Report: Brandon Browner arrested for kidnapping, other charges

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Former NFL player Brandon Browner is in trouble with the law again, facing several serious charges.

NBC Los Angeles reports that Browner was arrested today on charges of kidnapping, burglary, false imprisonment and violation of a restraining order.

Police got a call that Browner broke into a home this morning, and when the resident tried to run away, he forced her back in. Police say Browner physically harmed the woman and threatened to kill her before taking a Rolex watch from her and leaving.

The woman reportedly had previously been in a relationship with Browner and had a restraining order against him. Browner spent two days in jail in May for violating a restraining order.

Today’s arrest is at least Browner’s fourth arrest in the last year. In addition to the May restraining order violation, he was arrested on drug charges in October, and he was arrested for making criminal threats in September.

The 33-year-old Browner had a long football career that saw him make the Broncos as an undrafted rookie in 2005, last two years in Denver before playing four seasons in the Canadian Football League, then spent three seasons in Seattle, one in New England and one in New Orleans before finishing his career with a brief stint in Seattle in 2016.

75 responses to “Report: Brandon Browner arrested for kidnapping, other charges

  1. What are they waiting for? Him to kill her before they do something? The guys who think they don’t have to listen to a judge are the ones that are really messed up and will snap eventually

  2. I always thought being a pro football player would be a dream come true and all of your worries disappeared. Then things like this happen all too often. It’s sad, really.

  3. What a moron! Once again, for all the money and fame these guys achieve, they can’t seem to walk in a straight line! No sympathy for a fallen millionaire/jock who lacks the ability to abide by society’s laws!

  4. Lol @ the Seahawks comment. This fools actions in no way should reflect Seattle’s, or any other organization.

    Just like anytime a player does something stupid.

  5. Something is up. How do you go from a long NFL career to 4 arrests in a year? I hate being the guy to bring up head injuries, but it makes ya wonder…

  6. It’s must be the Seattle water…,dude’s a nut job…, get him off the streets before he hurts somebody really bad… smh

  7. CTE right? I mean something other than personal responsibility needs to be blamed.

  8. BroncosCheatedTheSalaryCap says:
    July 8, 2018 at 8:58 pm
    Once a Seahawk, always a Seahawk.
    Well, he played in the CFL. Also for the Saints and the Patriots. Don’t let hatred get in the way of facts. Additionally, this has nothing to do with NFL franchises as much as it does with the individual.

  9. sexyrexy5000 says:
    July 8, 2018 at 9:07 pm
    4 arrests in a year, you would think he’s actually going to do some time
    How many convictions? Or are we doing away with the formality of a trial now?

  10. “And we see the effectiveness of a restraining order.”

    Restraining orders are useless for the perps that need them the most in too many cases. With our today’s technology maybe some kind of shock device if you get too close? Something?

  11. If this article didn’t mention the previous arrests I’d bet lots of money this comments section would be ripe with guys saying she’s making it all up for attention and/or money.

    heck… we might even still hear from those guys.

  12. He needs to have “Felony Theft” added for the $7.75 million he stole from New Orleans in 2015 as the MOST Penalized Player in NFL History! 4 arrests in a year…hope he goes “away” for a few years

  13. The commissioner states that Mr. Browner was at least generally aware that breaking in, abusing the lady and taking the watch was the wrong thing to do.

  14. … At least he got the Rolex back.

    Knowing his luck, it’s probably a Chinese knock-off.

  15. Sounds like the O.J. Simpson deal. She took the watch and instead of letting the system take care of it, he committed crimes and will go to prison

  16. If I had a dollar every time a current or former NFL player lost their mind, I could afford a franchise by now.

    The players are in such deep legal issues today that the make Moss and the Vikings Boat Ride look tame at best.

  17. The players never seem to criticize the bad deeds that their fellow players make that cause them to be affected by the legal system. Granted that Browner is no longer playing but where is the outcry and the shunning of fellow players when they break the law? It just seems so hypocritical.

  18. glclemg says:
    July 9, 2018 at 6:08 am

    Does any of you comedians even wonder if the guy might have CTE related symptoms?

    No I don’t because Browner hasn’t seeked help and there is no evidence he has CTE. What I do know is that has brutalized a former girlfriend who had to seek a restraining order which he has already violated against him. Which by the way is all YOU know.

