Browns linebacker has “different feel” about this year’s team

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The Browns would like to give the city of Cleveland something to hang onto, now that LeBron James is gone.

And for a change, they might be able to.

Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey has spent the past four seasons in Cleveland, and said the sense of optimism there is different as he enters his fifth.

“Being one of the longest tenured players on the team, I’ve seen the teams come through Cleveland,” Kirksey said during an appearance on the NFL Network. “I’m going on to my second head coach, my third General Manager, my third defensive coordinator, so I’ve seen players and front office people come in and out the building, and this is just a different feel.”

Part of that comes with an honest-to-God NFL quarterback, as Tyrod Taylor just helped the Bills end a 17-year playoff drought, and they have top pick Baker Mayfield there to develop for the future. But Kirksey was also encouraged by No. 4 overall pick Denzel Ward, the cornerback who could lend some credence to a rebuilt secondary.

“Just seeing him on the practice field, he’s like a silent assassin,” Kirksey said of Ward. “He don’t say too much, but when he’s on the field his play is lock. Him being a lockdown corner like I see will give Myles Garrett an extra step to the quarterback.”

If all those new pieces fall into place, the Browns should certainly be improved this season. And in the absence of a title contender, improved is a good place to start.

29 responses to “Browns linebacker has “different feel” about this year’s team

  1. Talk, talk, talk…
    Yeah, that’s what we heard after last seasons 4-0 preseason start…..
    Winning the offseason translated into a 1-31 record when it counted.

  2. They have brought in 10+ quality veterans, and appear to have learned how to draft. They legitimately no longer have a weak unit on the team. LT is the only real problem for them. I expect to see a very competitive team this year

  3. At some point all those high draft picks have to start playing well despite the organizational incompetence. This worked in Jacksonville.

  4. Sigh. Here we go again.
    Listen to these delusional Clowns fans. Same as when the crowned Brian Hoyer as their savior, then drafted Manziel. (Mayfield will be no better, btw).
    Why not just quietly hope to build on something instead of coming out every summer with absurd predictions (and guarantees!)
    Repeat after me:


  5. Mr. Kirksey reminds me of when I was a senior in high school when I got my first car…..a ’74 Matador. I was so proud, no more bicycle or hitchin’ rides. I had finally arrived. Manziel & Kizer were the bicycle and Tyrod Taylor is the ’74 Matador.

  6. kirksey needs to shut his fat mouth. browns need to just win a damn game before he starts spouting nonsense.

    seriously though, if this browns team can’t win at least 4 to 6 games, hue jackson needs to go dammit.

  7. The only weak soot is LT. That shouldnt be a problem for Haley and Tyrod to work around. Mobile qb that does not turn the ball over? We easily are an 8 and 8 team possible 9 and 7 playoffs!

  8. Kirksey is one of the better players on that defense, they weren’t losing games because of him. But their pass rush and secondary play cost them a lotta points last year, so I can see why Kirksey is excited about any improvements to either one of those

  9. Like Jacksonville, you draft in the top 5 for a decade of drafts, you eventually have to be good at some point…right?

  10. Don’t know what the coach is still there for. You win 2 games in 2 years and still have a job. Hope all the genius people in that organization, know what they are doing.

  11. I say this team goes 6-10, is in every game and fires Hue at the end of the season. I read Haslam has a thing for Bill Cowher, who said he would coach once again once his daughters are out of college. I think they just finished up. Dick Vermiel and now Gruden came back after years away, I see Cowher coaching this team next year.

  12. Browns will win some games, maybe 4 or 5, but not make the playoffs. The improvement will continue into the following seasons when Baker Mayfield takes the helm and Tyrod Taylor settles in as one of the better backup QB’s in the League.

  13. When Hue Jackson promised he would “jump” into lake Erie if the Browns didn’t win a game in 2017 what he did he do? He didn’t jump he wade in like a little school girl frightened by cold water. The Browns win 4 games this year only after baby Huey gets fired after starting the season 0-4.

  14. That was not an 0-16 team last year, I don’t care what the record says. That was HISTORICALLY bad quarterback play by the entire Quarterback room. Impossible to happen again because they’re all gone now.

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