Lamar Jackson gets one last piece of college hardware

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The fact that former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson won the Heisman Trophy in 2016 but not in 2017 may cause some to think he wasn’t as good last year as he’d been the year before. And that’s true; he was actually better, at least from a production standpoint.

Jackson had more rushing yards and more receiving yards in 2017, but his team didn’t perform well enough to get him back on the Heisman radar screen. The powers-that-be in the ACC didn’t fail to notice. Via the Baltimore Sun, Jackson recently was named the ACC’s male athlete of the year.

Jackson generated 5,261 total yards last season, along with 45 total touchdowns. He exits Louisville as the school’s all-time leading rusher, and he became the first player in FCS history to rush for more than 1,500 yards and throw for more than 3,500 yards in the same season.

He did that twice.

Yet somehow Jackson slid to No. 32 in the draft, with the Ravens — who considered taking him in the middle of round one — jumping back in to make him the last player selected in the first round. The buzz about him has been building ever since, and for good reason.

Lamar Jackson is skilled. He’s exciting. And he brings to a stale Baltimore offense the kind of spark it needs to engage the fan base.

At one point after the draft, one of the sports books set the over/under on 2018 starts for Jackson at 0.5. My non-binding, take-it-for-what-it’s-worth advice was to bet the farm. If you took that non-binding, take-it-for-what-it’s-worth advice, it may only be a matter of time before you have to figure out what to do with a second farm.

26 responses to “Lamar Jackson gets one last piece of college hardware

  1. If he keeps running like he did in college he won’t last, and if doesn’t run he won’t even have the 56% comp rate he had his last two years.
    But I would bet the over on his starts because Flacco stinks.

  2. Both Jackson and Allen will bust in the NFL (as QBs, Jackson could be good as WR) with low completion % in college. There’s no magic formula to get more accurate passing when you can’t even do it against inferior college kids.

    All NFL DBs are faster, bigger & stronger than what they faced in college. Remember, every NFL player was a big star in college too, so no cupcakes to feast on.

  3. This kid aint gonna do nothing in the league. Please stop with all the hype already

  4. NFL is transitioning to more dual-threat Qb’s, pass-happy offenses
    Although that may sound like a contrast both are true

    Many are saying this about Baker Mayfield too, that he’s a bust as in
    Johnny Manzel type a hype

    Traditional Qb’s or pocket passers are still predominant but are on a decline because they’re only one-dimensional
    As to where NIT only can a Mayfield scramble & hurt you, he can get infield, make you miss & take it to the house

    Lamar Jackson can do the same & faster
    He lacks in passing however but when you command a spy as a QB you open up your RB & WR & TE

  5. The Heisman should never be awarded to an underclass man. If they are talented enough as a freshman, they will be as a junior or senior. Manziel and Jackson comes to mind.

  6. You just can’t sweep his low percentage completion rate under the rug. Maybe NFL coaching can improve his technique enough to make Jackson a good pro QB. But as it stands, aside from the running ability, he brings nothing to the party. That’s why he fell to #32.

  7. …me personally thinks that every draft choice, every free agent signing, and every trade looks fantastic in July…my magic picture screen will be much clearer in November…

  8. once this turd starts, the rats with wings will be at the browns feet begging for mercy. and the steelers feet, and the bengals feet. HOORAH!!! NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT……..SUCKA!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lifetime Ban For Kneelers says:

    July 7, 2018 at 10:55 am
    This kid aint gonna do nothing in the league. Please stop with all the hype already

    If I understand your poor grammar… then he is going to do plenty?

  10. Andrew Luck has had multiple NFL seasons of 55% or worse completion percentage, but people act like he’s some elite QB. I wonder why people don’t look at Jackson similarly? Oh yeah, I know why.

  11. Jackson is being hyped because of what Watson did last year. So many people want to seem smart by hyping Jackson over the guys who went top 10. What people seem to forget is Watson missed most of the season. So did Wentz running the ball.

    Injuries are why running QBs don’t dominate the NFL like they do in college. Jackson is thin as a rail like Vick. Vick never started 16 games in a season.

  12. Funny how the people writing this young man off already have never even watched him play. They just can’t stand the thought of a successful black man.

  13. Why does it always come down to race? Regardless of what rookie quarterback is mentioned here a drove of opposing team trolls are going to bash them. Josh Allen, Rosen, and even Baker Mayfield (who is often referred to as Johnny Manziel 2.0) can’t escape their vitriol – and the last time I checked they were all white.

  14. Enough with the race card. To me, Tebow is the closest comparison – eye-popping college numbers in a gimmicky offense, tremendous runner, so-so passer.

    At least Tebow had the size to absorb the punishment. Jackson, not so much.

  15. A little fact:

    Lamar Jackson was a better rusher than the top RB in this year’s draft:

    Jackson had 4,132 yards for a 6.3 average and 50 rushing TDs in his college career.

    Saquon Barkley had 3,843 yards for a 5.7 average and 43 TDs in his college career.

  16. I wouldn’t jump on the over just yet. I think the pre-season is going to really dictate what LJ is going to do this year. The Ravens are in a good position to let LJ acclimate to the NFL for a season or two, depending on Joe (who is healthier than he has been in a few seasons.

  17. Kap and RG3’s failures have nothing to do with Jackson and his potential.

    Not all “running QBs” are built the same. Some other running QBs include:

    Mike Vick, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Randal Cunningham, Steve Young, Steve McNair, Donovan McNab and John Elway.

    So what was that point you were making about QBs that run?

  18. Someone will eventually give him a big trophy with the letters B-U-S-T on it

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