Eric Winston on anthem policy: Solutions coming from both sides are best for game

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The NFLPA filed a grievance Tuesday challenging the national anthem policy imposed by the NFL earlier this year and claim it “is inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement and infringes on player rights.”

The union also said that it went to league before filing the grievance to propose “confidential discussions” with the NFLPA Executive Committee to come up with a solution to the issue that works for both sides rather than moving to litigation. The release from the union says that the league has agreed to proceed with such discussions and NFLPA president Eric Winston said on Sirius XM NFL Radio later in the day that players are hopeful those talks will be fruitful.

“Players are hoping to get together and come together with ownership and find a solution,” Winston said. “I think that’s what’s best for the game. I think when we’ve done that, when we’ve had solutions that have come from both sides, that’s been good.”

Winston said that “unilateral decisions” like the anthem policy have been less beneficial to the game and the league’s current policy hasn’t seemed to satisfy anyone, so there may be some reason to hope that a different approach leads to a different result.

18 responses to “Eric Winston on anthem policy: Solutions coming from both sides are best for game

  1. I have no interest in what players or some union wants. if you aren’t happy with your work rules find another career. You shouldn’t have started this madness in the first place.

  2. “Players are hoping to get together and come together with ownership and find a solution,”

    Hey Eric….Ownership did find a solution. Stand or stay in the locker room.

  3. The players protesting are not that bright. Provide a list of all of the good work and time they have given to their communities and then we can discuss. This is just another whining opportunity about not getting their way.

  4. Remember way back in the day when the fans used to be on the players side on almost every issue? Those days are long gone and they are giving the bird to the few fans left that still support them.

  5. We live in a Democratic country right? Via who we elect we can sway how the country is run (to some extent).

    QUESTION: How many of these whining millionaires do you think actually got their butts off of their, $10k sofas, to vote?

    ANSWER: None to a small percentage. ’nuff said.

    Keep your politics out of sports – the fans.

  6. This protest has not accomplished one darn thing. If anything it has made our country worse by splitting it in 2. So congrats if that was your endgame. Most ill thought out protest in the history of protests. And at this point we know the protest is just because the kneelers don’t like who won the POTUS election.

  7. The CBA and the NFLPA. Doesn’t give the players a leg to stand on. Shut up, take your medicine and play football. Or you can always get a real job like the rest of us.

  8. vashonartist says:
    The solution is to respect the players’ right to protest.

    The players have no legal right to protest on their employer’s time and dime. Deal with it. And please don’t embarrass yourself by bringing up the First Amendment — a concept you and far too many other posters on this site clearly have little or no understanding of whatsoever.

  9. there are less than 1700 football players in the NFL and they want to run the country. that is less than a flea on an elephants ass

  10. Piss off half of the fans, fans spend less money in total, players make less money but preserve the right to protest during the national anthem. Something tells me that the NFLPA won’t like that outcome if/when it happens either. Who’s fault will it be then? The fans? Nope.

  11. Respect the players and their message. They’re trying to make their country a better place.

  12. yeah, because protesting police brutality and injustice is far more important than focusing on your own players who brutalize their wives, girlfriends, friends, etc. Hypocrisy in your brutality and injustice stand is mesmerizing.

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