Workout video of Odell Beckham looks like the receiver of old

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He’s baccccccccck.

As if there was any doubt that Odell Beckham Jr. would return to looking like Odell Beckham Jr., only one video is necessary. Beckham turned the defender inside out in a one-on-one drill, getting wide open before making a one-handed catch with his right hand.

It was impressive.

His representation, Exos Sports, tweeted out the video along with the message, “Okay then @OBJ_3.” Beckham retweeted the video, responding, “We just keep workin.”

As Dan Duggan of The Athletic replied to the video, what else do the Giants need to see from Beckham? Beckham is healthy after returning from a fractured ankle that prematurely ended his 2017 season. He doesn’t have anything to prove between now and the September 9 season opener.

It’s time to pay the receiver as one of the best in the NFL and then put him in bubble wrap until the regular season.

Beckham was shown training at UCLA. Saquon Barkley said recently that he would train in Los Angeles with Beckham, Sterling Shepard and Ezekiel Elliott.

22 responses to “Workout video of Odell Beckham looks like the receiver of old

  1. >.It’s time to pay the receiver as one of the best in the NFL and then put him in bubble wrap until the regular season.

    No, its time for OBJ to show that he has the maturity to justify a huge contract.
    You don’t want to sign a diva who then acts erratically.
    And it’s never time to sign a non-QB who wants to be paid as much as a QB.

    A deal has to make sense for both sides. Otherwise extend him and tag him twice and let him walk when he’s near 30.

  2. It was a nice catch but lots of guys can make one-handed catches when they’re goofing around. I wouldn’t expect that skill to leave him because of a broken ankle. I’m wondering who the defender is. He didn’t look quite NFL-caliber to me.

  3. I wanted to make a snide comment but then I watched the video and that catch…DAMN. Dudes got a knack.

  4. Yeah easy to do in underwear against weak competition.

    Now lets see him look that way in pads, in a regular season game when he has a starting NFL corner bumping him coming off the line and fighting him all the way down the field.

  5. Why does he not use both hands? Great one handed catch running a route against air with no pads on.
    Him and Landry both lose their cool too much IMO.
    Great hands on both of them but there is much more to being a great WR.

  6. Giants fans need to file that one away, if/when Beckham possibly decides to do the Kirk Cousins dance and exit after five years of his rookie deal and a pair of one-year franchise tags.
    They forgot to mention the franchise tag dance in this article, since they do that for almost every player I thought i’d add it for them.

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    Tattoos are fairly mainstream these days. I have one or two and I run very large companies and have to present to boards. It’s no biggie. BUT…for your friend…I highly recommend keeping it limited and don’t get a tribal or a star. Those are just trying to fit in. Get something that will mean something to you 20-30 years down the line.

    Thoughts from a friend from the highway…

  8. Now, onto OBJ. People get excited about the one handed catching. How many times has that come up in his career? Once. That catch does not a “highest paid player in the NFL” make. Wasn’t on the field in 2017. Maybe he should focus on running routes and proving he can drive a team deep into the playoffs. Recent record of great WRs is that they cannot.

  9. Arguably the 4th best WR wants to be paid more than the 3 guys ahead of him, typical of a me first and only guy like Beckham. Not worth that kind of money now or ever given the fact he’s one sandwich short of a picnic.

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