Spurrier wants Shaquem Griffin, if he’s cut in Seattle


Orlando AAF coach Steve Spurrier has whiffed on a couple of quarterbacks he’d like to sign. He now has his sights set on an NFL player, in the event he gets cut by his current team.

Via Jason Dill of the Bradenton Herald, Spurrier said Monday on 96.9 FM that he wants to add Seahawks rookie linebacker Shaquem, if/when he becomes available.

He’d be the first one we’d go after,” Spurrier said. “I don’t think he’s going to get cut to tell you the truth. . . . But, obviously if he did, we’d have a spot for him right there.”

Seven other AAF teams may feel the same way, which raises the question of the manner in which teams from the new league will acquire players. The AAF has yet to provide any details, but it would make sense to have a system that allocates players based in part on where they played college. Under that standard, Spurrier presumably would have dibs on Griffin, who played at UCF.

The AAF will begin playing in February, which means that details on how rosters will be stocked need to emerge, sooner or later. And, presumably, sooner than Thanksgiving, maybe sooner than Halloween.

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  1. Love Spurrier. Spur Dog story – I have some friends that played under him in the 90’s at UF. My friends are playing golf one day, a foursome, and they see this dude stomping around in pink shorts one hole back, for several holes, obviously wanting to speed it up. Finally the dude hops in his cart and drives their direction and they realize as he gets closer that its coach. He pulls up and hops out and says “you boys don’t mind if I play through do ya?” and before they can reply he kicks their golfballs off the green and putts… hops in his cart and keeps driving.

  2. so there’s gonna a dash to stockpile and overpay practice squad players in late October early November to keep them out of the AAF? That or turn around and cut some 3 and almost 4 year veterans and replace them minimum salary rookies/2 year vets all to keep younger players out of the AAF? PFT Staff….Research QBs on P-Squads the last 5 to 7 years in Oct and Nov…..then compare it to what happens this year….There you go guys you can PayPal me for doing your work…..

  3. Yeah because he sucks and Spurrier knows if dude can play on the next level or not smh

  4. I dislike the Seahawks more than any other team but this guys story is amazing so I will definitely be pulling for his individual success. I hope he’s a beast. I hope he makes pro bowls. I also hope Seattle goes 6-10 and sits at home during the playoffs…

  5. “but it would make sense to have a system that allocates players based in part on where they played college.”

    Why would this make any sense? If a guy gets cut in the NFL, then he’s going to look for another team in the NFL. If no NFL teams will sign him, then he should be free to consider any team in any other football league (Canada, Europe, AAF, upcoming XFL, Arena, etc.). Where you went to college should have nothing to do with it.

  6. First off, he won’t get cut. Secondly, if he did get cut another NFL team would pick him up.

  7. Spurrier is a washed-up has been. Is he going to go through every roster and talk about when people that could get cut that he wants them? Pathetic.

  8. The USFL had a territorial draft where they could pick a certain amount of players from colleges in their territory and have exclusive rights to sign them. After that, it went to a normal round-by-round draft.

    I loved it, and think it’s smart. Every year there are college players who complete their eligibility who simply aren’t NFL material but are loved by many fans. Fans who would pay to watch them play in another league. If that league keeps them local, they’ll buy tickets to watch them play.

    The Tampa Bay Bandits were loaded with Seminoles, Gators and Hurricanes, and while they never won a championship, Banditball sure was fun to watch.

  9. I hope the AAF is a success and we can have year round football to counter year round baseball and basketball. Good luck on getting some “players”.

  10. reality is slowly beginning to surface;

    first, nice guy he may be, we are not talking about a high draft choice;

    that usually means the only way he makes a roster is as a premium special teamer;

    there is simply no chance that will happen, any more than he will be able to fend off NFL-calibre guards in time to fill a hole on a running play, much less wrap up an NFL power RB because they simply don’t go down from arm tackles;

    and as for covering the Gronks, Grahams and Ertzes who play TE, that simply won’t happen, either;

  11. I also hope Seattle goes 6-10 and sits at home during the playoffs…


    You mean like the Niners just did?

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