Mike Glennon still feels like he’s “living the dream”


At this point last year, Mike Glennon was in the first months of a three-year, $45 million contract and preparing to open the season as the Bears starting quarterback.

Glennon lasted four games in that role before Mitch Trubisky took over the job and the Bears cut Glennon loose this offseason. He signed with the Cardinals, who also signed Sam Bradford before trading up to draft Josh Rosen in the first round.

The biggest quarterback question in Arizona is whether Rosen will make the same early move into the lineup that Trubisky did last year. Glennon’s question is whether he’ll be playing at all, but he said the change in circumstances hasn’t left him down in the dumps. Glennon said “you have to keep everything in perspective and realize I’m still living the dream” while doing what he can to be ready to play if needed.

“That’s what I feel like I’ve done over the past few years, always prepare and be ready for that opportunity,” Glennon said, via the team’s website. “When I was the backup in Tampa, it never really came. You just never know. I know Arizona has had that come up a lot recently. You have to go in with the mindset of, ‘I have to be ready to go.'”

It remains to be seen if Glennon will be on the 53-man roster in Arizona, although Bradford’s injury history likely works in his favor as the team would probably want an experienced player behind Rosen. That role probably won’t lead to another shot as a starter, but, as Glennon noted, things could be a lot worse.

26 responses to “Mike Glennon still feels like he’s “living the dream”

  1. He’ll be living the dream the rest of his life with the guaranteed money he got from the Bears last year.

  2. Of course he’s happy, I would be too. Glennon is getting paid millions of dollars to be a back-up QB, which entails a lot of doing nothing on the sidelines come Sundays while collecting game checks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per week, id be elated if I was in his position.

    Arizona wont be getting rid of him, Glennon is one of the top back-up #2 QB’s in the NFL and he doesnt cost much, he gives Arizona a good veteran backup behind QB Josh Rosen going into the future. He wont start this year. Either way I think Josh Rosen will be starting by week 6 at the latest whether Bradford goes down or AZ decides to insert Rosen into the line-up, Glennon will be backing up all season. Next year Bradford will be gone and it’ll be just Josh Rosen and Mike Glennon.

  3. With the Bears, he looked absolutely terrible. That game at Green Bay, he dropped a perfect shotgun snap, and then proceeded to kick the ball directly into the waiting hands of a Packers linebacker. It was an old-school NFL Bloopers highlight reel.

  4. hawkkiller says:…
    I bet he is extra happy, he is getting paid to be 3rd string so there is no chance he has to show his talents

  5. Starter by week six behind the worst offensive line in the league. Iupati is their best player and hasn’t been healthy since the year before he left the niners. Get ready for “Glennon incomplete to Fitzgerald…Fitz was wide open downfield.”

  6. Mike Glennon’s claim to fame…..pushing out Russell Wilson as starter at NC State because they didn’t want him to transfer lol. So DangeRuss just went over to Wisconsin and took them to a Rose Bowl.

  7. kamthechancellor says:
    June 28, 2018 at 4:57 pm
    Starter by week six behind the worst offensive line in the league. Iupati is their best player and hasn’t been healthy since the year before he left the niners. Get ready for “Glennon incomplete to Fitzgerald…Fitz was wide open downfield.”

    You have Arizona’s line confused w/ your Hawks O-Line , which actually is the worst O-Line in the NFL. Duane Brown is decline, Germaine Ifedi ranks as one of thee worst RT’s in the NFL and is another draft bust by Schneider, DJ Fluker ranks as THE WORST pass blocking OG in the NFL & ranks 60th of 78 overall via PFF, Ethan Pocic their starting RG ranked 76th of 78 OG’s ranked and Justin Britt is coming off the worst season of his career at Center posting a pathetic 66.9 rating. SEA has a Bunch of real winners up front.

    If Mike Iupati hasnt been healthy since he left the 49ers then please tell me why he earned All-Pro honors just a few seasons ago with multiple Pro-Bowl berths and has ranked in the top 10 two of his 3 seasons in AZ among OG’s?? He had missed two games up until last season. Arizona went out and signed OG Justin Pugh who ranks as a top 5 linemen at OG both run blocking and in pass protection. LT DJ Humphries is one of the top young up and coming LT’s in the NFL ranking 5th vs the run among OT’s and is excellent in pass protection as well yet to allow a sack at LT. A.Q Shipley is average and might get beat out by rookie Mason Cole and RT Andre Smith is average and ranks as a top 15 ranked run blocker, AZ has two good young RT’s behind him who might beat him out to.
    Arizona’s offensive line is light years ahead of SEA’s, two of Arizona’s O-Linemen rank among the best at their respective positions possibly 3 with Humphries back as opposed to ZERO for SEA. If I were u i’d worry more about SEA’s pathetic run game (1 rushing TD by a RB last year) & offensive line, with those scrubs up front SEA’s backs are likely to end up injured again, like always. Pete Carroll might be better off with 5 potted plants set up in front of Russell Wilson, atleast they would provide some resistance as O-Linemen would actually have to run around the potted plants as opposed to running right thru SEA’s pathetic offensive linemen.

  8. He’s better than some of the #2’s in the League and all of the #3’s. But I bet he would like to be playing instead of holding the clipboard.

  9. Rosen is the third best quarterback on the roster, but the Fraudinals will feel compelled to start him when Bradford twists his knee getting out of bed in the morning. Good thing for the Fraudinals, Josh’s #1 quality is durability and toughness…er wait, he’s actually soft and injury prone. (Ask his own coach Mora who cited Darnold for his toughness and not his own qb, or any predraft quarterback scouting report.) But eventually Glennon will get out there to throw balls five feet over Fitzgerald’s head.

  10. NFC West Standings for 2018
    1. Rams. Ahead of the rest of the pack.
    2. Cardinals. Beat the Seahawks with their 3rd stringers in Seattle last year, and only improved during the offseason.
    3. 49ers. Jimmy G and this improved roster shows promise. They still have some roster deficiencies though.
    4. Seahawks. Worst offensive line in the league. One of the worst secondaries in the league. The talent positions are depleted, and the defensive line is weaker than usual.

  11. Mike Glennon’s second claim to fame…..leading the Seahawks by 100 at half in Seattle before they woke up, stormed back, and snatched the W.

  12. The only better gig in the world than a 2nd string NFL QB is a 3rd string QB. No risk. Big reward.

  13. jackedupboonie says
    Mike Glennon’s second claim to fame…..leading the Seahawks by 21 in the first quarter, and having a passer rating of 123.5. Again, Seattle’s defense was overrated, even at its peak.

  14. Nice to have him available if required… Remember it was not too long ago when Palmer was out, Stanton lasted a few games, and then AZ was searching for a 3rd stringer that didn’t work out too well.

    They learned from their mistakes then, and having 3 good QB’s to turn to in case it might be required, is a wise organizational structure.

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