Addition of Brandin Cooks has Rams excited about their receiving corps


The Rams don’t just like their receiving corps. They love, love, LOVE it.

Los Angeles lost Sammy Watkins, but they added Brandin Cooks. The team expects that Cooks, paired with Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp in the starting lineup, will prove tough to stop.

The Rams also have Josh Reynolds, Pharoh Cooper and Mike Thomas competing for jobs and playing time.

“We’ve got a lot of fast guys; we’ve got big guys; we’ve got guys that can run the third-level of the route, the second-level, the first-level,” passing game coordinator Shane Waldron said, via Kristen Lago of the team website. “I feel good that if any of the guys — the guys that were the starters last year, [and] competing to be the starters again this year — if they get tired, we feel good about those spots and hopefully we don’t miss a beat.”

Cooks averaged 16.6 yards per catch last season in New England. He has 27 touchdown catches in his four seasons. He developed some chemistry with quarterback Jared Goff in the offseason program.

“I think you’ve just liked what you’ve seen overall,” head coach Sean McVay said. “He’s got a great rapport already with Jared, and he feels really good with the receiver group. I think he’s done a nice job kinda fitting into that room and really endearing himself to his teammates. We sure like him as coaches, too.”

14 responses to “Addition of Brandin Cooks has Rams excited about their receiving corps

  1. We were just watching Red Zone Replay and were reminded of how talented Cooks is. Sure, he started a little bit slow for the Patriots, but he really came on and it was such a disappointment when he was traded. All the best to him with the Rams and congrats to the team for being smart enough to grab him.

  2. Saints traded him, New England traded after one season and one quarter of NFL championship game. Might be he’s not the best team guy. Rams are mostly Hollywood lights and a couple of all pros. Coach needs a shave unless he’s posing every game day. Coach of the year was a stretch.

  3. I’ve got a lot of faith in Sean Mcvay, I really do. But Sean Payton has Drew Brees, Bill B has Brady & both of those coaches with HOF QBs sent Cooks away from their teams. Is there something lacking in Cooks ability or just wrong time, wrong place twice now?

  4. The man has some good speed. He often gave up too early on plays and has alligator arms. Why would you think BB let him go. Good luck to him and hopefully he will have learned something.

  5. Go back and watch him in the Super Bowl when he tries to leap a guy and then later runs in circles and gets SMOKED….then you know why the Saints & Pats sent him packing.

  6. Every team loves every last thing about themselves in July, but being early July the dearth of NFL information makes this story somewhat newsworthy.

    At least it’s not some player accused of something real bad when all the fans of rival teams clutch their pearls real hard and insist that if Hitler had a team, then that player’s team would be it.

  7. “Dude got lit up in the super bowl”

    He made 3 of the worst plays I’ve ever seen in that game and it was his own fault he got leveled. The play where he tried to vault over a defender and planted his crotch in the guy’s face was just terrible. The one where he got knocked out running 360 degrees in a circle without keeping his head on a swivel gained no further yardage and got him hammered out of the game.

    He was pretty good in the regular season but that wretched SB performance had me glad that the Pats got rid of him.

  8. Sean Payton let him go, and Bill Belichick let him go. One guy is an offensive mastermind, and the other is the greatest head coach of the 21st century. Cooks moaned and complained two years ago about not catching a ball when the Saints hung 49 in a rout of the Rams. He’s a me guy, he’s a shrimp and he’s overrated.

  9. What anyone has failed to mention is that Goff isn’t a great downfield thrower of the ball. He already wasted a year of Watkins streaking down the field wide open. I bet Cooks won’t be too happy about it, and then the internal problems arise.

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