  19. glclemg says:
    July 9, 2018 at 6:08 am
    Does any of you comedians even wonder if the guy might have CTE related symptoms?

    I’m sure his lawyer will echo these sentiments loud and clear.
    It’s become to go to excuse for any player who runs afoul of the law nowadays.

    Also, pointing out the teams these individuals played for in the past is inconsequential and should never be an indictment on a particular franchise.
    It’s how these franchises deal with problem players while they’re currently employed, that’s what truly matters.

    Minnesota welcoming back and giving a raise to a child abuser was probably about as low as a franchise could go.
    Teams who have the guts to cut these kind of guys loose, or at least, move them along to be somebody else’s problem are the ones that deserve praise.

  20. “And we see the effectiveness of a restraining order.”

    When will people and the media understand that criminals do NOT abide by the law?
    Stop giving criminals the benefit of the doubt and throw them away for as long as possible.

  21. There needs to be a brain damage CTE test while these players are alive. It’s a major reason why they are dysfunctional. We need to prevent more incidences like Aaron Hernandez before they increase. Unfortunately we can’t tell how brain-damaged the players are until their brains are dissected.

  22. knownbutunkown says:

    But yet Kaepernick is persicut for trying to help people smh..

    How does wearing a shirt idolizing Castro help anyone? Same with the pig socks.

  23. officialgame, to be fair most people with CTE never seek help. For one its undiagnosable and two I dont think when you have CTE you are making the best decisions. Which, as you mentioned he brutalized his GF….I dont remember him ever having issues in the past so it would seem like CTE could be a culprit seeing he has been arrested 4 times in a year. It might not be, but honestly this sounds too familiar to other ex NFL players who lose grip of their life and commit suicide only to find out later they had severe brain damage.

    CTE doest excuse his behavior but he might not have much control.

  24. It’s to bad these brain surgeons give good NFL players a bad rap. It will never change.You plant potatoes,you get potatoes.

  25. What a Fool. Given the 10+ Million Dollars he made over his career why in the world is he stressing about one single Rolex Watch? Doesnt he realize he will now be spending much more money on effective Legal Representation to try to get him off the hook? Plus the cost of losing his freedom?

  26. Lock him up for 15 years,he has had enough chances to straighten out and refused to do so preferring to be a gangsta,maybe now the judge will get his message to authorities.

  27. knownbutunkown says:
    July 9, 2018 at 3:25 am
    But yet Kaepernick is persicut for trying to help people smh..


    Yeah because pouting and wearing a Castro shirt is a real benefit to society

  28. 4th arrest in the last year? Proves our judicial system is not functioning properly. Explain the logic of him still being on the street.

  29. seahawkboymike says:

    July 9, 2018 at 11:01 am

    Typical Deflatiot
    He only played one year for the Pats.

    You seemed to forget those years he played for your one year dynasty.

  30. CTE could explain his erratic behavior, but it doesn’t excuse his actions. If doctors can begin diagnosing CTE before players die they may develop a treatment.

    As far Kaepernick has donated over $900,000 to various charities. Not sure why so many of you are obsessed with his clothes.

  31. Brandon Browner probably has CTE or some other mental issues. Same with Kellen Winslow. Its very bizarre to go on these random crime sprees.

  32. Why is this Guy Out of Work? Hopefully this will help his chances of hooking on with Denver, Cincinnati or Baltimore. Perfect fit for all 3.

  33. Guy learned life lessons from Pete Carroll and being given special treatment all his life because he was great at football. Doesn’t translate too well in the real world. The NFL has the rookie orientation. They need to have a treatment program for these guys when they leave the game. They could focus on what normal people have to do to stay out of trouble.

  34. bam5239 says:
    July 9, 2018 at 1:18 pm
    CTE could explain his erratic behavior, but it doesn’t excuse his actions. If doctors can begin diagnosing CTE before players die they may develop a treatment.

    As far Kaepernick has donated over $900,000 to various charities. Not sure why so many of you are obsessed with his clothes.

    2 14 Rate This

    Ariana Grande raised 3 million for charity with a concert…

    They both still hate America.

  35. Hey Brandon,

    Its Jerry Jones on line one. Wants to sign you, says you wouldvfir in perfectly withnthe culture of excellence the Cowboys are developing. Come on, wantbto be one of Garretts Guys?

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