Le’Veon Bell optimistic about a deal with the Steelers

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Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell believes he can work out a long-term contract with the Steelers before training camp.

Asked on NFL Network if he’s optimistic that he’ll be there for the start of camp, Bell answered, “Yeah.”

“It’s a business,” Bell said. “The people in the organization try to do what’s best for them and I’m trying to do what’s best for me. We’re working on it. We’re a lot closer than we were last year at this time, and that’s what I’m happy about. But none of that matters if we don’t get it done. So hopefully we’ll try to get something done. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I’ve got confidence we’ll get it done. I want to do it.”

Bell said he might end up signing the franchise tag, as he did last year, but he’d prefer to have a long-term deal. If he signs the franchise tag he would hit true unrestricted free agency next year, as his college teammate Kirk Cousins did this year.

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  1. They’ve got to sign him at this point right? I’d imagine plenty of teams could get into a bidding war and be happy to pay this guy whatever he wants or more if he becomes unrestricted

  2. Man, I hope the Steelers really screw up their cap & pay him the 12-14 million a year he’s asking for!!!

  3. I’m guessing that bell has played this perfectly and on purpose. Had he accepted a long term deal from the Steelers last year, his 2017 and 2018 salaries would have been nowhere near what they are under the franchise tag. Now that it has played out this way, he knows his ability to get paid BIG money per season is very unlikely…by any team quite frankly. So I think he’s tried to maximize a 2 year massive money window and now it’s time to cool his jets and settle in for some long term security considering the real market for backs is nowhere close to what he’s been touting. I think he’s been smart and played it well

  4. For as great as he is, I hope they do not pay him. Last year was unique because he wasn’t injured. That’s a rarity with him. Too much money for one player with too many carries already.

  5. Why would he admit to his willingness to eventually accept the franchise tag offer? That’s an interesting way to negotiate. Maybe he’s fine with the franchise tag but is politely letting them know he won’t be there for training camp without a long-term deal?

  6. Wishful thinking. No team with any amount of sanity is going to pay him what he wants. Plenty of players think they should be paid way more than they are. It doesn’t mean they are going to get it. If they do get it, it means they are going to a bottom-feeder team and within the first month they’ll be whining about one thing or another.

  7. The ‘Deal’ is this:

    He’s an RB who wants QB money. Sorry, it won’t happen, unless maybe Dan Snyder takes a liking to him.

  8. Maybe he’s optimistic about a deal with the Steelers and another running back but any possibility of a deal with Bell is long gone. Steelers are stuck with this diva until they can figure out a way to unload him and all his unnecessary garbage/baggage.

  9. Can’t wait until the Steelers make the right move and dump this team cancer next year. Then some crap team like Miami or Oakland will over pay for him. He’ll pout and cry because he’s not running behind a good line anymore and he’ll be exposed to the rest of the league how much of a team cancer he is.

  10. To all you nay-sayers that have hopped off the Bell train: I’m sure a SB MVP will change your minds.

  11. Talent comes at a cost. His cost is too much. He needs to come down and the Steelers have to protect themselves from the “Devil’s Lettuce Suspension”. One suspension for pot and another for not showing up to test. Ability is moot without availability.

  12. I’ve never seen so many grown men root against a young guy who wants to provide as much for his family as humanly possible. The shelf life in the NFL is short, as professional sports is a business where guys retire in their 30s. Why wouldn’t you want to earn as much as possible at all costs? The logic behind rooting against these players is kind of weird.

  13. The term lockerroom cancer is so overblown, especially in professional sports. Players usually root for players in contract negotiations, so I doubt this has a negative effect on his teammates. With that being said, Bell isn’t the product of a great offensive line, his vision is second to none and his patience is extremely rare. Call Le’Veon what you want, just don’t lie on his character (he’s a really good person) and please be real about his skills.

  14. Keep doing what your doing Le’Veon, they’re disrespecting you with their low ball offers. Just wait until the last minute to sign your franchise tender like last year so they see who’s really in control. Then next year you can sign with a team that shows you respect.

  15. Everyone in this situation it seems but the fans understand this is a pure business situation. All the usual emotional fan responses on here is typical. Bell and Cousins really handled their free agency as business men. The caulculs is simple. Sign the long term deal the team offers, wait for them to agree to your number, or if all else fails sign a one year tag that pays $14 million this season. Yes there’s an injury risk but even so he still walks away with $27 million. Strictly business people. Stop making it so personal.

  16. The franchise tender is fully guaranteed, so you could really stick it to the Steelers by pretending to be hurt after the first game. Tell them you hurt your leg so they don’t overwork you. Save yourself for your next team who shows you respect. They still have to pay you all your money because its fully guranteed.

  17. Arizona’s GM Steve Keim needs to hurry up and extend David Johnson to a new contract before the Steelers set the market n over pay Bell, cause u know he aint signing for less than $13-$14 Million after all the nosie he’s been making.

  18. camsbiggestfan says:
    The franchise tender is fully guaranteed, so you could really stick it to the Steelers by pretending to be hurt after the first game. Tell them you hurt your leg so they don’t overwork you. Save yourself for your next team who shows you respect. They still have to pay you all your money because its fully guranteed.

    Brilliant plan, except if there’s nothing wrong with his “leg” team doctors will easily be able to diagnose it, as would any neutral third-party doctor. The Steelers could then petition to have the remaining portion of his guaranteed tag money rescinded on the grounds of fraud.
    On top of two illegal substance suspensions, combined with his ridiculous salary demands, he’d be untouchable by other teams if he were exposed trying to sandbag his current team with a fake injury.
    Your genius plan would do nothing but further sabotage an already tattered reputation, and quite possibly his career.

  19. Steelers nix Bell deal; sign Eddie Lacy as free agent.

    Why not Pack fans? You always said he was the better of the two.

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