Von Miller feels he has at least 10 good years in him


Von Miller spent most of last offseason in San Francisco, working with Frank Matrisciano, whose nickname is “Hell’s Trainer.” He returned with 6 percent body fat.

The Broncos linebacker has trainers across the country — everywhere he travels — plus chefs who prepare his meals, including at home, and recovery specialists. He began hiring “gurus” after 2013 when he was suspended the first six games and then tore his ACL in Week 16.

“Before, I honestly felt like a rock star,” Miller said, via Nicki Jhabvala of The Athletic. “I’d just show up and I’d do what I do. I didn’t really train in the offseason. I just felt like, ‘Yeah, I play football. That’s just what it is, but I’m doing all this other stuff.’ Then I tore my ACL, and it really knocks you down to reality, and my perception changed and my priorities changed. I wanted to get back and I wanted to grind and get back to a level that I was and surpass that. I knew my nutrition and my training and all the other stuff that all the other guys do to help me get ready, that’s some of the stuff I needed to do. It started with a chef and training and now I’ve created this whole lifestyle.”

Miller, 29, has shown no signs of slowing down. The Texas A&M product had his sixth career double-digit sack season in his seven seasons since the Broncos made him the second overall pick.

His peers voted him ninth in NFL Network’s Top 100 players list.

“I feel like I can get 10 [seasons] in me. Maybe even more,” Miller said. “I’m just going to take it one year at a time and see what I can do.”