Browns ready to replace LeBron James as King of Cleveland

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LeBron James is gone and forgotten in Cleveland.

The King announced Sunday night he’s leaving the Cavaliers for a second time, this time joining the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent on a four-year, $154 million deal. (Art Modell only left Cleveland once.)

The Browns hope to fill the void James leaves.

“@KingJames if you don’t want to take your throne with you I’ll take it,” Browns defensive end Myles Garrett wrote on Twitter, via Nate Ulrich of the Beacon Journal.

“@KingJames thank you for all you’ve done for Cleveland! Much Respect King!!! #cleveland,” Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey tweeted before adding, “Time for me to take the throne! #kirkoland.”

“Time to take over the city . . . #WeUpNext #DawgPound,” Browns free safety Damarious Randall wrote.

Despite their 1-31 record over the past two seasons, the Browns have generated a buzz with their offseason moves. Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry are among the new faces looking to help the Browns become something other than a punch line.

29 responses to “Browns ready to replace LeBron James as King of Cleveland

  1. Gone? Sure.

    Forgotten? Never.

    And nothing the Browns could or would ever do will come close to changing that. LeBron is the only reason Cleveland has had any sort of lasting positive sports significance this century.

  2. I’d play for the Pirates (born there) or Yankees (grew up there) and never look back. I wouldn’t sign with any other team, regardless of who wanted to or drafted me. It happens all the time in baseball. I still know quite a few at or near the top in baseball and had a reunion recently and some guys flat out say don’t bother, I’m going to college or I want to play for X team.

    Of course you can go the Junior College route and get drafted 5 plus times. The message gets there. I know plenty of guys who hand picked their teams.

    You gotta have some serious potential or be a left handed pitcher. I will never get the love affair with LHP’s. Never was, never will, be impressed. Any RHP with 2 sliders and a change should eat up and spit out lefties.

    Sorry about the baseball rant but this started as basketball, so it’s a free for all…

  3. This guy has ruined basketball with his me first egotistical attitude and team hopping. I will be first in line to say good riddance the day he retires. Michael Jordan will always have more class and be the better player.

  4. The QB who draws four victories from the stone shall be the new King. So it is written, so shall it be…

  5. justbegbaby says:
    July 2, 2018 at 4:43 am
    So sick and tired of him. He always bails on his teammates, hops from team to team looking for an easy ring, and will never equal MJ.

    He already has. Much better player – much. And what, 8 straight finals? With no teams? MJ had 2 HoFers surrounding him. LBJ did not (we’ll see about Miami). MJ did nothing until his teams were stacked. LBJ does it when his teams aren’t stacked. MJ did not go to 8 straight finals in 2 different cities.

    And bailing on his teammates? Come on. Dan Gilbert never built a team around that guy. That is the team bailing on him. Plus his “teammates” were purged mid-season. That called the business.

    And great players, great competitors, should seek to be at the top of their sport. Otherwise, I don’t really want you. For every Joe Thomas there are 100 players who want to play for the ring. I don’t bust a guy for that. And I was born in Cleveland – and raised in Chicago. MJ isn’t even the GOAT among players before LeBron. Russell has 11 rings, Kareem scored more points etc etc.

  6. If the Cleveland Dog Piles played 19% of their defensive possessions with any effort they’d be ahead of the fraud LeBrick James who routinely played 18% of defensive series from start to finish. He was so bad as a defensive player that he’d stand and watch the other team and when their player went to the basket, LeBrick would just look for a rebound (to pad his stats) without expending any effort to challenge the offensive player.

    You’d be surprised how bad LeBrick is if you actually started logging his plays and seeing the outcomes.

  7. The Indians are a playoff team with the reigning Cy Young winner, and a budding superstar at shortstop. I think the Browns are on their way to being much improved, but the Tribe is on top of Cleveland sans Lebron.

  8. People can think/feel what they want but my personal take…

    LeBron is the GOAT for the soft NBA. Nurf NBA. So soft they have to abbreviate everything because spelling their name is like… hard and stuff.

    I don’t know…. it seriously may be just literally be me and me only but even though Michael Jordan retired 20 years ago, when I hear “Chicago” I still “sports think” of Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

    The greatest thing about Cleveland was Bill Belichick. He even flipped sand at Art Modell for LeBroning (Or is LeBron Modelling?) on the city long before the fans found out. So Bill Belichick was fighting for you Cleveland sports fans behind the scenes as you booed him on Sundays. So in a weird way you probably deserve this sports abandonment.

  9. To say LeBron is forgotten in Cleveland is just plain stupid. He isn’t and never will be.

    There is a void for sure, but he got us a championship. Not taking a shot at anyone else but I’d wonder if another city that went 0-4 in championship play would have like to have gotten one victory?

    2016 was huge and will NEVER be forgotten. The Browns have always enjoyed being the big Dawg in Cleveland, but they have to win something to be truly relevant again.

  10. I mean… LBJ is LBJ and that’s ’nuff said. BUT, with that being said, if it weren’t for MJ’s father passing, he would not only have been in 8 straight Finals but he would have WON 8 straight Finals. LeBron…. well, nobody since MJ for that matter has ever had to dethrone and get past a team like the Bad Boys of Detroit. Say what you want about GS and SA of the newer age but I would take Isiah, Dumars, Vinnie Johnson, Rodman, Laimbeer, Salley, Mark Aguirre… I mean, the list goes on… I would take that team over any team I have seen in the past 20+ years.

  11. The NBA is unwatchable and has been the entire century. Let’s be real the “star” players in the NBA now wouldn’t be “stars” in the 90’s. A lot of these guys are so bad that what used to be average play back then is now all star level.

    It is nice to see that the new Browns players are showing they’re ready to take the spotlight. It’s also nice to know Miles Garrett went to the Joe Thomas school of “I play for a city, not a ring”. If more players felt that way you would have more parity in sports leagues and less “all about me” contracts to star players preventing GM’s from building competitive teams.

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