Jets LB Dylan Donahue has DUI hearing on August 9

Getty Images

The Jets will play their first preseason game of the year on August 10, which may leave linebacker Dylan Donahue at risk of missing the game.

Donahue was arrested in Billings, Montana last year on a DUI charge and a hearing on that charge has been set for August 9. Rich Cimini of ESPN reprts, via the Billings City Attorney, that Donahue is required to appear at that hearing and that would likely impact his availability for the next night’s home game against the Falcons.

Two motions from Donahue’s attorney will be heard on August 9. One asks for the results of a field sobriety test to be set aside due to “improper and unlawful seizure and arrest” while the other argues evidence obtained from “all questions of drinking alcohol prior to a Miranda warning” should be suppressed.

Donahue was arrested on another drunk driving charge this year when he crashed into a bus while going the wrong way through the Lincoln Tunnel. Donahue checked into a treatment facility after that arrest.