Todd Gurley suggests “lockout” to get fully guaranteed deals

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Todd Gurley calls for a work stoppage to get NFL players fully guaranteed deals in a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Asked how players can get what many have called for in recent days after seeing the NBA’s rich get richer, the Rams running back told TMZ, “Lockout. Lockout in a couple of years.”

Many have predicted some sort of work stoppage is coming after the 2020 season when the current CBA ends.

There were players’ strikes in 1982 and ’87, and, in 2011, owners locked out NFL players from March 12 to July 25. The ’82 strike lasted 57 days, with the schedule reduced to nine games, and the ’87 strike canceled one week of the season with three weeks of replacement games before players returned.

Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, a member of the NFLPA’s executive committee, said earlier Thursday that players should push for more guaranteed money even if it means shorter contracts.

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  1. All that collage education for nothing…. A player can strike, and owners can lockout the players. A player can’t lockout…. but as long as they get thier cash while average college educated Americans struggle to make ends meet, all is good.

  2. Ok. Good. Then enjoy your one year deals and moving to every major city in the US because no team will ever sign you to anything more than a year or 2.

  3. it will depend on players giving up signing bonuses. also older players who may have a shorter shelf life at that time will not hold out for fear of not getting a final contract that year

  4. Players would be the big losers with guaranteed contracts. They are probably looking at baseball as their dream but there are huge differences. Baseball doesn’t have a salary cap and injuries are not as big a part of the game as they are in football.

    Sure, there are injuries in baseball but not to the extent of football. And the career ending injury if not as prevalent until players get old. In football, your career can be over on any play as Ryan Shazier illustrates.

    Not to mention, with players would now just claim concussions and retire to collect their guaranteed cash. Be real. You know that would happen.

    The result would be players getting guaranteed deals of 3 or 4 years when they enter the league, then after that it would likely be a new contract every year or maybe every 2 years for any position but QB and maybe kicker or punter.

    The other downside would be, what if you sign a long guaranteed term deal when you are a rookie and by year 3 you are way underpaid? The NFL would have no reason to re-negotiate your deal until it expires. Players always justify holdouts by stating they could be cut at any time and only owed signing bonus, so they have to hold out to protect themselves.

    Now they wouldn’t have that leverage. If you have 3 years left on your deal, why would a team ever renegotiate? The only reaso they do it now is because it keeps up the delicate good faith balance with players. The unwritten code that because players can get hurt and their careers ended at any moment, teams will re-do a deal with a year or 2 left if they are clearly underpaid.

    Looks like everybody would lose on guaranteed contracts except for QBs.

  5. I have a better idea. Why not form a union that actually works to represent the players. No, really, it’s a great idea. Other pro leagues have them. Listen to Todd Gurley talk, and you understand why they need professional representation. The problem with a strike is that it hurts the vast majority of the players. Whether they get guaranteed contracts or not, most of these guys need financial advice. As you can tell by listening to Todd, these guys didn’t all go to Harvard.

  6. Without unions this country would be the equivalent of a third world country. But I wouldn’t expect anybody under 70 to know that.

  7. skawh says:

    Unions are a good thing if you value earning higher wages. Ask a Fireman!

    They’re a good thing if you want a city like LA to be near bankruptcy because they can’t afford the union pensions.

  8. Todd Gurley just proved why he shouldn’t be part of the negotiations. I mean if the concept of what a “Lockout” is escapes you, then you should should support the people negotiating for you and keep quiet.

    For the record, a “Lockout” is when the EMPLOYER bars the employees from the place of business. What Gurley meant was a “Strike”, which is when the employees refuse to work.

  9. Gurley is great as long as no one touches him until he’s 7 yards downfield. But all know that isn’t continuing with that ancient OL. he should take what he can get now while his blockers are still healthy.

  10. I think the better opportunity for the players is to completely remove any kind of tags all together. This will make players true free agents after the contracts and and allow teams to wager for their services. At any rate, they need to fix these contracts! Nowhere else can you just completely rip up a contract like it didn’t exist like NFL teams do today. they have completely dominated the players and their pathetic Union when it comes to these contracts for decades and it’s time for the players to flex their muscles. Start saving your money now dummies so that you don’t go broke after missing just one check.

  11. Can’t compare economics in different sports. NBA plays 82 games with 15 players on roster, NFL 16 games with 50+ guys on roster. One constant is, one way or another, we’re the ones footing the bill.

  12. I don’t think these geniuses understand simple math. Football has 16 games with a 52 man roster. Baseball has over a 💯 games and a smaller roster and basketball has and even smaller roster with what 60 or 70 games. Unless football owners want to start charging fans $2000 a ticket NFL players are never going to get paid like the other major sports.

  13. I can see some modification to the current guarantees but I can’t see the owners going along with this. Those guys better start saving up. I remember watching the strike games in ’87. They weren’t all that bad. In fact, some of them were humorous, like when Bill Walsh rolled out the wishbone offense against the Giants and Parcells and Walsh got a big kick out of it. I’d almost rather watch that than hear the constant whining about money. Many years ago players had to get jobs in the summer. Howie Long made $37,000 his first season with the Raiders. Think about that. Even the league minimum is ~25x that much.

