Tim Tebow named to Eastern League all-star game

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It’s not exactly like the Heisman Trophy, but Tim Tebow has another honor to put on the mantel.

According to Ethan Sears of the New York Post, the former NFL quarterback was named to the Eastern League All-Star Game, the top accomplishment of his baseball career so far.

The 30-year-old Tebow is hitting .261 for the Double-A affiliate Binghamton Rumble Ponies (which is a way worse name than his first pro team, the Denver Broncos).

The former quarterback could end up getting called up at some point, if only because the Mets are bad and could use some help selling tickets. Tebow has been a steady draw in the minors as a curiosity, so who’s to say that might not earn him a ticket to the show.

18 responses to “Tim Tebow named to Eastern League all-star game

  1. Good for Tim. The guy got a raw deal from the NFL. He takes his team to the playoffs and can’t even get a backup job the next year. I would love for him to make the majors and get a ring.

  2. Of all the things there are to like about this guy, his ability to leave his politics out of his athletics might be the thing I admire the most.

  3. Well, obviously that All Star Game is nothing but a mere popularity contest.
    I like Tebow (though admittedly I can’t stand his delusional fanbase) but with his numbers? That is a complete farce.

  4. I loved Tebow, but I cant help but be skeptical of how the higher ups want to his him to sell AA tickets. How often does that level of baseball get a cash cow like Tebow

  5. Tim’s a good man. As a fan of the Mets since 1975, I wish the best for him (I would wish the same even I wasnt a Mets fan).

    Also, If Tim brings in a few extra bucks for the league based on who he is….so what? Being able to hit above league average in AA, even if baseball is your entire life, isnt easy. Lets give the guy a little credit.

  6. His batting average is 33rd in the Eastern League. Given the number of positions on an all-star team it shouldn’t be too surprising he was named. Here are some other numbers. In 211 ABs he has struck out 88 times, good for second highest in the league. He’s in the 30s for OBP and Slugging Pct. Not all that impressive but good enough to be an All-Star in the Eastern League.

    Still, those numbers aren’t impressive enough to warrant a call-up to AAA or even the Majors. I can’t wait to see how many times he’d strike out against AAA pitching.

    The former quarterback could end up getting called up at some point, if only because the Mets are bad and could use some help selling tickets.

    That’s the only reason he would be called up to the Mets.

    All you Tebow worshippers commence to downvote this comment.

  7. Tebow is a good guy. His fans are mostly delusional.His performance doesn’t even come close to earning a spot in an All-Star team. But we have known for years performance has just about nothing to do with earning all-star honors.

    Some guy up top said he got screwed by the NFL. No he didn’t he stunk. He had countless chances to prove himself after his one shot performance with Denver. If he had actually been what his delusional fans claim he would have been able to do it again and again and again. He never even got close.

    Case closed, but the media and delusional fan freak show goes on.

  8. ^^^^ Can he file a collusion lawsuit against the NFL though? That’s my concern. I don’t know…maybe I’m being delusional as you so elegantly put it.

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