Seahawks have six starters left from their Super Bowl win

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When the Seahawks blew out the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, they looked like they had a young nucleus of players who should be able to win more Super Bowls together. But the NFL moves fast, and now Seattle is down to just six starters remaining from the 22 players who started for them in the Super Bowl four years ago.

Kam Chancellor, who revealed yesterday that he’s no longer able to play because of a neck injury, is the latest starter from that championship team to go. He joins Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Clinton McDonald, Chris Clemons, Walter Thurmond and Richard Sherman as players who have left that great defense. Only K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas and Byron Maxwell remain — and Maxwell just re-signed this year, having spent time with the Eagles and Dolphins since leaving Seattle after Super Bowl XLVIII.

On offense, there’s been even more turnover. Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin are the only two of Seattle’s 11 offensive starters in Super Bowl XLVIII who are still on the Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch, Golden Tate, Zach Miller, Russell Okung, James Carpenter, Max Unger, J.R. Sweezy, Breno Giacomini and Alvin Bailey are all gone.

It goes beyond the starters. Wilson’s backup, Tarvaris Jackson, is gone. Lynch’s backups, Robert Turbin and Christine Michael, are gone. In fact, basically all the offensive skill position backups — Jermaine Kearse, Sidney Rice, Ricardo Lockette, Luke Wilson, Derrick Coleman, Michael Robinson — are gone. Important players on defense who didn’t start the Super Bowl — Brandon Mebane, Tony McDaniel, Malcolm Smith, Bruce Irvin — are all gone.

The Seahawks have managed to remain a good team as they’ve lost a lot of good players, returning to the Super Bowl and falling just short the year after they won it, getting to the playoffs the next two years, and going 9-7 last year. But this year’s purge of aging veterans shows just how hard it is to keep a great team together. The days of teams like the 1970s Steelers are over. A great group of players just doesn’t stay together very long anymore.

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  1. It is so hard to keep a great core together in the NFL. Players have short shelf lives and players usually get 1 chance to be mega-paid. Seattle had a great run but their poor drafting the last 3-4 years killed off any chance of sustaining contender status after paying their franchise QB appropriately.

  2. It’s nice to see some shift in power in the NFL….Seahawks are down….The Eagles are up in the East (They were bad a long time), the VIkings are up in the NFC North (The Packers aren’t completely gone yet thou). It’s cool to see the league change.

  3. Most guys with “necks” and “spines” try to come back, but GMs won’t touch them. It sounds like Kam knows that.
    It’s also becoming true for 4+ concussions.

  4. Well, that was short lived. Probably the worst drafting team in the nfl over the last 5 years as well. It’s orobably gonna get way worse before it gets better.

  5. I write this as a ‘Hawks fan. Perhaps the loss of Beast Mode was enough to ensure this team would never be a dynasty but if they had any chance after Lynch retired Russell Wilson killed it with his attempt to extract every last dollar out of the organization with his contract extension. It set a precedent that every other star has imitated.

    Jerry Jones used to tell Tony Romo that Romo could have whatever he wanted; it was up to him how much of a team he wanted around him. Like Brady, Romo took less than he could have while Russell Wilson did the opposite. Yes, this was his right. But for a few extra million per season he has insured that he has no o-line to protect him and a legacy of a single championship. Penny wise and pound foolish. And there is every indication he plans to do it again with the next extension.

  6. In the days of parity and free agency, it makes what the Patriots do year-in, year-out much more impressive.

  7. LOL.
    Sea chickens were the most over rated team of the last 20 years.

  8. These guys were really great. remember what they did to the Broncos #1 scoring offense of all time?

    They also went on to beat the Pats 2/3 games they played as well. Fortunately the Pats one win was the SB. But they definitely had talent.

  9. This is why the Belichick/Brady combo is amazing in this era of free agency and salary cap: to be able to field a contending team year after year and won FIVE Super Bowls along the way!

  10. milkcan44 says:
    July 2, 2018 at 2:55 pm
    Most guys with “necks” and “spines” try to come back, but GMs won’t touch them. It sounds like Kam knows that.
    It’s also becoming true for 4+ concussions.


    GM’s are not frowning upon players with 4+ Concussions, Baker Mayfield had a minimum of 4 Concussions in College including in back to back games and was just drafted 1st overall. Multiple NFL QB’s have had multiple concussions, GM”s start to worry when a guys starts to get repeated concussions in a short time span or concussions w/ symptoms that linger for months. A lot of veteran players have had multiple concussions and are still playing in the league.

  11. Pete Carrol’s response to this article…

    I need MORE gum, get me some gum…

  12. Pay attention Philly…this is the same path you’re heading if you pay Carlson Wince like he won the Superbowl…

    When the obvious smart choice is keep Foles as the starter, since he’s cheap and more importantly you can win with him, and also keep your team depth…but NO!! Philly traded up for Wince and by golly they’re gonna make it work…prove history wrong…#schmucks

  13. After they achieved their #oneringdynasty, it seems like they were stuck chasing the dragon and never able to recapture the lightning again. Bad trades for players who didn’t really contribute for what they traded to get them. You can’t just send your high-level picks off to other teams for 4 years in a row and expect it to yield great results.

  14. That’s completely normal. The Patriots only have six starters from their 2014 Super Bowl team. The Broncos have nine starters from their 2015 Super Bowl team.

    This isn’t your grandfather’s NFL. Change happens quickly.

  15. jeremycrowhurst says: “That’s completely normal. The Patriots only have six starters from their 2014 Super Bowl team. The Broncos have nine starters from their 2015 Super Bowl team.”

