here is not listing Carson Wentz. Does Carr even watch football?

  31. Ben was playing well before Antonio Brown was there and before LeVeon Bell was there. In fact he won 2 Super Bowls before then and got to another when AB was a rookie I believe.

  32. Of course he has his brother in the top ten, but the truth is, his brother is no better than he was and maybe is even softer. What a joke. David should get tested ASAP with this list.

  33. He’s obviously taken a few too many hits to the head.
    Any list that has Carr, Cam, and Jimmy over Ben is flawed.

    Tomlin has the winning record and a job because of Ben.

  34. The fact that he excluded Roethlisberger and Wentz but included Garoppolo simply negates his whole opinion

  35. Philip Rivers over Big Ben now that will ruin any credibility you had in opening your mouth!

  36. Age old question if the QB makes the WR or the other way around. Of course Mike Wallace did squat after he left Ben, Sammy Coates & Marcus Wheaton were at least close to average with Ben but caught 11 passes combined last year with the Browns & Bears. Martavius and JuJu were immediately successful. Let’s see what Jordy does in Oakland without Aaron Rodgers this year. Ben might be slipping but come on now.

  37. David Carr took a lot of hits to the head as a QB. It shows on this list.

    Neither Derek Carr nor Garoppolo are top 10. Not even close.

  38. Big Ben carried the Jags to a playoff win handing them 14 points on a silver platter going one and done as a home favorite no less.


    Another faux Steeler fan who needs some new material written for him to post.

    Who is David Carr and how many Lombardi’s has he won?

  39. Clyde Bruckman says:

    June 27, 2018 at 7:49 am

    Derek should be #1, easily
    Nice new username Joe, you should be tested.

  40. That’s odd, no Kirk Cousins?
    You’d think a QB worthy of the largest guaranteed contract in the NFL would be able to crack David Carr’s top 10 list.
    I mean, both Rodgers and Stafford did.

  41. Laughing at all the outrage over an opinion that was obviously skewed so he wouldn’t get killed by his mother when he went home. Also laughing at the Browns fan who doesn’t know the difference between David and Derek Carr.

  42. whatisntperformanceenhancing says:
    June 27, 2018 at 10:56 am

    Who’s David Carr? Is silly to say. It doesn’t matter what he’s done. This was his OPINION. Too many angry people.
    True, but those railing against him are also offering their OPINION.

  43. As a Ravens fan no one hates the Steelers more than me. But to have ANY top 10 QB list that does not include Ben is ridiculous. Carr, Stafford, Newton, JG ahead of Ben? Laughable!!

  44. Here is another Carr question. Take away the top two offensive skill player threats (AB & LB) from anyone on the list he created 1-10.

    Only player that does not sink like a stone is Brady … and that is because he has Belicek scheming for him.
    Watch AARON, Brees, etc. when they loose their go to guys. Stafford when he lost Megatron. What if Ryan loses Jones. Look at how far Wilson has dropped without his goto Skill guys … did they even make the playoffs?

    I cannot fathom how Carr came up with his picture. I see nothing that comes close to making sense

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