T.O. announcing details of his HOF plans on Tuesday

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The time has come to find out the time and place of the T.O. Hall of Fame induction celebration.

In a video posted on social media, Terrell Owens announced that he’ll have an announcement on Tuesday regarding “when and where I’ll be having my Hall of Fame induction.”

Of course, the actual induction will be in Canton. But Owens has decided not to attend the formal induction ceremony — which we (or at least I) support wholeheartedly. The real question is whether the alternate induction will happen at the same time the formal ceremony occurs, or elsewhere.

And then the next question is whether the T.O.-only induction will be televised.

The announcement regarding the announcement, according to Owens, can come at any time on Tuesday but it’s more likely to come in the morning.

63 responses to “T.O. announcing details of his HOF plans on Tuesday

  1. Extreme Narcissist Alert!

    I don’t care what goes on in TO’s brain. Why does he think I should care?

    He’s a head case.

    At least he isn’t in a position to harm others.

  2. Some people just never change. I hope everyone ignores his announcement. What an ungrateful, selfish person. Same as he was when playing.

  3. He’s just as desperate to stay relevant as CK and Hillary.

  4. Why would anyone support this?
    He’s a DRAMA QUEEN. Go to Canton. Be humble. Be thankful. Not everything in life needs to be a “statement”

  5. Why would you support this? He’s a spoiled brat. Does every tradition need to be torn down? He’s spitting in the face of every HOFer by not going up there and being a professional. He should have his HOF rescinded and given to someone that appreciates it.

  6. TO belongs in the Massive Ego Hall of Fame, along with Donald Trump and Alex Rodriguez.

  7. I think it’s a bit sad he won’t be there, but he’s always been something of an outlier. I guess if his decision is one he doesn’t end up regretting later, than it’s the right one.

  8. Figures Florio supports this. Another example of how TO just doesn’t get it. He does not deserve to be in HOF.

  9. Can you imagine trying to coach this guy during his playing days? Great talent, goes to the head of the line of diva wide receivers.

  10. Hope it’s not televised.
    But then again these networks will pay for anything.

  11. I loved T.O. as a player and often even found his antics entertaining. On top of that, when he spoke his mind, more often than not he was RIGHT and was not afraid of what would happen when his opinions or statements didn’t fit the cookie-cutter templates that athletes are expected to spout off like well-trained robots. I even understand and agree with his frustration at not being a first-ballot HOFer over reasons that could not have involved on-field play. That said, he should just attend the ceremony. If not to be the bigger man, then to deliver what would surely be an incredible speech and call out all of his detractors by name from the podium. We know he has always been a “me first” type, but HOF induction is truly SPECIAL, and by having his own induction event he takes the shared spotlight away from the other members of this year’s class. Both literally by having a (likely televised) event of his own to inevitably compete with the actual induction ceremony, and figuratively because the majority of the talk leading up to the ceremony will all be focussed on T.O. I am sure that is exactly how he wants/likes it, but just this once he should grow up.

  12. Good for him. Should have been first ballot hof based on the on field stuff.

    media wise, Owens always played ball with the media and put on a show. Seemed like some back stabbing by the media folks, there.

  13. No, Mike, not WE, just YOU. The prima donna should suck it up and do the right thing. This is the highest honor he as a football player can receive. If you ask me, no show, no jacket. I do give a pass on this to deceased players and others that are incapacitated.

  14. I hope he accepts his induction in an Eagles jersey standing on the Cowboys star.

  15. Taking the attention away from the other guys and putting all of the focus on himself. This is exactly what made it hard to induct him in the first place. Whatever plan he announces, I’m sure there will be an attempt to make a profit

  16. T.O.’s Hall of Fame Day Plans:(as written on his Etch-a-Sketch

    Wakeup by 5pm

    5:30- Popcorn Breakfast.

    6:00- Kiss the Tony Romo photo on top of my PS2 and say “That’s my Quotaback”.

    6:01- Stare at the autographed photo of myself for 2 hours saying say “I love me some me”.

    8:00- Prank call the receptionist in the Hall of Fame lobby as Eddie Murphy, lmao.

    8:15- Catch the bus to my stupid Hall of Fame party with my stupid entourage at Chucky Cheese.

