Raiders plan to give Ryan Switzer a bigger role than he had in Dallas

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The Cowboys talked up Ryan Switzer when they used a fourth-round pick on him in 2017. But he never found a role in the offense, which prompted the team to trade him to Oakland in the offseason.

“Just the snap of the fingers and your world gets flipped upside down,” Switzer said, via Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area. “It is the nature of this business. I’m understanding that. Ultimately, I realized that everything happens for a reason. I’m here where I’m supposed to be and happy to be here.”

Switzer played only 92 snaps on offense and 133 on special teams. Buried on the depth chart behind Cole Beasley, Switzer managed only seven targets with six receptions for 41 yards.

He returned one of 29 punt returns for a touchdown but had a costly special teams fumble in the loss to the Rams in Week 4. He averaged 8.8 yards on punt returns and 25.0 on kickoff returns.

Switzer could get more chances on offense with the Raiders this season.

“Ryan Switzer has really caught my eye,” Raiders coach Jon Gruden said, unprompted. “Switzer has come in here and not only been a punt returner, kick returner, he’s come in and been a force as a slot receiver. He’s really done well.”

16 responses to “Raiders plan to give Ryan Switzer a bigger role than he had in Dallas

  1. Wasn’t a great Punt Returner for the Cowboy’s last season, cost them the Ram’s game with that Fumble, but he was great in College, so who knows?

  2. Gruden likes guys who have an element of toughness to their game. In this situation, can Switzer make tough catches and absorb punishment in the slot? Will only find that out when the pads come on.

  3. It’s the Cowboys and Rams. You’re not talking about them possessing something. Seems like half of America missed out on apostrophe day in the 2nd grade.

  4. Switzer will come in as the 4th WR. Coop,Nelson and Bryant occupy 1 threw 3.Chucky will use Roberts as a trade before regular season begins.Switzer will battle for the KR and Punt return duties. All in all a Low B High C grade. Good job John Chucky Grudon

  5. If Bryants situation really is resolved then please cut Roberts.

    Everyone knows he should be gone but for some reason the Raiders are keeping him around.

    I have a ton of respect for Roberts, had a few clutch catches and won a few games singlehandedly for us, but its clear he hit his ceiling as a player and his mistakes the last 2 years have cost the team and out weigh the few good things he did.

    Cap # + recent history and production = Cut

    Theyre not gonna get any meaningful pick trying to trade him so just let him go already.

  6. The reason Gruden sign this guy is because hes been tracking him since college. I remember wat hing a MNF game and Gruden wouldnt shut up about him. Saying “this guys could return anything”

  7. What’s left unsaid is that during the offseason Cordarrelle Patterson was needlessly traded. This despite the fact that in 2017 Patterson performed very well on ST’s and also was an asset on specialized run-plays on offense.

    There’s no question in my mind that Switzer is a huge downgrade from Patterson. But then who can dare question the reasoning of a “coaching genius” like Gruden? (who himself was a downgrade from Del Rio)

  8. I thought Cordarrelle Patterson had a good year in ’17. I think he was let go because of his inability to memorize a playbook, which has been the only knock against him anywhere he has been.
    Gruden is anal about that. I hope Switzer flourishes in Oakland, and I hope Patterson does well too.

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