Josh Norman apologizes for Amari Cooper rant having been duped by Jonathan Allen

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It seems Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper has every reason to be confused about Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman blasting him following a game between the two teams last September.

Norman was incensed at Cooper and his Raiders teammate Michael Crabtree for supposedly bragging about how much the duo was going to be able to do against Washington’s defense. However, Cooper was flummoxed as to what exactly Norman was ranting about after the game.

I don’t know where he gets that from. As long as I’ve been here, I’ve never bragged before or after a game,” Cooper said at the time.

It appears Cooper had every right to be confused. Norman told NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney on his “Glass Case of Emotion” podcast that a teammate conned him into thinking Cooper and Crabtree had made boisterous claims they never made. Norman said it was a Redskins defensive lineman than went to Alabama that told him of the comments Cooper and Crabtree never made. The only player that fits that bill is Jonathan Allen.

“Basically, I found out that he lied to me about the whole thing. So I’m like, ‘He didn’t say all that?'” Norman said, via Mark Inabinett of

Norman said Allen replied: “Nah, man. I just really wanted to win, man.”

For Norman it was the equivalent of disparaging water to Bobby Boucher.

“You don’t come up in here and say what you’re going to put up on somebody,” Norman said after the game last year. “Two hundred yards? [Crabtree] didn’t catch two balls. He only caught one, huh? So please, whatever you do, do not run your mouth if you’re a wide receiver and expect to show up on Sundays, because I’m telling you, we are here and we are waiting. Don’t come out here and tell me what you’re going to do. Show me. You’re going to have to run through me to get that.”

Norman apologize to the Raiders fan that brought up the topic on the show.

“I felt bad I couldn’t take it back,” he said. “So I’m apologizing now to you.”

19 responses to “Josh Norman apologizes for Amari Cooper rant having been duped by Jonathan Allen

  1. Not the worst thing. Same as what it seems Doug Pederson did before the super bowl, telling his team how belichick and kraft were talking crap to the eagles before the game. You can see how incensed lane johnson was and still is by it, so even if it is utter BS it’s not the worst technique if it makes your team play with more fire.

  2. This is actually kinda funny. Norman was motivated by fabricated ‘bulletin board’ material from one of his teammates. The Redskins secondary completely shuts down Cooper annnnd then talks some trash afterwards. All fine and dandy. There’s nothing wrong with Norman’s response after the game whatsoever. If Norman played for whatever team that you support fan wise then you’d be cheering Norman’s trash talk. Seriously who wouldn’t? He’s everyone’s kind of player at that point. What’s great about this whole story is that Norman apologized after finding out that the ‘bulletin board’ material was fabricated annnnd completely untrue. I applaud you Mr. Norman for doing the right thing and being a stand up guy. What’s even more brilliant here is how Allen pushed Norman’s buttons to extract the desired result. Sneaky? Sure. Evil? No. Genius? Without a doubt!. Belichickian? Duh! Allen probably should pursue coaching after his playing career. That’s leadership. At the very least it’s motivation of men on the battlefield that we fans affectionately call ‘the gridiron’. Nobody is a bad guy here and all is well in the end. This story completely encapsulates why we all love the weekly one on one battles of NFL football. The regular season can’t get here fast enough!!

  3. This shows a couple things. He’s mature enough to admit a mistake and apologize. He’s immature enough to easily get in his head.

  4. I couldn’t think of a better place for this over-rated, loud-mouth, piece of trash to cement his legacy as yet another on the list of Snyder’s over-paid free agents.

  5. What Allen did to Josh Norman? Vince Lombardi did that to all the teams he coached all the time. This is typical athlete talk to motivate each other.

  6. Jon Allen already better at coaching and motivating than Jay Gruden. And after another losing season Snyder needs to look for a MOTIVATOR to coach the Skins. Jay Gruden is Vanilla Pudding soft and just as Bland.

  7. Here’s an idea. How about let your play on the field do you talking for you and keep your mouth shut off the field. At what point will these grown men ever realize their childish ranting makes them seem less immature than a six-year old.

  8. lol. Josh Norman was on the field, PLAYING IN THE GAME. He had a front row ticket to the Raiders’ anthem protest. Do you think he didn’t notice something odd about the way the Raider’s were playing? Especially the OL.
    The WRs looked like they weren’t even TRYING to get open, let alone trash talking lololol.
    What game we YOU watching?
    Josh Norman is ALL PRO, for FUXAKES!
    My guess is he was EMBARRASSED for the Raider OL, it was so obvious what they were doing.
    Cris Collingsworth called the Raider Offense out on tv for their awful play during the broadcast. More than once.
    Hudson muffing 3 snaps in the first half?! He hasn’t muffed 3 snaps in his entire career. 4 sacks in the first few drives? Against THAT OL?
    No way.
    To me, Norman was trying to justify the final score (which should have been 70-0, according to Collingsworth) by making it seem like the WRs were trash talking.
    If the Raider WRs said ANYTHING before the game, it was likely something along the lines of “Yeah. We’re going to lay down this game because we’re mad at Trump. Bon appetite”.
    If that wasn’t enough, Von Miller saluted the Raiders OL after that Refskins game. Then, the next week, the Broncos broke Derek Carr’s back. Marshall Newhouse the turnstile lookin down at Carr, writhing in the field in pain, all “You hurt, bro?” Disgraceful. I couldn’t watch their Trump protest. How far were they going to take it? Ending Carr’s career?
    Anyone who watches game film saw what they did. Including Jon Gruden. It seems to me that it was obvious to Josh Norman, too. He was just making an alibi for his “RESIST” brothers on the other team.
    As a Raider-Lifer of 40+years, I’ve seen some very disturbing things. The immaculate Reception. The Rob Lytle fumble. The SnowBowl. The Super Bowl loss to Gruden. The Jamarcus Russell era. Countless draft busts, etc.
    However, NOTHING hurt as bad as watching them throw that game.
    We had the game on at work, in the lunchroom. Everybody was shocked at how deliberate the Raider OL’s intention was.
    I didn’t watch much football after that game for the rest of the season.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Gruden starts to dismantle that OL. He’s a game film FREAK. He knows what happened too GUARANTEED.

  9. Everyone has a different take on this but mine is that it only shows how gullible and dumb Josh Norman is, and that anyone can tell him anything and he’ll suck it right up.

  10. Sheesh, Curtis Crabtree, you couldn’t find even one comma to use in that headline?

  11. nomesayin we went into that game 2-0 the team was buying into their own hype. They got their asses handed to them by the Redskins nothing more. They were routinely outcoached last year the defense improved immediately after Pagano replaced KNJ, and they could have hired the OC off of the local HS Football team and would have shown improvement over Downing’s defense.

  12. I pray that Josh Norman will develop turf ego and be out for his career. This is a clown without much talent and does more to harm his team than to help it. At this point, he can’t cover a blade of grass, natural or otherwise.

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