Deshaun Watson: Injuries happen, no need to change what I do

Getty Images

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson was off to a great start before suffering a season-ending knee injury last year. This year, he says, you’ll see the same Deshaun Watson on the field.

Watson, who was in Virginia for a football camp, told the Daily Press that he bounced back just fine from a torn ACL in college and thinks he can do it again without changing his style.

Injuries are going to happen,” Watson said. “I’ve dealt with this injury before as a freshman. And I played the same way I did the year before. There’s no point in switching up the routine. I’ll stay prepared and stay fit throughout the year, not just in the offseason but throughout the season. I do what I do. I don’t want to change anything that got me here.”

Watson described his knee as feeling “real good” and suggested that he’ll be ready for the start of training camp, and easily by the start of the regular season.

“I’m very excited. The offseason program is very, very good. Everyone came out healthy. Everyone came out successful and better. It’s a better team and a more competitive roster,” Watson said.

That’s music to Texans’ fans’ ears.