Christian Kirk expects Sam Bradford to start the opener


The Cardinals have said it without coming right out and saying it: They expect Sam Bradford to begin the season as the starter. It’s why they signed him in free agency.

The Cardinals drafted Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick as the future. The question is: How quickly does the future come?

“To be honest, just with what the coaches have said and just the way it’s looking, I’m pretty sure Sam is going to start,” Cardinals rookie receiver Christian Kirk told NFL Network. “But you never know. Training camp provides a lot of opportunities for Josh to go out there and show what he can do as well. I think either way, if Josh were to start Week 1, I think they both put us good position to go out there and win some football games.”

By all accounts, Rosen had a good offseason. Bradford’s injury history makes it likely Rosen will see the field at some point this season, one way or the other.

“Both Sam and Josh have looked really good,” said Kirk, the Cardinals’ second-round pick from Texas A&M. “Just being able to learn from a veteran like Sam, seeing what he’s seeing and just kind of getting on the same page with him.

“Josh is a rookie as well. We’re kind of both figuring out and seeing new things and just finding little ways to get better. It helps a lot with us being roommates as well.”

9 responses to “Christian Kirk expects Sam Bradford to start the opener

  1. I still say Josh Allen will have the best career of the 2018 draft QB’s and also has the best chance to be the starter for his team week 1.

    Josh Rosen seems like the type that will pout if he isn’t starting week 1.

  2. To early to tell. The new coach is under a lot of pressure to win football games. I’m absolutely sure he’s going to put the best quarterback in his stable on the field on day one. That person maybe change in his mind numerous times between now and the opening day of the regular season opener.

  3. Josh Rosen has looked excellent all off-season long, picking up the playbook/offense a week after receiving the playbook and running with the first team offense all-thru OTA’s and Mini-Camp. That said I think Sam Bradford will start the season as well, on the field when healthy he is a very good QB and will have a lot of weapons to work with including arguably the best RB/WR in the NFL in David Johnson giving him a top 3-5 rushing offense. However, I think Josh Rosen will take over as the starter by week 4 to 6, kind of like what the Rams did with Goff or the Giants with Eli. Which will be good for him shortening the season a bit for him to more what he’s used to and will allow him to learn what all goes into an NFL Game plan and game week. With Bradford on the roster there is no need to rush him.

  4. Christian Kirk > any Seattle WR not named Doug Baldwin

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