    8:45- Slip out the bathroom window and go home play Madden ’04 for 5 hours with my fall guy. I owe him.

    2am- Sit ups in the driveway.

    5am- Pass out to my season 2 DVD of “A Different World”.

  17. Owens deserves to be in the HOF. He does not deserve to have anyone give a darn about what kind of little ceremony he decides to hold for himself.
    You either show up in Canton, or you aren’t really part of the day.

  18. Buffalo Wild Wings.

    Actually what an endorsement opportuinity….Watch Terrell Owens get inducted in Canton at Buffalo Wild Wings with special guest host Terrell Owens.

  19. I care about TO and his Hall Of Fame plans about as much as I care about Colin Kaepernick not playing in the NFL.
    In other words, I couldn’t care less about either one.

  20. This is awesome! I hope he is able to get a network to cover the event and that he gets paid for it! The NFL sells tickets to Canton to keep making money off of these guys names. I hope he also gets Kapernick to give his induction speech! Some of your heads would explode!!!

  21. Being a Hall of Famer is not just about statistics, it is also about what you have brought to the game. T.O. has the stats, beyond that he severely lacks in honor, dignity or class. He doesn’t belong in the Hall.

  22. The hall of fame speeches are boring. No one can argue otherwise.

    Bet this one ain’t. It’s his celebration, he can do it how he likes. Sure, trying to monetize it is kinda questionable, but if it works, this is the future.

  23. Henry Ellard belongs in the HOF. He was the greatest LA Rams receiver and when he retired, he was 3rd in total yards (Rice and Lofton ahead of him). He was a contemporary of Reed, Largent and Monk with more yards and they are in the HOF. And Ellard didn’t exactly play with the best QBs. His career started as a Punt Returner who excited the fans enough to make him a full time receiver several years into his career. Ellard is what the NFL should be about.

  24. Seeing “news” about TOs plans for HOF is almost as exciting as seeing news about Johnny Manziel!! More please! More!

  25. Hi TO,

    My plans are to completely ignore you going forward. Please don’t bother to tell me your plans because you and your act have gotten stale and you are no longer relevant.

  26. T.O. was a million-dollar talent, but he has a ten-cent head. If I were running the HOF, I’d put his bust in there (because he earned it on the field) but he shouldn’t get a ring or a jacket, and his name shouldn’t be mentioned at the induction ceremony. If T.O. doesn’t want to show up and act like a man, then don’t treat him like one. Ignore him completely.

  27. orndorf2 says:
    July 3, 2018 at 10:10 am
    This is awesome! I hope he is able to get a network to cover the event and that he gets paid for it! The NFL sells tickets to Canton to keep making money off of these guys names. I hope he also gets Kapernick to give his induction speech! Some of your heads would explode!!!


    don’t the players do the same to the NFL?

  28. The real reason, as I read in an article, for T.O. not going to Canton is because he’s broke. He can’t afford the $$$ required of an inductee to pay for family and friends’ accommodations, private parties, etc.

    He has like 12 kids with 11 different girls and paying out the wazoo for child support. That’s why he was always holding out for bigger contracts, even after signing a big one with the Eagles a year earlier.

  29. T.O. is broke. Believe it or not there are a lot of expenses incurred by a player being inducted into the hall during HOF Induction weekend. I guarantee T.O announces his own event in which he can charge admission, get some sponsors and make money. I know the guy is an absolute tool but if you were dead broke like T.O., you’d have to at least consider doing the same thing.

  30. If Adrian Beaterson gets in, I wonder if he’ll skip it too.

    Doesnt he have like 18 mouths to feed? That’s a lot of ore dervs for one weekend in Cantonm

    It’s like these sports ball men have never heard of rubbers.

  31. So this is this big news Kaepernicks lawyer (Geragos) announced that would be coming out?

  32. I think Owens is broke. He CAN’T AFFORD TO GO TO CANTON, Live in the Limelight, Pretend that he’s rich & famous. No backers, he’s alienated just about every corporation that he was associated with. His net worth is estimated at $100,000. MY net worth is higher than that.

  33. It’s so cute that ya’ll are so upset and self righteous by this LOLOL
    What do you expect?
    get a grip man

  34. Im glad he is getting in. He earned it on the field where it counts. But is a head shaking shame he has to make such a circus out of it.

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