Josh Norman, Demario Davis distribute supplies to immigrant families in Texas


Many have been affected by video and audio of immigrant families forcibly separated at the border. A pair of NFL players have done something about it.

Via Courtney Friedman of, Washington cornerback Josh Norman and Saints linebacker Demario Davis stuffed backpacks with supplies and distributed them to immigrant families in San Antonio on Wednesday.

“You see kids on television get detained and how they are getting detained, and you want to come in and give a little bit of relief to those families,” Norman said. “We’re not going to be able to help everybody but somebody, we can brighten faces and that matters. That means something.”

It’s easy for people to say they’re too busy to get involved in situations like this. But Norman has a simple solution for that.

“You find the time when it’s something that’s most important to you,” Norman said. “You try to carve out that time to go do it.”

Kudos to Norman and Davis for doing it. Here’s hoping they inspire others to do the same.