Brandon Scherff remains in line for a huge deal

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With Jaguars guard Andrew Norwell and, more recently, Cowboys guard Zack Martin cashing in, another established interior offensive lineman remains in line for a new deal of his own: Washington guard Brandon Scherff.

As explained by Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post, Scherff is the next guard to get paid big money. The only question is when.

Currently eligible for a second contract, Scherff will make $705,000 this year. His salary will spike to $12.5 million next year, the fifth-year option.

Washington presumably could get Scherff under contract more cheaply by doing it now, and it will undoubtedly get more expensive the longer the team waits. At some point, they could find themselves back in another year-to-year franchise-tag dance, like the one that just ended with quarterback Kirk Cousins leaving as a free agent.

It could make the most sense to pay him after 2018, but for a top-10 pick who has thrived through three seasons, it seems at least a little unfair to keep him south of seven figures for his fourth NFL season.

17 responses to “Brandon Scherff remains in line for a huge deal

  1. Wait till season is over…..what if he has a career ending injury???
    OR get a clause in there that protects them from that & go ahead & extend him

  2. Unfortunately the Washington team impersonating the Redskins has a horrific and weak offensive line. This will be fun to watch as the fraud Alex Smith, a man who has a long career of doing nothing of substance, will get pounded and won’t last the season. This offensive line also cannot run block. This will make the woman running back the Redskins drafted look like a complete joke.

    Remember – I was a fan for this team for 47 years – I have divorced them and want them to fail so miserably that they finally get rid of that ridiculous coaching staff which can’t open the season on the positive side and who conducts camp snowflake so that the precious sweethearts don’t get injured (until they melt under the pressure of the regular season).

    I want the real Redskins back. I want these clowns gone.

  3. A quick glance at their cap figures from overthecap says the Redskins have 13+m and 12+m projected in ’18 and ’19 respectfully.

    It may be time to get a deal done now as it doesn’t look good next year without some cuts or restructures which I won’t hazard a guess at who and what.

  4. lewsblues says:
    June 29, 2018 at 6:55 pm
    Florio at it again (spending other people’s money) … BIG money for ALL!!!

    I’m surprised your comment made it past his mods. Well done sir, well done!

  5. It’s grossly misleading to pretend that Scherff’s total compensation for 2018 is “south of seven figures”. In reality, the signing bonus paid up front can be viewed as being spread over the life of the deal, which is why people refer to “average annual value” for contracts. Scherff’s AAV in his rookie deal? About $5.3M. That isn’t chump change, and is reflected in his $6.75M cap hit (probably the fairest way to think about player compensation).

  6. Regarding earlier posts…Trent Murphy is a defensive linebacker who now plays for the Bills.

    The Skins O-line is not great. They are decent at pass-blocking (quick-releasing Cousins made them look better in that regard). They aren’t very good at run-blocking. Part of that may be due to Gruden’s lack of attention to the run game.

    They probably won’t rssign him, as Snyder always seems to covet other teams’ players over who the Skins drafted.

  7. Not bad for a guy who couldn’t make it as a tackle. Fifth overall pick is outrageous for a guard.

  8. Scherff is going to get paid an insane amount of money for a starting OG, likely more than Norwell got being that Scherff will look to make more as the new highest paid OG in NFL History. Looking at what these OG’s are making AZ got a huge steal signing 6″5-311pd RG Justin Pugh due to his back sprain last season. Pugh ranks as a top 5 OG both in pass-pro n run blocking and AZ is only paying him on AVG $9M per season on a 5YR/45M$ deal with an opt out option built in after 3yrs when he turns 30 if they wanna move on, and he was Pro Football Focus 4th highest rated Free-Agent and 2nd highest rated OG in F/A behind Norwell. I’ll take that deal anyday over paying Guards $65+M Dollars, players are getting paid an insane amount of money in this era of NFL Football.

  9. They will sign him. Highly considered one of the best in the league (top 7) at the position. Also was projected to play guard in the NFL not tackle. He played tackle at Iowa because he was the best lineman on the team actually they moved him around while there. This years running game will benefit from Alex Smith and his ability to move around in the pocket and his ability to make something happen with his feet after the play breaks down and having a couple really good college backs who are young. Injuries played a big factor in the o-line performance last season.

  10. They will try to stretch it out as long as possible then have to franchise tag him then he will leave next year as a free agent because they do not want to tag him again. That’s sounds like Washington to me.

  11. He was a top-5 pick who plays hurt and has gotten better every year. Of course he will be expensive.

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