NFL used Third of July afternoon to dump a lot of suspension news

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The Friday afternoon news dump is one of the oldest pages in the politics and public relations playbook: There’s a long-held belief that on weekends, people don’t consume much news, so if you want to put bad news out, you put it out on Friday afternoon, when few people are paying attention.

But even better than the Friday afternoon news dump is the pre-holiday news dump: Holidays are the days when Americans really don’t feel like checking the news. And the NFL took advantage of that on the third of July.

As Americans started leaving their offices for an Independence Day off, the NFL dumped plenty of news about player suspensions. Reuben Foster‘s suspension for gun and marijuana offenses was announced around 3 p.m. Jamon Brown‘s two-game suspension was announced half an hour later. And Aaron Jonessuspension was announced half an hour after that. That evening, word leaked that Julian Edelman had lost the appeal of his four-game suspension.

The NFL has a long history of employing the Friday afternoon news dump, or the pre-holiday news dump. But it’s worth wondering whether that tactic still works: The news dump dates back to the days when people got their news from the morning paper, and Saturday was the day when newspaper circulation was the lowest. In today’s media environment, there’s just no way to bury any kind of news. The NFL can try, but it can’t bury news anymore.

28 responses to “NFL used Third of July afternoon to dump a lot of suspension news

  1. Your tin foil hat is too tight, dude. Who really believes that the NFL had to “hide” the news of Rueben Foster’s suspension by releasing it right before the July 4th holiday? Who would care?

  2. In today’s media environment, there’s just no way to bury any kind of news.
    Sure there is. It happens all the time. News is buried by bigger, juicier news.

  3. This is the “genius” of roger goodell.

    goodell is a public relations executive.

    His performance and ascent in the nfl’s public relations department
    is what got goodell his chance at the big time.

    They are very “trumpian” with “their” news.

  4. Our entire society is based on creating some outrage for reactionary people to focus on while the real dirt happens.

  5. ….or…and stay with me… it could be that they released the news as a “reminder” to stay out of trouble for NFL players prior to the 4th week when nfl players have been known to.. you know… blow off their hands or get drunk and in to trouble.

  6. so the political world ,sports world dumps the “BAD NEWS” before holidays,before weekends to give all those people “family,friends” something to talk about on there days together ?
    LIKE WE ALREADY DON’T have enough to talk about.
    just causes more “drunk” arguing

  7. wahl35 says:
    Tin foil hat, for sure. The NFL doesn’t care about hiding these suspensions.

    It’s not about “hiding”, it’s about mitigating the negative impact of a potentially brand damaging point of information. It’s called public relations, and every corporation in the world has some form of it.

    Anyone who seriously uses the term “tin foil hat” in a sentence these days is a complete moron. Unless of course you believe it was the Russians. Or the aliens. Or the Trump. Or the Alex Jones. Seems you may actually be the victim of something you don’t believe exists.

  8. They could have a suspension lottery that day and make an event out of it. it might be kind of fun to see how many weeks the ol lottery ball will have on it.

  9. The NFL doesn’t care.
    They continue to think they are the money tree and in some ways they still are.
    This monopoly shows greed at its “best”

  10. Or maybe the NFL is just hoping that these cheaters go get drunk and play with fireworks and lose limbs like JPP did. Ya ever think of that? Goodell was thinking…”let the bad news snowball tomorrow on these clowns.”

  11. I love it when people who don’t understand how things work, say someone who does is a fool.
    “Every fool thinks he is a wise man. Only the wise man knows he is but a fool.”

  12. Besides the fans of the players, or teams affected by the suspensions, I really doubt that, very few, if any person(s) care about this kind of news. Maybe the NFL is hiding this news, in a Friday/holiday dump, so the league itself, can save face, over the number of law breakers that these teams employ.

  13. None of these suspensions register a blip on the radar, unless it happens to a Patriot.

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