  14. For sports, the Union is better for the owners than the players. without a CBA, there could not be a salary cap(It would be collusion for owners to agree to hold players contracts down). And owners like Snyder and Jones would go buck wild.

  15. Only a lousy employee needs a union. A good employee does well in their life based on their own merits. They don’t need to be propped up by some corrupt entity.

  16. It is about time. The Owners holds all the card, while it is the player who puts their body on the line. NFL players more than any other league needs fully guaranteed contracts even if it means 3 to 4 year contracts. They also need to do away with all tags.

    So fight the power because at this junction, the only side that benefits are the owners. They hold on to a player’s right and the player has no say.

  17. NFL is full of gutless owners. Cut these clowns who think you have to play by their rules. Let them to go to whatever job which only requires a freshman reading level.

  18. I thought head shots were going to shut down the game but that is before I saw the socialist millennial care about ball. Work done to be paid is the only way for the nfl and all business growth. Maybe an insurance policy that mirrors the contract is a smart idea.

    The funny thing is everyone hates trump because he has too much but they want to vote for a government that everyone has equal.
    The funny thing is the one thing that is not equal is the top leader, System, machine.

    Kill your tv.

  19. Michael E says:
    July 5, 2018 at 7:34 pm
    skawh says:

    Unions are a good thing if you value earning higher wages. Ask a Fireman!

    They’re a good thing if you want a city like LA to be near bankruptcy because they can’t afford the union pensions.
    You must be a libertarian.

    Unions are the backbone of this country.

  20. Hope you have a very large “strike fund”……

    Can you say replacement players……and about $2 million lost in his contract…..Gurley will be walking thru the door…..

  21. Between the knuckleheads who make big bucks but don’t save a dime, and the scrubs whose career expectancy is nil, there’s just too many players who can’t afford to miss game checks to strike so that guys like Gurley can get 4 years and 40 million guaranteed rather than 7 years and 75 million with half of it guaranteed.

  22. Unions served their purpose and are now like TV antennas. Not worth much anymore. They got so corrupt they threatened to overthrow the republic. In the 70’s-80’s in NYC alone, there was almost double the cost, sometimes much more to build a building. Who paid for it? You did, and do. All those mob movies make a lot of money, but those guys are so vicious they murdered anyone who didn’t agree with them, or dared try to go around them. They completely controlled the garbage workers union, and I can still recall a strike in the 80’s where the stench and rats in the summer made Manhatten unlivable. Who prospered? Businesses raised prices to pay for it and the only ones who got rich where guys you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, or on the street for that matter. My grandfather started a union in the 30’s. It was a great idea and a great deal, but became so corrupt after his death most the guys are out of work, the FBI sent most of the bosses to jail, and even though I was emminently qualified, I couldn’t even get a job in it. Family and friends only. My grandfather was under death threats when he started it(my dad too). in wonder what he would have thought about his own grandson being shut out with all the qualifications? probably nothing I could print.

  23. In other news, Todd Gurley cut today in a surprise move. He cleared waivers and is not expect3ed to get a look from any of the other 31 teams….

  24. greymares says:
    “Without unions this country would be the equivalent of a third world country. But I wouldn’t expect anybody under 70 to know that.”

    Jimmy Hoffa went missing a long long time ago…if ya didn’t hear.

  25. Players can get guaranteed contracts right now.
    A free agent can say they will only sign a 5 year fully guaranteed contract.
    Teams will come up with numbers that make sense to them, and the two sides can negotiate.

    The players will find the teams lowering their offer by 20% or more, since they are taking on greater risk.
    A player who signs a 5 year 50MM contract under the current contract style (i.e. not fully guaranteed) may only be offered 5 years/40MM. Do you want the security at the cost of making 10 million less?

    Its all supply and demand. If Tom Brady was put into a 25 year olds body and went free agent then many teams would pay him what he wanted.
    If a 26 year old line backer or wide receiver asked for a fully guaranteed contract they would be offered less.

  26. Guaranteed contracts will mean players no longer play their entire career for one team. It will ruin the league as we know and love it now

    Sorry corrected typo

  27. motleytrap says:

    July 5, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    Why are these players begging for a work stoppage? Seriously unrealistic ideas being floated in NFLPA circles.
    Just like the players don’t understand that the SJW kneeling turns the fans off = $$$$$$ lost. I’d love a strike. NFL would be done!

  28. With the players openly talking about striking (as opposed to a lockout) for some time, could the NFL/ owners be helping the AAf and /or the XFL behind the scenes? This way there is a ready made pool of replacement players available. Could significantly reduce the players leverage all the more. NBA more dependent on the star power of its players, the NFL built more on the brand of the team. This time they would have players who are in a system and conditioned. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to see Shane Falco again…

  29. I tend to side with the players, but they have neither the intestinal fortitude nor the fiscal sense to prepare for a work stoppage. The owners know it and just wait it out each time. After a few weeks, they always cave. The owners will throw them a few chicken bones so that the players can feel like they won something and they move on.

  30. Just when Gurley was sounding like an unselfish team-first guy the other day, he comes up with this masterpiece of foolishness. And he doesn’t even understand the difference between a lockout and a strike…
    At a time when the NFL is slipping in popularity, and most fans are increasingly angry at the antics of these players, the NFLPA might be better advised to concentrate on winning back some fan support?!

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