Among NFL roster of officials, 10 are gone from 2017

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The NFL announced seven new names as part of their release of the roster of officials, but they’re putting three fewer on the field in 2018.

The league has lost four long-time referees (Ed Hochuli, Terry McAulay, Gene Steratore, and Jeff Triplette), mostly to television gigs.

But there are six other officials who were on the list in 2017, but aren’t this year.

That group includes the following: Side judge Laird Hayes (pictured), field judge Buddy Horton, line judge Jim Howey, down judge Ed Walker, line judge Ron Marinucci, and field judge Jon Lucivansky.

Among that group, Hayes, Horton, Howey and Marinucci had at least 19 years of NFL experience. Walker had worked in the league four years and Lucivansky nine.

The additions and subtractions leave the league with 121 officials this year, after having 124 on the roster last year.

4 responses to “Among NFL roster of officials, 10 are gone from 2017

  1. Attrition . Happens in all businesses. It’s not like they’ll do any worse than rookie players. Officiating is the worse job in America. They get no respect regardless of a good or bad call. Somebody (coach or player) will not like any call or no call.

  2. Too late the chain of nepotism and the ole boy network lives on. Steratore’s and hochuli’s kids already in nfl over guys that were better and toil in d3 college because they don’t have the connections. Check the relationships of the NFL roster of officials to previous officialss, assignors and commissioners of college conferences.

  3. Some of last years officials needed to be gone. The play is so fast now. To see these older officials stumble around the field trying to keep up with the plays was hard and sometimes comical. Some of the gone guys have been missing calls for several years.

  4. The Truth, it’s Steratore’s brother, not his kid and Tony, his brother, has been in the league since 2000. Gene came in in 2003.

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