Jared Allen spent some time with Titans pass rushers this spring

Getty Images

Jared Allen learned a few tricks about getting to the quarterback during an NFL career that ended with 136 sacks and he spent some time this spring passing along what he learned.

The Titans were the beneficiary of Allen’s insight. Allen lives in Nashville now and coach Mike Vrabel had him come in to talk to players after Allen reached out earlier this year.

“Anything we can get around our players that can help us, great,” Vrabel said, via the team’s website. “Having an idea of things he could do to help our team and to help our players, we were able to get him out here and work with some guys in the Phase 2 program where a lot of that is individual drills and position specific development. The more he can be around here and working with one or two guys, I think that is key, trying to do things to help our players improve.”

Linebacker Derrick Morgan called it a “blessing” to learn from Allen after telling teams at the 2010 combine that he tried to emulate the former Chiefs and Vikings star.