Peter King’s “Football Morning in America” debuts next Monday

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Peter King officially becomes a full-fledged member of the NBC Sports family in only five days, when his new Monday column debuts. As explained by Rick Maese of the Washington Post, the title will be Football Morning in America.

“I think a lot of the column will be similar to what I’ve done, particularly in the last three to five years,” King told Maese. “But I am going to add some new elements. There’s one thing that I’ve always really wanted to do. In my first column, it’s going to be with Ben McAdoo, the former coach of the Giants. Basically, it’s going to be called ‘What I’ve Learned.’ [Editor’s note: Lose the Brylcreem.] In essence, this is going to be a section of the column that is going to be basically somebody in or near to football and a lesson that they’ve learned.”

Peter, as he has explained both on PFT Live and PFTPM, hopes to get away from the non-stop NFL news grind. Every Monday, however, he’ll be doing what he’s done for decades, and you’ll find the whole column right here.

We’ll also be breaking out into specific PFT blurbs specific nuggets from each edition of Peter’s column, as we’ve always done. And we’ll be posting many if not most if not all of the videos Peter will be doing for NBC.

Peter has been a valued and trusted friend and mentor, and it’s great to have him here at NBC on a full-time basis. You will learn plenty from him, and if you’ve been reading him over the years you’ve learned plenty already.