    And Denver only TWO players from the same SB XLVIII (WR Demarius Thomas & OLB Brandon Marshall)!!! How come that’s not the story here?

  16. It’s hilarious to me the comments (on this thread and many others) that keep spouting the same so so-called “dynasty” comments. Yes, there were a few of these comments during the off-season of ’14 and the run-up to the second SB appearance, but c’mon! You guys act like our WHOLE fan base was screaming it on every comment thread!
    The reality is the Seahawks were never overrated. How can you call a team which completely decimated the then all-time greatest offense to ever set foot on a pro football field overrated? That’s just pure hate.

  17. Still one of the best Super Bowls of all time, because the rest of the world finally got to see the Peyton Manning I saw every time he played the Patriots. #ChokingHazard

  18. only belichick has his team competitive every year. everyone else blows out the cap for a short run with the superior talent they bought and/or drafted by being lousy and picking first. belichick picks last for two decades and dominates with lesser talent by making a team greater than the sum of its parts. eagles – you’re on the clock to show you can be only the second dynasty of free agency / cap era. they won’t last 18 years, but they can win a couple more and qualify.

  19. I get so sick of people blaming QBs for getting paid. Then don’t have a franchise QB. Russell Wilson is the only thing that has kept this team from being a dumpster fire.

  20. It may have been a short and volatile ride, but man that defense was good for those couple years. I almost feel bad for Hawks fans, but they at least got to enjoy one SB title.

  21. It’s okay. As long as Pete Carroll has his chewing gum and can run up and down the sidelines bent over at the neck screaming at the officials after every play, he’ll be just fine.

  22. 1 SB win, and everyone knows it should have been 2. But in the end, ONLY 1 defense stopped the all-time greatest offense in the SB. The LOB. Never forgotten. Thanks for the memories. Change is a fact of life. We deal with it!

  23. 1 SB win, and everyone knows it should have been 2. But in the end, ONLY 1 defense stopped the all-time greatest offense in the SB. The LOB. Never forgotten.

    I think you have already forgotten, because the Seahawks did not play the Rams in the SB.

  24. I’m pretty sure the Pats went to and WON another superbowl against the Falcons with a majority of new players who weren’t on the team when the they WON the superbowl against the Seahawks 2 years earlier.

  25. What a classic click bait headline.
    What a great roster they put together for that SB.
    I always worried what they would be like when Lynch started to wear down, he was the pulse of that offense.
    The defense was so stout , really gave Russell another thing to Lean on besides Lynch and the run game.
    CUrrent roster? well they gotta lot to prove for sure. The fellow Hawk fans I know realize this and like me know the RAms are loaded ,that the 9ers are much improved And most scary is that the NFC is stacked with talented , hungry teams- it’s uphill battle for Seattle for sure , as a fan can only hope the future is bright. Surely gonna be a donnybrook to see who represents NFC in SB this year. Hawk fans take some flack on these boards , not surprising, every fanbase has some knucklehead posting something that even make their own fans roll their eyes.
    But it’s funny To me to see all the same people race to every Seahawk articles to get their “ one year dynasty” “5-11” “ Pete’s gone “ etc posts in 😂

  26. The Cowpies of the 1990’s were able to stay together long enough to win 3 Super Bowls. Back then it was not as easy to enter free agency for players as it is nowadays. Teams had to give up 2 first round picks sometimes as direct compensation to sign a free agent from another team.

    Since winning the Defensive Holding Gate Bowl, Seattle was lucky to get back to the Super Bowl the next season. There were so many miracle catches versus the Packers in the NFC CG and the onside kick was terribly handled by Green Bay, that it gave people the wrong impression that Seattle was a championship caliber team. In fact, they were so depleted that they did not have TE Zach Miller or WR Golden Tate to throw the ball to in that play in which the Butler intercepted the pass. Russell Wilson was throwing the ball to Ricardo Lockette, who was mostly a special teams player until then. If not for that lucky streak, they would not have reached the Super Bowl. Their luck finally went out at the end of that game.

  27. From the looks of this comment section the Seahawks have made a lot of fans of other teams really sad over the past few years. Besides the Pats, which NFL team has had as much success over the last five years as the Hawks? Nobody. So sorry for your pain, hopefully the mean ole Seahawks give you guys a break this year.

  28. Six starters left from that 2012 draft? And how many fans left from that draft? This place used to be overflowing with loud and rude obnoxious 12ers…Lol Remember all that dynasty talk?…..Boy, it was hard to stomach, but I knew they would fade away soon enough..I imagine them bitter and lonely, trolling the Rams now acting like they were LA Rams fans since 79′

  29. brady2gronktd says:
    July 2, 2018 at 8:55 pm
    I’m pretty sure the Pats went to and WON another superbowl against the Falcons
    I think we can all agree the Falcons just found a historical way to lose a superbowl, just like the Seahawks. If not for Brady’s fumble the league would’ve sold them another one.

  30. I have to give to Sea Hag fans; for even such a brief “dynasty” they became one of the country’s most hated fan bases, mirroring Richard – Cracked Cup – Sherman’s rise to most hated arrogant douche status.
    Now Shermy is like the Sea Hags, a couple-year wonder, fad, flash in the pan

  31. dtroxallday says:
    July 2, 2018 at 3:41 pm
    Their superbowl MVP is a 49er.

    47 28 Rate This
    Apparently 28 people aren’t too sharp.

  32. Now Shermy is like the Sea Hags, a couple-year wonder, fad, flash in the pan

    4x All-Pro

    We’ll see if the achilles injury costs him a shot at the HOF.

    I’m not willing to bet against him, with his work ethic.

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