Hayden Hurst: Ravens QBs trust me to go make a play

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There’s been plenty of attention paid to the quarterback position in Baltimore since the Ravens capped the first round of this year’s draft by selecting Lamar Jackson as the differences between the rookie and Joe Flacco make for an ideal offseason topic of conversation.

The team’s other first-round pick this April notes the differences, but sees at least one similarity between the two quarterbacks. Tight end Hayden Hurst said both guys have quickly gotten comfortable throwing the ball to their new teammate.

“It’s been awesome,” Hurst said on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn. “They both bring different things to the table. Joe has an extremely talented arm. He’s been doing it for years, Super Bowl MVP. And, of course, Lamar brings a whole different dynamic with his legs to the game. Both of those guys can throw it where they want it. They’ll put it up even when I’m not open and they trust me to go make a play. And that’s what I tell them I’m going to do: ‘If you’re ever in trouble, just put it up. I’m going to make a play for you guys.'”

Flacco is the guy who will be throwing to Hurst to open his career and Hurst said the veteran has stressed having “quick eyes” to see where an opening to make such a play might present itself. How long he’ll be catching those passes from Flacco is sure to remain open for discussion in Baltimore, but the volume of the conversation shouldn’t be too loud if Hurst is making plays that help the Ravens win games early in 2018.

5 responses to “Hayden Hurst: Ravens QBs trust me to go make a play

  1. Talk will stay very loud unless Flacco’s a lot better than last year’s 80.4 rating & Ravens 4-5 start.

  2. Flacco’s comfort zone has always been reliable TEs. He’s got a good one in HH. Flacco’s got the targets, it’s a matter of cashing in on his opportunities. We’ll see.

  3. Start the kid. You know what you’ll get with Flacco. 12 for 25, 190 yds, 1TD, 1Int – L

  4. I think Flacco’s going to have a solid year. And I’m very excited that we drafted 2 pass catching TEs.

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