Tuesday’s #PFTPM recaps a surprisingly busy day


The slow time is over. At least for now.

The dead spot in the annual NFL calendar has been filled with a trio of significant story regarding non-football issues. Today’s #PFTPM looks at each of them, in depth.

I also answered every question (I think) posed by the @PFTPMPosse. But only because there weren’t nearly as many as there are during the non-slow time.

2 responses to “Tuesday’s #PFTPM recaps a surprisingly busy day

  1. You equate disrespecting our flag and country while “on the job” during a game ceremony to expressing an opinion on a Supreme Court nominee on a talk show. You surely can differentiate between the two, and if not, you were right to quit practicing law.

  2. Who would have ever thought that the personal behavior of both an Owner and GM of a team could cause such chaos within an organization before the season even starts…??? The hypocrisy from Bidwell for his separation of politics & football commentary, and then using organizational resources for political purposes, will profoundly affect the NFL brand and integrity for years to come.

    And if that’s not enough, the GM is caught “Lying” to the police in an attempt to avoid DUI charges… Again, a huge statement about “INTEGRITY” within this organization, and as a result, the NFL as a whole.

    The topic of CTE certainly jeopardizes the future of the NFL, however, this type of behavior seals the deal.

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