Cedric Ogbuehi feels comfortable in return to right tackle

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When the Bengals drafted tackle Cedric Ogbuehi in the first round of the 2015 draft, they hoped they had a cornerstone for their offensive line for years to come.

Ogbuehi has started 25 games the last two years, but the team’s hopes haven’t been realized. Ogbuehi didn’t impress at right tackle in 2016 or left tackle in 2017, which led the Bengals to decline their option on his contract for the 2019 season and put him back into competition for the right tackle job after trading for Cordy Glenn this offseason.

His attempt to win that job comes under the tutelage of new offensive line coach Frank Pollack, who is teaching different techniques than the Bengals have employed in the past. Ogbuehi said those techniques have helped him feel more comfortable on the right side.

“With this technique, the right side is kind of better for me, using the hands more,” Ogbuehi said, via Jim Owczarski of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “With the old technique, I think the left was a little bit [better]. Coming in at right, at a new position, I felt comfortable. Feeling comfortable is a big part of it. I played it. I know what to expect now. I know a lot; like what to do better than last time. I’m excited for the challenge. I’m excited for camp.”

Jake Fisher and Bobby Hart are also options at right tackle and the Bengals will need whoever wins the job to provide an upgrade over what they had during a 7-9 2017 season.

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  1. What makes him think he’s even in the running for right tackle? He started off his career in Cincy at right tackle. He was total garbage. One of the worst in the NFL.

    Then they moved him to left tackle full time this past season. The position that he was drafted for and played in college. He ALSO said he was more comfortable on the left side. He was still total garbage, again one of the worst in the NFL.

    He should hope that he can even be a backup right guard.

    Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear at this point that he’s a huge bust.

    It appears that he is content with being a bust. He made his money. Follow him on Instagram. Almost all of his stories are him going out, getting ready to go out, alcohol etc. If he actually cared he would be spending the summer training like he’s never trained before. He would be in Cincy working out every day, not drinking, not partying.

    This year is his last chance to show he can even be a backup, but he isn’t showing anyone that he cares.

  2. Ogbuehi has been terrible thus far both at Left & Right Tackle, not playing anywhere near his high 1st round draft pedigree. Perhaps they can try him inside at OG, I just cannot believe the first two tackles chosen in that class both Flowers & Ogbuehi suck soooo bad. 6″5 LT DJ Humphries was considered the most “talented” prospect in that class and a sure top 5 1st round pick in the 2016 draft had he of stayed one more year, but fell in that draft due to coming out 1yr early & getting labeled young and “raw”, which he was. However Humphries is BY FAR the best franchise Left-Tackle to come out of that draft class , he ranked top 5 run blocking among OT”s last year and 12th in pass protection, still has yet to allow a single sack at LT playing on the left side. I think this is the year Humphries put together a pro bowl campaign. Since Ogbuehi cannot play OT they need to try sliding him inside OG, a lot of the time highly drafted failed OT’s end up becoming Pro Bowl caliber OG’s.

  3. Between he and Akili Smith, take your choice as to which is the biggest Bengals bust of all time.

  4. Between he and Akili Smith, take your choice as to which is the biggest Bengals bust of all time.

    David Klingler says Hello.

  5. The bengals drafting him has been a blessing since it essentially got Paul Alexander fired who despite 4 head coaching changes, manages to be the bengals offensive line coach from 1992-2017!!

    Left side, right side, blind side, one thing all bengals fans can agree on is Cedric will end up on his backside.

  6. 513guy says:
    July 8, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    Between he and Akili Smith, take your choice as to which is the biggest Bengals bust of all time.

    David Klingler says Hello.

    Dave Shula says Hello.

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