Seattle still owes Kam Chancellor a pile of money

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There’s a reason Kam Chancellor‘s quasi-retirement post yesterday didn’t include the actual word “retirement.”

Because that would have left a lot of money on the table.

Chancellor sent out word yesterday that he was moving onto the “next chapter” after scans on his neck injury from last year “showed no healing.”

As noted by Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Chancellor has $6.8 million in injury guarantees in his contract this year and $5.2 million next year. His 2018 base salary of $6.8 million became guaranteed in February.

There’s also the possibility of a settlement, as he and the team try to work out some common ground.

That’s what happened with the Bills and center Eric Wood, who was released on May 31 with an injury settlement, after he announced following the season that his playing days were done. The fact that took months would suggest it might be some time before Chancellor is no longer on the Seahawks roster.

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  1. Worth recalling one of Pete the Cheat’s many lies. Kam said yesterday that looking at scans just after the TNF game (Nov 9) had “devastating” news from docs “I could feel my heart drop… the images I saw… one of my lowest points as a Man… to walk away from the game by choice is one thing, to walk away from the game because of the risk of paralysis is another.”

    Yet 8 days later Pete was still insisting to media that Kam had a stinger and was a legit for Hawks’ next game (MNF, Nov 20), leaving his injury status “questionable”. And after finally ruling Kam out on Sat (Nov 18), Pete kept insisting the guy could be back next game, despite all other sources saying Kam was done for the year. Hawks finally IR him on Dec 16.

    This was normal for Pete and nothing compared to the long-term legion of lies to hide Sherman’s MCL injury in 2016, and we’re also still waiting for the NFL to investigate the Hawks’ punter using a visibly deflated ball on Nov 7th 2016.

  2. Hate the Seahawks, but was a fan of his. Great hitter. Enjoy the next chapter of your life, whatever it may be. Hopefully it’s something safer, like golf.

  3. Good for him. He always gave his best and should get all the money owed to him.

  4. Kam is one of my favorite players in recent years. Huge hitter…..reminds me of a bigger version of ex-Colt Bob Sanders

  5. Serious question: Why would a player EVER agree to an “Injury Settlement”? Why not force the team to pay the entire contract, since you were hurt while playing on the field. Why would a player ever agree to less?

  6. I foresee a settlement that allows Kam to retire, get his money still, and give Seattle some cap relief. Doesn’t matter though. Seattle is like 66 million under the cap next season. Pay the man his money.

  7. True big hitters often do have injury-shortened careers because of the wear and tear the hits put on the body. I wonder how people like ed reed made it so long. I wish he would’ve been a giant, but I think we have too many problems on the offense(always have) for anybody on defense to be effective. Add in that the league is kinda getting soft it’s the right time to exit and not sustain anymore damage to the most important organ in the body.

  8. Cheapskate Schneider and Pete “I’ll play ya into a pile of dust” are about as high character as their last backup QB. Pete the Cheat will probably list Kam as a starter, in an attempt to coerce him into an injury settlement.

  9. Matt2calvin…….because a settlement is tax free, federal and state. It’s considered compensation, not earned income. I’d take the settlement. Modestly invested, you could earn handsome residuals for the rest of your life and leave a fortune to your heirs.

  10. skawh says:
    July 2, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    You earned every cent Kam. No need to settle. Best of luck to you. Never forgotten!



    I disagree with you about alot on this site but this we can definitely agree on. Great player.

  11. If I’m Pete Carroll I’m looking at possible upcoming college coaching vacancies next season. His stock is dropping in Seattle.

  12. Teams treat players like garbage by cutting them all the time. Kam needs to play the game and insist he is not retiring. He was always giving his all, unlike that Albatross Floyd for my Vikings, that guy was always whining, oh my ankle, oh my back, oh my leg.. There was ALWAYS something with him!
    Good luck Kam, thanks for the memories.

  13. There was a good explanation of how Seattle will work this from Ken Arthur but what it boils down to is Kam staying on the roster this year due to his guarantee (not injury settlement) and Seattle will be out the full dollar value this year. Kam will end up being IR’ed or something similar to open a roster spot. They can release him next year with a lesser hit. Either way he was a great find in the 5th round and helped Seattle to be a playoff team from 12-16. Kam parts ways on good terms with both sides getting a return for their investment.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get into coaching someday with his leadership abilities. It was a great ride.

  14. bas55abc says:
    If I’m Pete Carroll I’m looking at possible upcoming college coaching vacancies next season. His stock is dropping in Seattle.
    yeah, and Trump won’t win in a landslide (eye roll)

  15. The best safeties in NFL history:

    1. Ronnie Lott
    2. Kenny Easley
    3. Earl Thomas
    4. Ed Reed
    5. Troy Palomalu
    6. Brian Dawkins
    7. Kam Chancellor
    8. Steve Atwater
    9. Rod Woodson
    10. Leroy Butler

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