Logan Ryan doing boxing work with Eddie George to prepare for season

Getty Images

It’s not unusual to hear about current NFL players training with former players as they get ready for a season, but Titans cornerback Logan Ryan‘s choice of workouts with one of the franchise’s past stars is a bit off the standard path.

Ryan converted his garage into a boxing gym in order to work out with trainer Galen Turner, who was recommended to Ryan by Eddie George. The former Titans running back has worked out with Turner for years and has joined Ryan for workouts that George believes will be rewarding for Ryan once he’s back on the field.

“[Boxing] translates to you being on the football field, especially for a guy like Logan,” George said, via the team’s website. “When you are playing the press coverage and jamming up a receiver, knowing where the hand placement goes, which shoulder to go after to get the receiver off-balance and so forth, all that helps out. And from a mental standpoint and hand-eye coordination, it puts you in a different frame of mind, if you will. I like to call it spiritual conditioning. … He’s picked up the nuances of the punches and knowing when to slip and when to dip, and when to lay a combination. It’s now gotten into his muscle memory, and it is fascinating how he is able to mirror the hands with the feet, and it is going to translate well when he goes on the field.”

The Titans knocked a team out of the playoffs for the first time since George was part of the backfield when they beat the Chiefs last season and they’d like to extend their season even further this time. Ryan will play a big role in that attempt and success could lead others to the ring come the 2019 offseason.