Baker Mayfield’s big year continues with engagement


Baker Mayfield has had a good run the past few months.

He won the Heisman, led Oklahoma to the College Football Playoff, became the No. 1 overall draft choice and now has topped it off with his engagement.

Mayfield, 23, asked girlfriend Emily Wilkinson to marry him. She said yes. Sort of.

What is that?” Mayfield asks her while posting video of the ring in his Instagram story, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“You did good,” Wilkinson said.

“Did you say yes?” Mayfield asks his fiancee.

“Yeah, I think I did, right? she responded, laughing.

The Browns quarterback later posted video of the proposal with a caption reading: “Can’t wait to do life with the most perfect girl, Emily Wilkinson, I love you.”

He also posted a photo of the ring and captioned it, “Love of my life, Forever.”

20 responses to “Baker Mayfield’s big year continues with engagement

  1. It’s exciting for them but it’s just so young. Marriage is not easy but if able to really love and commit to it, then they will make it. People bail when things get tough—and relationships and marriage has a lot of tough times. Best of luck to them tho

  2. shes gonna leave with half in 10 years max. he is gonna do something stupid like run from the cops (again) and she will move on to someome who isnt a total meathead

  3. if he does bad as browns QB “which i hope” im tyrod taylor and josh allen guy those he revery too his partying ways and rub his wife the wrong wiay ans he parts way with him and his FOOTBALL SLIDE STARTS?

  4. His accomplishments and engagement are nullified by having to play for The Browns. As far as getting engaged, three generations ago, age didn’t matter. I will not judge him for this because I know nothing about their relationship except I’d tell him that half of all marriages end in divorce even when they start with serious commitments.

  5. Can’t believe all the negative comments from you idiots. Not every woman is a gold digger looking for a free ride. I wish them well and hope it works out for them.

  6. I think I would hold off on saying “yes” until he shows some more maturity. He has a very quick temper,and hasn’t been afraid to show it,even on national TV. I would not lock myself in on marrying him just yet. He’s done some really stupid things in the recent past. Just my female perspective…

  7. two kids, divorced in four years when she catches him in an affair with Mary Kay Cabot. Or a Browns secretary. Will call her his perfect girl and love of his life.

  8. Wait until your career is close to the end…well maybe go a head you do play for Cleveland, you’re already close…

  9. Not a good sign when you ask your gf to marry you and her first comment is about her satisfaction with the ring you are giving her.

  10. Derek Jeter developed the relationship blue print for pro athletes. Date tons of hot chicks until your playing days are over and then settle down with a supermodel and raise super children while still being young enough to have the energy to be a dad. Not to mention making all prospective bedmates leave their cell phones in a basket as they entered. The guy was a genius.

  11. Most marriages fail because of money issues. So throw that 50% out.

    When we had no money in the beginning, it was a challenge but a good challenge (one I was used to). When we eventually had a lot of money and when the familiarity /contempt thing started in we worked it out and continue to do so.

    I’ve never worried about money. I can work my way out of anything. Been doing it since 9th grade. I remember being poor but we were young and learned so many of life’s survival tricks, including saving money instead of needed shiny new things.

    Now we can have whatever shiny new things we want but we don’t get them. Like my depression era parents. They became very wealthy but you never would have known. Made me earn my lunch and clothes money from 9th grade on. Learned all about flea markets (for clothes) and saving. Dishes, lawn, garbage, shoveled the driveway and so on. Today’s kids are so entitled, I dare not predict the future. But I bet that divorce rate goes up. Can’t have two entitled people lasting too long.

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