Todd Gurley: Rams aren’t thinking about high expectations

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A resurgence in 2017 has given the Rams high expectations for 2018. Running back Todd Gurley says that he and his teammates aren’t paying attention to that.

“We haven’t even really thought about that,” Gurley said during a Saturday visit to #PFTPM. “Everybody looks good on paper, but it doesn’t really mean anything if you can’t go out there and put your team in good position.”

For the Rams, it looks great on paper. Great enough that anything less than a playoff appearance will be a major disappointment. Some expect not just a playoff appearance but a deep playoff run.

The full Todd Gurley interview appears below. Which is a subtle and polite way of saying, “How about listening to it?”

7 responses to “Todd Gurley: Rams aren’t thinking about high expectations

  1. Rams screwed themselves this offseason and here is the problem. They are going to have Goff, Gurley, Cooks, Donald and Peters all asking for about 90-100 million a year in cap space in the next couple of years. With all of the picks they sent away to get Goff, Peters and Cooks… they won’t have a lot of talented players on rookie contracts to replace aging and expensive vets to keep under the cap.

    The Rams fan should hope they win it this year; because they traded away their future for ballooning payments to primadonna for the sake of a 2 year run.

  2. Great players don’t make a great team. They’ll win the West by default because of the lack of any other teams in that division (Yes, like patriots) and then be one and done agian in the Playoffs.

  3. They have invested a ton….. they got a TON OF PREASSURE on them now to succeed

  4. Gurley can bury his head in the sand all he wants… They are gonna feel some real heat if they don’t jump out of the gates looking like a juggernaut.

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