Eddie George gets a portrait of not Eddie George

Getty Images

It’s the slow time, so this one makes the cut. Even if the painting on which the story is based doesn’t make the cut.

Via Jim Wyatt of TitansOnline.com, a portrait of former Titans great Eddie George was unveiled Tuesday night. It was, per Wyatt, painted by Everett Raymond Kinstler, who is “regarded as one of America’s most notable portrait artists.”

And the portrait looks absolutely nothing like Eddie George. Maybe it’s supposed to be an older version of Eddie George, but even then it still doesn’t really look like an older Eddie George.

The look on Eddie George’s face as he poses next to the portrait seems to convey his own belief that, indeed, it looks nothing like him.

Although a Google search reveals plenty of portraits that indeed resemble the person it’s intended to resemble. But check out this one. Is it Ronald Reagan? Or is it Al Gore? Or it is some sort of bizarre, bipartisan, genetic hybrid of the two?