Charges dropped in bomb threat case on Gillette Stadium

Getty Images

Prosecutors have dismissed charges against an Attleboro man over bomb threats made against Gillette Stadium due to doubts he sent the message in question.

According to David Linton of the Sun Chronicle, the case against 26-year old Ryan Ringuette was dismissed on Friday. Ringuette was arrested last August while being engaged in a domestic dispute with his then girlfriend, 23-year old Devon LaMarre.

LaMarre has since been charged with lying to police regarding whether she had access to his email account.

“The prosecutor’s job is to find the truth and act on it promptly and ethically, and my staff knows I expect that in every case,” Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey, said in a statement to the Sun Chronicle. “While probable cause for his arrest existed immediately following the incident, it is now in the interest of justice that the charges against Mr. Ringuette are withdrawn.”

The threat in question came from an email account supposedly belonging to Ringuette, who worked for a company that served at the stadium. The account sent an email to Ringuette’s boss saying “(expletive) bitch. I’ll blow that bitch up.”

Charges against LaMarre remain pending, though she has not been charged with the treat against the stadium.