Jeremiah Masoli ties CFL record, keeps Johnny Manziel on bench

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Johnny who?

The way Jeremiah Masoli is playing Johnny Manziel isn’t going to see the field anytime soon.

Masoli passed for 333 yards this week in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 18-13 loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. It was Masoli’s ninth consecutive game with at least 300 passing yards, tying the CFL record.

Sam Etcheverrey and Kent Austin also had nine games in a row with more than 300 passing yards.

Masoli gets a chance to break the record July 19 when Hamilton hosts Saskatchewan in a rematch.

He leads the CFL with 1,378 passing yards in four games, though Masoli has only four touchdowns and has thrown four interceptions.

The former Mississippi standout led the Ticats to a 6-4 finish last season after taking over as the starter, earning him a contract extension and the starting job. But when Hamilton added Manziel, it was presumed Masoli wouldn’t keep his job.

Alas, Manziel has yet to play.

36 responses to “Jeremiah Masoli ties CFL record, keeps Johnny Manziel on bench

  1. Manziel signing with the Ticats is the best thing that ever happened to Masoli. He’s getting all this pub for being the guy keeping Johnny Football on the bench.

  2. Only way Johnny Football sees the field is if he is traded or God forbit Masonic gets hurt.

  3. Now it begins.
    Johnny’s frustrated that he’s not playing.
    He decides to hit a six-pack in his frustration.
    The six-pack doesn’t drown his frustration so he gets a bottle of Canadian whiskey.
    The whiskey isn’t doing it so he finds some weed.
    The weed isn’t working so he gets some coke.
    He finally says what the heck, and does the beer, whiskey, weed and coke all at once.
    By the time he’s feeling normal again, he’s lying frozen in the tundra of some barren Canadian province.

  4. I can’t believe that record is only 9 games. Isn’t the cfl a major passing league with a wider field?

  5. Yeah, but still lost the game and only scored 13 points. That’s a lot of yards that really amount to very little. More important stats are – the W and red zone percentage. He may still be better than Johnny, but if points are low, eventually Johnny may get a look. Sure, Johnny’s stats may not be that awesome now, but his play time has been limited. With more time – who knows? Maybe sparks the team? Or, maybe sparks a blunt and gets booted, it is Johnny after all. Point is – if you’re not getting the W, your job isn’t safe. A QB can have pretty average stats, but…if he is great in the red zone…..

  6. Masoli was a good CFL quarterback. I dont think many people actually “presumed” manziel would unseat him just by randomly coming back to football after years. Let alone a different kind of football entirely.

  7. In a league where you only get two downs to make 10 yards, and the field is 110 yards long, I am surprised there aren’t longer streaks than 9 300 yard games. Seems like 300 should be automatic for the better teams.

  8. The bench is a good place for this loser, as much as I would like to see him get pounded on the field. Remember, he stated he is not an X’s and O’s person, so it’s likeky he has not learned the playbook.

  9. He mqy very well be way better than Manziel, but it doesn’t realy matter how many yards he throws for is he’s going to throw just as many picks as TD’s.

  10. Is it really that impressive? Maybe there have been td drops or tipped balls but to put those numbers into perspective if an NFL qb averaged those numbers over a season he would throw for 5,500 yards, 16 tds and 16 int and I’m pretty sure it would be mixed reviews.

  11. Masoli is getting way too much credit. Stats are good but as a QB, he needs to convert his stats to a WIN. I am tired of reading CFL biased folks bashing Manziel & stating how great Masoli is. He is nothing more than Tyrod Taylor right now, pad the stats while playing .500 ball.

  12. Ironic thing is that Masoli has a FAR more checkered past than Manziell… one bust for burglary and another for weed, and that was probably just the surface stuff, because you had to be a really REALLY big problem for the Oregon program to cut you loose during that time period, especially the year after he took them to the Rose Bowl and they would of course go the the BCS Final the next year.

  13. 4 TDs and 4 INTs. If the coaches are happy with that pathetic performance, they should be axed. Yards don’t mean squat. If the TD/INT ratio isn’t 2 to 1 or better, the QB is causing more problems than he is providing any advantage.

    I’d start Manziel if that trend continues.

  14. So, let me get this straight… Masoli throws for 300 yards but only puts up 13 points, no touchdowns, threw a pick that set up a FG, had a fumble that was returned for a TD, all in a losing effort and you are lauding his performance and saying Johnny who?

  15. 4 TD’s in 9 games is like….Flacco territory.

    What’s the point in the yards if that’s the case? That’s like Blake Bortles who gets all his fantasy stats in trash time. (yes I know firsthand, former owner 2 seasons in a row due to “circumstances”)

  16. 4 TDs and 4 INTs (plus some fumbles) in 4 games is holding Manziel on the bench in the CFL? And the Browns took that guy in the first round?

  17. No need to take a knee in Canada. The Mounties don’t kill unarmed civilians and then claim they were afraid.

  18. collectordude says:

    Seriously, does anyone care about the CFL?
    It got your attention enough to read the article and comment on it too, so i think YOU do care about the CFL which is a great league with way less b.s. going on compared to those NFL kneelers.

  19. I mean, they only scored 13 points against a mediocre team, let not act like he’s lighting it up on the field. 4 TDs, 4 INTs and a 2-2 record is not iron-clad job security.

  20. With Trevor Harris starting to play well and James Franklin looking like a legitimate starter, Masoli will have to step up his game even more.

  21. It’s going to be a three-team race between the Ticats, REDBLACKS, and Argos for first in the east so the Ticats will need to ride Masoli.

  22. Hamilton’s first four games was a tough start to the schedule, going against western teams that are perennially better than the east. I think anyone in Hamilton’s management would have been happy with a 2 and 2 start.

    Masoli’s only real fault has been a tendency to choke near the goal line. On the other hand June Jone’s play calling has been suspect as instead of continuing with what got Hamilton there, he tries to get cute.

    Jones has been around enough to know that throwing an ex-NFL QB into a game too early is a recipe for a trashing and a loss of his NFL QB’s confidence. Manzeil may be chomping at the bit, the harsh reality is – he ain’t ready.

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