Dolphins see Frank Gore’s age as “irrelevant”

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When it comes to NFL running backs reaching the age of 30, it’s usually the player who tries to convince anyone who will listen that he hasn’t changed. For 35-year-old Dolphins running back Frank Gore, the player doesn’t need to make the case on his own.

It’s irrelevant,” coach Adam Gase has said regarding Gore, via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post. “He’s a different dude.”

Gase experienced Gore in 2008, when Gase worked with the 49ers as an assistant coach.

“It’s been 10 years since we were together,” Gase said. “I mean it seems like forever. The guy looks exactly the same.”

He’s been performing almost exactly the same. While never rushing for more than 1,214 yards in any one season, he has been solid in almost every season, consistently putting together one of the most productive careers in NFL history.

This year, he’ll likely finish at No. 4 on the all-time list, passing Curtis Martin. Two more strong seasons could vault Gore past Barry Sanders at No. 3. Which would leave only Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton in front of Gore, and which would further cement Gore’s spot in the Hall of Fame.

20 responses to “Dolphins see Frank Gore’s age as “irrelevant”

  1. I don’t think of ‘Frank Gore’ and ‘Hall of Fame’ in the same sentence, but I’ll have to say, his numbers don’t lie. Great career.

  2. Makes sense. The NFL is full of solid running backs in their mid thirties. No reason he can’t go another 5 or 10 years.

  3. Sorry Gase but, while Gore’s still good enough to play, amazing for 35, he’s not as good as at 25.

  4. Adam is a really good Coach, but he needs to stay out of the ‘prediction’ business … these stories are great for the fans, they eat it up like ice cream, but they’re a joke really.

  5. We look at age in professional sports in a negative light and I don’t see why. Frank Gore is probably better with his conditioning, preparation, lifestyle off the field and dieting than he was as a 25 year old. Obviously he’s not going to get faster but his ability to avoid hits, lead by example and be productive is certainly a reason to keep him employed.

    I understand Father Time is undefeated but he’s not at that point yet so why rule him out?

  6. A cynic would say the Dolphins have considered talent “irrelevant” this offseason.

    Truly, Gore’s function is to provide veteran mentorship and the occassional breather, pass protection, or short yardage conversion. Anything more is gravy.

  7. Michael E says:
    July 9, 2018 at 9:18 am
    HGH is a wonderful drug.

    This might literally be one of the wackiest things I have ever read. Have you seen his body?
    He looks like your next door neighbor. 5’9″ and 210lbs. He’s not ripped. Not at all. No way this guy does PED’s.
    Frank has just worked harder than everyone else and kept his body in shape. When he was here with my niners there wasn’t a better teammate on the roster. I’d like to see him hang em up as his HOF credentials are already set. I fear this guy will have some pretty bad CTE later in life. No way you can play that many years at RB and not have some bad effects.

  8. “tylawspick6 says:
    July 9, 2018 at 9:21 am

    That team is going to blow. Again”

    At least they won’t cheat********

  9. Good on him if he can continue to be effective. I hope his life after football is not like Earl Campbell’s who can barely walk these days.

  10. It makes sense, but veteran backs tend to really drop off a cliff when the end comes and it sneaks up fast. So planning for a 35 year-old dude to be productive 2 years from now is looking a little bit too far ahead. Also, he’s been consistent and reliable but not exactly putting up many yards per touch the past few years. A lot of this will depend on staying healthy and cheap.

  11. Come on! Gore is at the end of his career. He may hold up if we limit his production to 15 carries a game. His biggest asset is mentoring Drake. It would be nice if the O-line performed and allowed us to produce a 25 to 30 run offense. Sort of like Jay Ajai created. Gore will come in for short yardage plays and get a 4th quarter work out. Remember, if we get pass happy, there will not be enough opportunities for two running backs to get warm – let alone dominate. A porous defense could keep us behind the eight-ball.

  12. Frank Gore is a no doubt a HOF’r. One of my favorite 49ERS of all time and I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. In the Montana/Rice/Walsh days.

    If an organization could put 52 Frank Gores on a roster. That could meet the speed, height, football IQ, passion, leadership and HEART of a Frank Gore at its given position. They would be hoisting Lombardi’s like no other.

    Best of luck to Frank. Look forward to seeing his name in the ring of honor at Levi’s stadium. As well his number retired with his induction into Canton.

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